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My games at the tournament in Köln

 Post subject: My games at the tournament in Köln
PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:18 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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Location: Galicia
Hello to all. This is my battle reports of the games i participated on the tournament in Köln viewtopic.php?f=88&t=32975 , at 1500 points with some extra rules, similar to Minigeddon but way simpler and more balanced in my eyes.

https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tour ... &tid=21108

A summary of the rules:
- 120x120 table.
- The penalizer on rallying is at 20cm.
- 1500 points.
- No corner deployment.
- Only one formation can go on OW.
- Objectives like in Minigeddon.
- The rest is like normal in the Tournament scenario.

This was also played with some changes to balance the lists that they are testing. The ones used in these games i played were:
- Gunwagon to 4+ armour
- Tzeentch Flamers FF value to 3+ no EA.

Unfortunately for you i chose to focus on the game and took no notes, and even forgot to take some photos. To make matters worse i began to write this several weeks after it so a third of the activations are guesses from my part and some in the last turn of the last game i don´t even know how they were. Expect some strange behaviours. If you have any idea on how things could have developed based on the photos, feel free to drop an advice and help.

About the list i chose it was almost untested and new to me, as i said on the last battle report viewtopic.php?f=84&t=33307 . I struggled to get a bit of everything while at least placing two of the important formations (Blitz and Fightas) so the enemy couldn´t focus fire and stop one of my option easily. I took a Blitz Brigade as BTS to try out something i saw on the tournaments around center Europe and it performed better than i expected. The Gunzmob was there as a Blitz garrison and as the Warlord's bodyguard, as a on foot normal Warband didn´t look as useful for that as while it can withstand more pain it is less threatening in my eyes. And to finish put an extra ground AA as i didn´t know what i could expect to see.

Any ideas on the list are welcome, as i still struglle to see a better place for the Warlord. I have it hard to see another combination that could work as well as his, besides changing the BTS for a BIG Kult.

Ghazgkhull Thraka's War Horde (NetEA Tournament Pack 2013)
Oddboy (SoopaGun), 4 Flakwagon, 8 Gunwagon
Oddboy (Supa Zzap), 2 Flakwagon, 2 Gunwagon
Warbuggy, 7 Skorcha
7 Big Gunz, Flakwagon, Nobz, Warlord
6 Stormboyz
3 Fighta Bomba
3 Fighta Bomba

About the games themselves, i played using as objectives miniatures of Fortress as forgot the objectives i had prepared for this tournament, and those were the objects that stood up the most from what i had.

Game one was against a Ulthwe army:


Ulthwé Craftworld Version 4.2.2
AVATAR [free]
Avatar with Spear of Khaine
Seer Council, Farseer, 6 Guardians,+4 Guardians, Replace 2 Guardians with Heavy Weapon Platforms
2 Farseer, 6 Guardians, Replace 2 Guardians with Heavy Weapon Platforms
5 Falcon, + 1 Falcon, Replace 2 Falcons with Firestorms
4 War Walkers
4 Rangers
1 Vampire Raider


Both sides chose to focus on my left side (the closer one in the photos), with Guardians and Rangers on garrison and the second on OW and from my side the Gunzmob on the forest on the left flank hidden from the camera and on Ow, and the Stormboyz in a weird formation in front of the Soopa Blitz.

Ulthwe chose to keep the Vampire unloaded after seeing my ground and air AA.

Turn 1. Eldar go first.

E: Guardians fail their activation and ... move a bit maybe? It doesn´t seem like they could do anything, they don´t remove the BM, and i don´t see an Overwatch marker in the photo.
O: Zzap Blitz make a double and shoot the Rangers, killing one in the middle to force then to move.
E: Scorpion makes a double with a pop-up from behind the forest in the right flank but does no damage.
O: Fighta 1 ground attack the Rangers and break them, which choose to flee towards the forest in front of the Scorpion.
E: War Walkers make a double to behind the ruins in front of them and the building in the left flank.
O:Soopa Blitz double on the War Walkers an destroy one in the open.
E: Vampire ground attacks the Gunz destroying the only Flakwagon but fall due to ground AA from Blitz Brigades' or Gunzmob's lucky critical hit.
O: Fighta 2 ground attack Falcons and destroy some without receiving damage.
E: Falcons make a double towards the buildings in the right flank.
O: Gunzmob makes a double to the tents and shoot the Falcons breaking them and anihilating them.
E: Guardians BTS go on Overwatch.
O: Kult make a double getting vey close to Soopa Blitz left side.
O: Stormboyz make a double to the tents in front of the Gunzmob.

