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Traitor Titan Legions v2.1 vs Steel Legion (E-UK)

 Post subject: Traitor Titan Legions v2.1 vs Steel Legion (E-UK)
PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:40 pm 
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Had a game with the Traitor Titans against a fluffy Steel Legion list. Took a pure Tzeench list this time, which gives a +1 on the initiative when doing Advance actions, a pretty neat bonus which makes the list a lot more reliable and makes it possible to save the Supreme Commander for rally tests later. One Warplord with Void Head (one extra Void Shield that I never got to use) and a pretty standard loadout. The two units of Warphounds also had standard loadout. Three units of maxed out Change Knights. The idea is to deny the opponent any easy targets to compensate for activation inferiority. A big drawback is that the list lack any AA what so ever.

Tz Titan Test, 3000 POINTS
Traitor Titan Legions (NetEA v2.1) http://www.taccmd.tacticalwargames.net/ ... 82&t=32062

Void Head (Chaos Undivided (Head)), Gaze of Tzeentch (Tzeentch Scout Weapon (Carapace)), Beam of Change (Tzeentch Support Weapon (Carapace Only)), 2 Tzeentch Cannon (Tzeentch Battle Weapon (Arm Only)), Greater Daemon Possession

Two Warphound Chaos Warhounds, 2 Daemon Maw (Tzeentch (Head)), 2 Gaze of Tzeentch + Arcane Cannons

4 Change Knight of Tzeentch

4 Change Knight of Tzeentch

4 Change Knight of Tzeentch

Two Warphound Chaos Warhounds, 2 Daemon Maw (Tzeentch (Head)), 2 Gaze of Tzeentch + Arcane Cannons

5 Lesser Daemons


Mats Maruders, 3000 POINTS
Steel Legion (Epic UK v15022013)

Supreme Commander, 12 Infantry, 7 Chimera, Tank Squadron (3 Demolishers)

Commander, 12 Infantry



3 Basilisk, 6 Manticore, Hydra

2 Thunderbolts

4 Sentinels

8 Storm Troopers, Valkyrie Transport


3 Hydra


A fairly balanced initial setup. On the left, the Warplord and the Warphounds was going for the two objectives in the middle, while the Change Knights and the second unit of Warphounds was going to contest the middle and defend the Blitz.

On the other side of the field, the Hydras are on the left, then the Artillery Company and Infantry Company by the Blitz. The HQ and the SHTs in the middle, and the Warhound, Stormtroopers and the Sentinels on the right.

TTL got the first turn.
Turn 1 action 1 (TTL): Fearing incoming fire from the Artillery Company, one formation of Change Knights advances into the ruins.

Turn 1 action 2 (SL): The Steel Legion proptly delivers 10BP disrupt on the Warphounds and the Change Knights, doing little damage but inflicting a pile of blast markers.

Turn 1 action 3 (TTL): The Change Knights attempts to Marshall, fails but manages to remove all 5 BMs anyway.

Turn 1 action 4 (SL): The Thunderbolts attack the formation of Change Knights that has yet to move, causing 1 damage.

Turn 1 action 5 (TTL): The Change Knights that were attacked by Thunderbolts Marshalls, and moves into the forest straight ahead.

Turn 1 Action 6 (SL): The Sentinels on the far right doubles and gives the Change Knights a BM.

Turn 1 Action 7 (TTL): The Warphound Pack on the left doubles and fires at the single Hydra that they can see. It is killed, and the are routed in place.

Turn 1 Action 8 (SL): The Shadowsword that's sitting in the river Sustains at the Change Knights in the forest, killing 1.

Turn 1 Action 9 (TTL): The Warphound Pack in the middle doubles to the edge of the middle ruin, fires at the Baneblade, giving it a BM.

Turn 1 Action 10 (SL): Baneblade tries to sustain on the Warphounds, fails, fire anyway giving a BM

Turn 1 Action 11 (TTL): Warplord Triples towards the middle. The TTL is now out of activations.

Turn 1 Action 12 (SL): The Infantry Company in by the Blitz tries to double towards the Warphounds on the left, fails, and removes BM.


Turn 1 Action 13 (SL): The HQ advances, fires at Warphounds in ruins and takes down 2 Void Shields.

Turn 1 Action 14 (SL): Warhound advances, fires at Warphounds in ruins. No damage, but the Warphound Pack breaks.

Turn 1 Action 15 (SL): Stormtroopers doubles, fires 6BP at the Change Knights in the forest, that breaks them.

Turn 1 Rally Phase: The broken Change Knights fails to rally with a re-roll. One then dies from difficult terrain. The Hydras fail to rally. The broken Warphounds rally.

Start of Turn 2, Steel Legion wins initiative on draw as TTL won previous round.

