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New Year - New Wishlist

 Post subject: New Year - New Wishlist
PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2022 10:43 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Hey all. Its been a while but I used to post a wishlist of various bits and bobs I'd like to get a hold of to complete some of my Epic armies. Have - cash, but will also note tradeables towards the end. I'm located in New Zealand so I know postage can be a killer, so if I can knock a few options out each trade would be great.

10 Scouts (2 bases worth)
Apocalypse era Metal Character Packs
21 Bikes
1 Land Speeder (Apocalypse era)
2 Land Speeder Typhoons (Apocalypse era)
Up to 3 Metal Rhinos (Apocalypse era)
3 Vindicators (Apocalypse era)
1 Thunderhawk (3rd Ed era, complete please).

Forumware Land Raider Bitz
I know finding old forumware is probably pretty hard, but I used to see these everywhere a few years ago.

26 Side Panels/Doors

Can trade 23 Dark Angels Side Panels/Doors for these if desired.

4 Twin Heavy Bolters
6 Frag Assault Launchers
(Bumpy bits fitted over tracks)

2 Left-side* Sponson Weapon Mounts & 2 Left-side* Sponson Flamestorm Cannons.
*I can explain what I mean by left-sided if thats confusing.
Can also trade 3 left-sided and 2 right-sided twin lascannon sponsons.

2 Twin Assault Cannons
3 Multi-melta w/ Gunners

Bunch of Nobz
Lots of Grotz (3rd ed mostly, but happy to mix in 2nd ed)
2 Battlewagons/Trukks - Specifically these ones.
3 Soopaguns
3 Supa-Zzap-Guns
2 Gunfortresses (3rd Ed Battlefortresses)
1 Fighta-Bommer
1 Landa

Infantry, just ... infantry.
1 Heavy Weapon Platform Scatter Laser (3rd era - either both bits or just the scatter laser gun bits)
9 Jetbikes
7 Vypers (3rd Ed era) with Scatter Lasers
1 Falcon (3rd Ed era)
1 Wave Serpent (3rd Ed era)
1 Fire Prism
2 Phoenix's

Bunch of Rough Riders (3rd Ed Attillans)
8 Chimeras (3rd Ed era, I know these are tough to get)
1 Leman Russ or Leman Russ chassis piece (with complete unbroken lascannon - 3rd Ed era)
Up to 4 Leman Russ Vanquishers
1 Bombard (3rd Ed era)
3 Hydras (3rd Ed era - no radars is fine)
2 Vultures
3 Marauders (3rd Ed era)

Some Ork Kommandos & Stormboyz
Shokk Attack Guns
x12 Big Gunz (3rd Ed)
x2 Pulsa Rokkits (3rd Ed)
x5 Wartrakks (3rd ed)
x3 Skorchas (3rd ed)
x8 Warbuggies (3rd ed)
x2 Killa Kans (Apoc era)
x3 Speedstas (x1 Kustom Kannon x2 Bubble Chukka)
Lots of Ork plastic Battle/Gunwagons
x3 Plastic Stompas
Mega Gargants (some bending/painted)

x1 Razorback (Apoc era - two turrets options)
x2 Whirlwind/Hunters (Apoc era - 1 chassis each with both turret options)
x2 Sentinels (3rd ed)
x7 Sentinels (Apoc era)

x2 Night Spinners (3rd ed/Apoc)

So can do cash, trade, half cash half trade, what ever works.

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