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EpiComp Rules

The rules for participating in EpiComp are below, if you have questions please post them in the current year's rule thread on the TacComm EpiComp board.


You do not have to be a member of the TacComm boards to enter (you do to vote, however). To enter, just e-mail epicompetitions(at)gmail(dot)com with the following:

Entries should be models that you've completed during the past year and not previously entered in an EpiComp competition. Entries already posted on TacComms or elsewhere on the internet can be entered. You can enter each category as many times as you like, but a model may only appear once in any given category (e.g. your Spehss Mahreen stand may only appear once in Best Single Model, but may also appear in Best Formation). Composites are allowed but keep the image effects to a minimum (we're voting on your painting). Finally, it really helps out if you can name your file like this: Your Entry's Title - Your Username/First Name.jpg (e.g. Best Entry Ever - Dave.jpg).


For the purposes of these categories, Epic models include models from any 6mm sci-fi manufacturer, a 6mm sci-fi conversion or a 6mm sci-fi 3D printed model.

Best Single Model
Any single Epic vehicle, aircraft or stand of troops.
Best War Engine
Any single Epic war engine (titan, super-heavy tank/aircraft, etc.).
Best Formation
Eight or more Epic war engines, vehicles, aircraft or stands of troops (Epic war engines count as three each).
Best Battleforce
Three or more formations as described in the Best Formation category (24 units, effectively).
A diorama or terrain piece
Adeptus Titanicus
Any model(s) from the Adeptus Titanicus line
Aeronautica Imperialis
Any model(s) from the Aeronautica Imperialis line


Voting will take place on the TacComm EpiComp board, so you'll have to be a member there in order to vote. Each category with more than 10 entries will be broken down into heats and the winners of each heat will go onto the final for a second round of voting.


This is a rough guideline for dates, check the TacComm EpiComp board for the current year's rule thread for more information.

Entry Submission
Entries can be submitted anytime, up until the voting starts for the year.
Start of Voting
Voting starts the second to last Sunday of the year.
End of Voting
Voting ends the last Sunday of the year (or one week after voting starts).