There are some parts i am not sure: who destroyed the Flakwagon (could be the Falcons or the Vampire), who destroyed the Falcons (the Gunzmob on a double would have very hard destroying 3 guys assuming that the Fightas destroyed the other three with just three shoots), why the Guardians did not remove the BM or even did something or why the Fightas 2 have no BMs.


Rangers don´t rally
Guardians rally
War Walkers rally
Falcon don´t rally (if there is any working)
Gunz raly

Turn 2. Eldar go first again.

The Avatar is summoned by the Guardians, between them and the objective in front.

E: Scorpion moves back with an advance and shoot on the Zzap Blitz, destroying one and breaking them, so they withdraw towards the tents with the Gunzmob on the tents.
O: Fightas ground attack the Guardian BTS to interfere with their OW.
E: Avatar makes a double towards the objective and shoots the Stormboyz for no loses.
O: Soopa Blitz makes a double on Guardian BTS killing some but one Gunwagon is taken down due to the OW.
E: Guardians go on OW maybe or fail and remove BMs.
O: Fightas 2 i don´t know. From their position they could be shooting on the War Walkers before they moved but there is no enough BMs on the War Walkers for that. Maybe they shooted the last Falcon but it is nowhere to be seen on the photos besides the first one.
E: War Walkers make a double to behind the building on the left flank and shoot the Soopa Blitz destroying one Gunwagon.
O: Gunzmob sustain on the War Walkers for no loses.

I am not sure on who destroyed the Gunwagons, as from the two units that could shoot, one was supressed and the other couldn´t see as there was ruins between the two, so the OW was well supressed. Apart from that, the War Walkers had only one unit that could shoot and had to maneuver around the Soopa Blitz a lot to shoot.


And here the game was called off. As we never got to the third turn it is called a draw, which was a pity as i was clearly winning. I think that my next move was to assault the War Walkers with the Stormboyz with support from the Soopa Blitz.


I wasn´t much worried about this game in the beginning, as Biel-Tan is one of the armies i play against the most so it cannot surprise me much, and i expected to see many less common ones (for example at the beginning one guy signed on the tournament with Knights which i never played against and barely knew a thing about them), and Ulthwe is defintely less powerful and more direct than Biel-Tan.
There was a bit of luck on my side on several failed activations and on some dice but mostly it was on average. The Fightas going to the Falcons was risky but after the Vampire's demise i felt that the risk was worth if i could get the skyes for me. For the rest i didn´t think i made big mistakes and i think that it was more because Ulthwe should have been agressive withe the Guardians to put pressure, as i could choose my objectives on the softer ones with ease.

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 Post subject: Re: My games at the tournament in Kóln
PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:23 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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Joined: Mon Aug 31, 2015 4:24 pm
Posts: 336
Location: Galicia
Had to divide the text, as i passed the limit of characters for single post, so here comes the second game.

Game 2 against the Thousand Sons.


Thousand Sons (6.1.2)
Sorcerer, 6 Thousand Sons Marines units., 3 Rhino, Daemonic Pact, Deciever
Sorcerer, 4 Thousand Sons Terminator, Daemonic Pact, Icon Bearer
4 Deciever units
4 Silver Tower
6 Lesser Daemons (Horror, Screamer, Flamer and Daemonic Beast units)


Only photo i have of the deployment, with the Rubric Fellowship BTS deployed on my left flank.
The Thousand Sons spread all over the deployment area and i choose again to concentrate on the left flank and keep the Zzap Blitz for sniping on the right flank, with not much idea on where to place the Stormboyz. The Thousand Sons place no garrisons and i place again the Gunzmob on OW on the Blitz to be able to place them closer to the action while keeping the Warlord out of sight behind on 15cm to the objective.

