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WTB list: Epic 40k era models

 Post subject: WTB list: Epic 40k era models
PostPosted: Mon May 04, 2020 11:36 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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I'm looking to fill some gaps in my collection between now and when college starts up again (Sept/After lockdown). I am a student, so not flush with cash but been offered an extension on my contract with my current job so it might be a good time to grab those odd n ends before I go back.

If you have any of this stuff and you want to offload it then let me know. I probably can't afford to buy it all in one go, but if your happy to sling me an offer, I'll pick up what I can with my meagre monthly budget. I'm being upfront about this as I don't want to waste anyone's time looking to shift their models for high end prices or if you are looking to sell up fast. I can do without all these items, I'm happy to buy new from vanguard, this is mostly to just add some bits to tidy up my older collection of models.

Space marine infantry- Looking for a sizeable amount. Either loose or on Epic 40,000 era bases only. I'm not looking for marines that need stripping or rebasing. I want to chuck together a quick and easy army as a loaner and as a way to add some detachments of various alternative chapters for some big narrative games. (Terminators would also be good but probably skippable due to cost)

Plastic Rhinos Pretty much as above, but I'm not opposed to chucking some into some iso as they are pretty fast to clean compared to infantry. Same with land raiders but these are not so important, as I have a few left over from my space wolves.

Tyranid artillery and command I'm not expecting to be able to budget for all of these but hoping to get a mixture of the tyranid blister models from the Epic 40,000 era.

-Dominatrix (prefer new, will take what I can get. Been chasing this model a while now)
- Hive tyrants (Pref the Epic 40,000 sculpts)

I'd be interested in the Biotitans, but expect these to be well out of my price range right now, but if you are happy to throw an offer, then I'd at least like to hear it (I'm not actually sure how much they are going for right now as not seen them pop up much as of late)

The Earlier ork weirdboy tower(s). https://www.chaosorc.com/images/Epic%20Wierdboy%20Battle%20Towers%20Blister%20Packet.JPG Not interested in the later Epic 40k sculpts, I picked them up a while back. Been chasing these a little while now, but only ever offered the later sculpts.

Ork Mekboy stompa Any condition, will be loved by new Ork mek owner.

Nurgle plague tower This one is probably a pipe dream. Only seen one on ebay recently, for an insane amount of money. Most likely going to end up waiting till I get a 3d printer and printing these for myself. But again, happy to hear any offer, at least then I know what a fair price for one is going for.

Great Unclean one I'm after any of the sculpts really. The warmaster one is the nicest, the old epic one is ok but I'm likely to make my own if I can't find one for a decent price. Very, very unlikely but the pipecleaner version is amazing and I'd certainly be open to given a loving home to one, if anyone happened to have brought one on impulse back in the dark age of technology.

Zombies After some of the zombies from the old steelcrown range, though would be open to other ranges. (I can get microworld ones, but the import duties are bit high)


Nothing of note right now. I'm likely to be keeping my eye out on job lots that included anything from my list and I'll update trades with anything interesting as and when it shows up.

I do have a single set of the new aeronautica imperialis bases from the new range that are likely to go unused.

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