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Kalidothia Campaign Battle 3: Ad-Mech v Orks 2.5K

 Post subject: Kalidothia Campaign Battle 3: Ad-Mech v Orks 2.5K
PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, 2016 11:33 am 
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Work in progress - will update shortly...

Battle 3 of those fought as part of the Kalidothia Campaign using The Bisslers Epic War! campaign rules. To find out more about the Campaign, please see this thread;


In this battle report the first wave of Thumbrekka's Orks have entered the fray, hoping to catch both sides unawares, and weakened and claim Kalidothia for Gork and Mork.

A force of Adeptus Mechanicus who were sent to the planet to secure the Promethium production and to provide specialist 'Anti-praetorian' support, with this Knights, superheavies and titans.

Unfortunately for them they have been ambushed by a fast moving attack force of orks, mounted in battlewagons and on bikes, how will the slow moving big hitters fair against the green tide?



The Ad-mech deploy spread across the length of the field, with their faster moving assault troops in chimeras, and Lancer knights on the left, with support from a Stormblade super heavy tank.
In the centre the light griffon mortars and heavy support infantry set up amongst the relative cover of the bombed out city ruins, again supported by a stormblade.
On the far right a squad of Castallan Knights take up position on the hill to provide long range cover with their Quake Cannons, and the final stormblade sits in the open, ready to take objective 2.

The Orks deploy completely mobilised, with the badmoon clan, its warboss and bikes poised to take the city, and the Goffs in battle wagons and Skullhamma super heavy transports ready to fight for the ruins and the forest.

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