Turn 1. Thousand Sons get the initiative.

C: Rubric BTS mount on the Rhinos and double to the buildings in front of them, disembarking and placing a BM on the Soopa Blitz with the Deceiver.
O: Soopa Blitz sustain fire on the Rubric BTS, destroying the Rhinos and breaking the formation, which chooses to stay in place.
C: Deceivers seems to have advanced without shooting as they seem to be farther than the 15cm deployment and there are no BMs on them or in enemy formations.
O: Kult double to the building with the Rubric BTS and shoot them, killing some maybe.
C: Silver Towers make an advance to the front but shoot no one.
O: Zzap Blitz make a double and shoot the Silver Towers
O: Fighta 1 ground attack the Silver Towers.
O: Fighta 2 ground attack the Silver Towers. Between the three formations manage to destroy two Towers and break the formation while being out of the Deceivers AA, which chooses to not withdraw.
O: Stormboyz double and place themselves to cover all terrain around the Soopa Blitz and Gunzmob, preparing themselves for the Terminators.


Silver Towers don´t rally
Soopa Blitz rally
Rubric BTS don´t rally and withdraw back to a building near their deployment area in the left side.

Turn 2. Thousand Sons get the initiative again.

Terminators teleport in front of the Zzap Blitz.

C: Terminators summon Tzeentch Flamers and assault Zzap Blitz, annihilating it but suffering one loss from the Gunzmob Ow.
O: Kult advances and shoots Rubric BTS.
C: Deceivers advance and shoot Kult, destroying half and breaking them which choose to withdraw to the enemy Blitz supposedly to give them an objective or threaten them if they would regroup, by they were left too close to them to do the last option.
O: Soopa Blitz double placing themselves at 15cm of the Rubric BTS and shoot the Deceivers.
O: Fighta 1 ground attack the Deceivers and break them at the cost of one Fighta.
O: Fighta 2 ground attack the remaining Silver Towers and annihilate them.
O: Stormboyz doubled between the Soopa Blitz and the Terminators and broken Deceivers, but placing also close to the Rubric BTS.


Rubric BTS don't rally.
Deceivers don´t rally and move closer to the objective to block it from any incoming enemies.
Kult doesn´t rally.
Terminators choose to maintain the Daemons in this world.

Turn 3.

Don´t remember well the order, but in this turn:
I keep on pounding on the Rubric BTS with not much results, ground attacking with Fightas and sustaining with the Soopa Blitz and supporting later an assault with the Stormboyz, which was won at a heavvy cost as the Deceiver kills three stands of Stormboyz by himself with his three attacks at 4+, one with MW and the other with IC.
The other Fightas tried to clear the Blitz from the Deceivers but had not much sucess.
Someone destroyed three Skorchas but i don´t know who.
I think that my last idea was to clip the Terminators or capture the objective near them, as i killed the only stand that was at 15cm of the objective with shoots, which was a Flamer.


The game was called done here and was my victory by a big margin, but don´t remember how exactly was the count.


This was hard mentally on me, as that Rubric BTS withstood half my army's efforts over three turns and still I couldn´t kill them. A bit of it was luck but even with average throws it would be hard. Makes me think if next time i am in this situation i shouldn´t have gone for the Blitz and DtF and forget about them.
I cannot get myself much credit on this win as the list i was facing was a bit skewered with only four activations and one out of the board which made things easy for me.

About the Thousand Sons, in my opinion, some units, while have their points well adjusted have stats off the charts, like the Deceivers and the Terminators which seem gods in assaults which is not a feature of Tzeentch. There is also the fact that almost every formation save the Silver Towers have written on them ''NEVER ASSAULT THEM'', the Infantry as even if winning they won´t take much casualties, in the case of the Deceivers and Terminators also because of their insane number of attacks.
On the other side this army felt a bit strange, as it is supposed to be sturdy but half the army is quite soft if shoot at, so i aimed for that. Not saying that they shouldn't have a weakness but that it was too obvious, even if the guy were to take more activations.