Turn 2 Action 1 (SL): HQ doubles, fires at and sets up very close to Warphound pack in the middle ruins. 2 Void Shields down.

Turn 2 Action 2 (Retain) (SL): Warhound engages Warphound pack. Warphounds countercharges into HQ, which enables the nearby Warplord to lend some support. One Warphound is killed, the other survives with 1 DC left. HQ suffers 5 BMs from the combat. Remaining Warphound retreats to the objective on the far left.

Turn 2 Action 3 (TTL): Change knights on the right advances, takes 1 damage from dangerous terrain, and fires at the Storm Troopers. Kills 3 Valkyries and 1 Storm Trooper.

Turn 2 Action 4 (SL): Shadowsword in the river sustains at Change Knights in the forest, killing one.

Turn 2 Action 5 (Retain) (SL): Storm Troopers Marshalls, moves into forest, removes all BMs.

Turn 2 Action 6 (TTL): Warphounds on the left advances, fires at artillery company by the blitz. Kills 7, and they break.

Turn 2 Action 7 (SL): Baneblade doubles, fires at Warphounds on the left. 1 Void Shield down.


Turn 2 Action 8 (TTL): Change Knights in the middle advances through the ruins, fires at HQ, that breaks and retreats towards the centre objective.

Turn 2 Action 9 (SL): Thunderbolts ground attacks the single broken Warphound on the far left, killing it.

Turn 2 Action 10 (TTL): Warplord advances (which allows it to ignore its single BM) and kills the Warhound. TTL is out of activations.

Turn 2 Action 11 (SL): Infantry company by the Steel Legion Blitz doubles and fires at warphounds. 1 Void Shield down.

Turn 2 Action 12 (SL): Sentinels doubles, fires at Change Knights on the right. 1 BM.

Rally Phase: Artillery Company rallies, despite being within 30cm of the Warphounds. All other broken formations fail to rally. The Steel Legion HQ moves towards the TTL Blitz.


Start of turn 3. TTL wins initiative on a natural 6, adding an additional lesser daemon to the daemon pool (which is full as it has so far not been used).


Turn 3 Action 1 (TTL): Change Knights Engages the Steel Legion HQ on the other side of the river, rolls 3 + 3 on the summoning roll, and conjures 6 Flamers of Tzeench, which drains the entire lesser daemon pool. The HQ is wiped out in the resulting engage.

Turn 3 Action 2 (Retain) (TTL): Warplord engages the Infantry company in the forest. The fight turns out to be very close since the Warplord can only kill 2 stands, resulting in a measly +1 lead at the end of combat. But lucky dice (6 for TTL and 2 for SL) saves the day for TTL.

Turn 3 Action 3 (SL): Thunderbolts fails to activate.


Turn 3 Action 4 (TTL): Warphounds engages the Baneblade. They also entagle the nearby Artillery Company. The fight is very close, with +1 lead for TTL, but wins with 4 against 4 rolled.

The combination of the engages by the Warplord and the Warphounds (which both were very close indeed) has now cleared out forces around the SL blitz.

Turn 3 Action 5 (Retain) (TTL): The Change Knights in the middle tries to stop the Shadowsword from marching over and contesting the Blitz. They advance and kills the Shadowsword. TTL is out of activations.

Turn 3 Action 6 (SL): Storm Troopers engage the Change Knights by the Blitz, and wins. The broken (but fearless) Change Knights fan out to try and stop the Sentinels from claiming the Blitz.

Turn 3 Action 7 (SL): The sentinels March, and claims the blitz with millimeters to spare.

Game ends TTL 3 (Blitz, Take and Hold, BTS), SL 2 (Blitz, Take and Hold).

Game end thoughts: A really close game, and the first ever win for TTL. Some observations are that it is quite possible to compensate for activation inferiority if the units are durable enought. The Warplord is still very slow, and has pretty crappy range, so it's far from obvious that it will have anything to shoot at in the first turn (but is something which of course really depends on loadout). Replacing the Daemon Maw (+2 FF attacks) with a Void Head (+1 Void Shield) was a mistake.

The Change Knights are very powerful, and got a small nerf just before the game started (30cm range instead of 45cm on the Heretek Anyon Cannon). The Warphound packs are very useful, and a great all round unit. Saving the daemons for those combats that really need them turns out to be very powerful, but is also risky if there are no bonuses to the roll (something that the Greater Daemon Possession, Heretek Shrine and Heretek Temple provides).

Between this and another game I played straight after (but that won't become a battle report as we didn't finish the game) I'm quite pleased with how TTL is turning out. It might now be an army that's also capable of winning games, and not just go for draws.

AC for Traitor Titan Legion and Hive Fleet Dagon

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