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 Post subject: Re: My games at the tournament in Kóln
PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:28 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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Joined: Mon Aug 31, 2015 4:24 pm
Posts: 336
Location: Galicia
Third and last game, against NetEA Death Korps of Krieg, which were very faithful to the background being tough as nails and never retreating and keeping moving forward, going through almost every rally or activation test no matter how bad the odds were.

No Commissars were harmed in the making of these.


Death Korps of Krieg (NetEA DKoK 2.0)
Death Korps Commander, 19 Death Korps Infantry, Fire Support Battery (6 Fire Support), Commissar
12 Death Korps Rough Riders
2 Macharius, Macharius Command Tank, Commissar
4 Quad Launchers, 4 Centaurs
3 Hydra or Heavy Anti-Aircraft Platform, 3 Trojans
6 Death Korps Rough Riders (with 'scout' ability), Commissar


NetEA Krieg spreads out but going mainly for the left flank, with the Cavalry taking that extreme, leaving the right to their BIG infantry formation that goes on garrison and on OW. From my side i spread out around the center and my garrisoned like always on the Blitz Gunzmob, so i can answer to any threat as i was still unsure on what to do, seeing so manuy tough and threatening formations. The Qaud launchers took my attention the most, as it was shown later in the game they were devastating on infantry even with the countermeasures i put into action.

Turn 1. Orks get the initiative for the first time in the day.

O: Stormboyz double to the forest on my left flank.
K: Quad Launchers sustain fire on the Stormboyz, killing four units breaking the formation, which chooses to stay in place.
O: Zzap Blitz doubles forward to the AA formation sinping them with the Supa Zzap, putting a BM on it.
K: Macharius double to Zzap Blitz, destroying one.
O: Fightas 1 ground attack AA formation, destroying some without suffering loses.
K: Scout Riders double forward, deploying in a fan formation in front of the Macharius tanks.
O: Fightas 2 ground attack AA formation, finally killing enough to break them adn this time alos without receiving loses. They chose to not withdraw.
K: Big Riders fail their activation and move.
O: Kult double to the left of the left flank forest, being careful of not being spotted by the Macharius or the Quads.
O: Soopa Blitz double in front of the Infantry BTS and they activate their OW, destroying one Gunwagon. Soopa Blitz answers by killing two stands of infantry. The photo is from the middle of the activation.


AA formation rallies $"·%·?&$·%
Infantry BTS rally
Big Riders don´t rally
Zzap Blitz don´t rally
Stormboyz don´t rally and i send them to the ruins in front of the Macharius to interfere with them.

Turn 2. NEtEA Krieg get the initiative.

K: AA formation probably shoots Zzap Blitz, destroying one, so they withdraw to beind the forest in the left flank.
O: Fightas 1 ground attack again the AA formation and break them again.
K: Quad sustain on the Stormboyz annihilating them.
O: Kult assaults Big Riders and win after two rounds. They consolidate back.
K: Macharius advance and shoot on the Kult, not killing much.
O: Soopa Blitz sustain fire on the infantry killing several more.
K: Infantry BTS marshall and remove, without dealing damage.
O: Fightas ground attack Quads destroying one.
K: Scout Riders advance and support the Macharius again in a fan formation, this time intermingling with them.

Macharius or Scout Riders get the OW from the Gunzmob but receive no damage.


Zzap Blitz rallies
Quads rally -_-
Infantry rally again ... sigh ...
AA formation rallies again $%·$%&(&$%()/

Turn 3. NetEA Krieg get the initiative again.

K: Quad sustains on Zzap Blitz, breaking them with a BM.
After this i finally finally give up on destroying the AA and Quads and focus myself on the objectives, by getting BTS and They shall not pass first and second contest the objective to the Macharius when i fail miserably on the first option. I had several opportunities to tie or even win this but i made at least three very bad decisions that cost me the game. on the other side I made some people laugh when a formation of Fightas survived the AA saving with several 6, and hitting later the small Cavalry formation with 3 6+.
About the activations i remember, in no particular order:
Soopa Blitz finally breaks Infantry BTS and gets the objective, but too late to get BTS as there are many stands alive.
Kult makes a suicide attack on the Scout Cavalry before the Macharius annihilates them and to stop them to get They Shall no Pass but badly calculate distances and get into support of the Macharius.
As my last action i stupidly make a double with the Gunzmob instead of a march to contest the objective and go or a fourth turn, but with a double i have to leave some units back, meaning that the unit breaks automatically from the units left behind and the activation loses any meaning.

The game ends in third turn with a victory for NetEA Krieg.


Well, this was a frustrating game. I already knew well NetEA Krieg for its fame as a IG Units Compendium, as the army with most of the good units in the faction besides Manticores, Valkyries and Vultures, plus some new good ones, and the one with the biggest quantity of units to choose from but actually having to play against it on a tournament makes me see it in a different way. For example, almost every other artillery or AA formation in the game goes down with one dead or one point of damage, but this guys are impossible to supress by half of the ways i know. It is true that IG is one of the worst matches for Ghazghkull and this one is the worst IG one, even more as Ghazghkull and Speed Freks depends on the air more than any other faction, and it is also true that i didn't play well in this game and they rallied too well but this is still not fun to play and too powerful and reliable for the points. Even if the usual in Matt-Shadowlord place is to not use much cover and rely more on hills i cannot see the option of a transport as good as the gun emplacement. I am in the opinion to prefer a Earthshaker platform formation with vehicles a lot more than Basilisk vehicles: they don´t move (not a problem for this but can for AA) but has the same armour, are thrice as hard to break or destroy, can garrison (not much good for this case but makes wonders for AA (they can be placed so they cover the enemy deployment area stopping even Thunderbrick sniping lists which get shot before they can do it and cannot supress the AA except if there is an small amount), Medusas and Quads as they can be placed on the Blitz to make up for their shorter range), and they are even cheaper than their vehicle counterparts.
About Quads, i understand that they were kept like that in NetEA as they aren't used in tornaments because they are a niche unit, but when they find the right army they are devastating, as they can break even with average throws almost any basic bike or LV formation in the game save SM per turn, so they can get their points investment easily, which is very good even considering it is a niche and not fun for the opponent, lss when they dont have any good deepstrike capabilities. While not a niche unit, they remind me of the Overlords in casual games.
The fact that most of the army has FF5+ makes that even clippings not that easy as with other horde armies because they get more easily the +2 on size even after some softening, and its harder to get supprt as the army cover much area, and in this game there wasn´t any Gorgons which are the star of the army which would be worse.

Conclusions for the tournament

I want to come again. This was fun! Playing against so many new and good people and armies i never faced before.

About the changes, i don't understand why the Flamers' hasn´t been done on NetEA or UK for long, have to check the threads. The Gunwagons new armour value works well on making them a choice again over Flaks aside from for supressing and gives them a role while keeping the Flakwagons still a better choice, but it is only on BIG or 'Uge formations, as the old composition for normal Blitz is still better, so from the gameplay side they are a good change, even though doesn´t make much sense background wise and i am more of the mind of changing the Big Gun weapon to AP4+/AT5+ while knowing that it will never happen, so if we are to change them I advocate for the 4+ armour.

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 Post subject: Re: My games at the tournament in Kóln
PostPosted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:13 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Man that's a nice write up. Hate it when u get called on time for games when your up.

Do you guys play in a decked out underground tavern ran by a weird old guy that only talks with speech bubbles? Also tells you about these random demons hanging about the area lately. Also give you tips on where you can buy swords and armour and a witch that sells potions???

Sorry got carried away... but the lighting is spooky haha :D

I have 4 laptops in this room and cannot play a pixel pushing tabletop simulator on any of them.

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 Post subject: Re: My games at the tournament in Kóln
PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:39 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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Joined: Mon Aug 31, 2015 4:24 pm
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Yeah, you almost got it :)


The main lights only light on the tables so the rest is quite dark. Good thing they are adjustable, as it is easy for them to only light half the table.

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