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D6addiction - Biel Tan Strategy Guide
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Author:  Beefcake4000 [ Fri Sep 30, 2016 5:01 am ]
Post subject:  D6addiction - Biel Tan Strategy Guide

This month the spotlight falls onto the Eldar, the rumours of their imminent demise are almost as exagerated as those who think Squats were wiped out by the Nidz!


Author:  StevekCole [ Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: D6addiction - Biel Tan Strategy Guide

Interesting blog as always. Thanks for sharing. A great primer on how to use eldar!

Definitely highlights a big difference in the meta between the UK and Aus. Probably more emphasis on shooting in the lists you highlight whether as the UK tends to trade that off for assault power (not better, not worse, just different)

You'd normally see double grav tanks with firestorms, double void spinners and 1-2 units of scouts in the UK but scorpions and shining spears are a total rarity. For me, aspects that start on the board (without wave serpents to bulk out the unit or provide cover) are just waiting to get fragged by artillery. You're far more likely to see mixed dire avengers, reapers, and fire dragon exarchs and double vampires.

Likewise, phantoms are a rarity and warlocks are the most commonly seen eldar titan.

You can see all the Epic UK tourine lists here http://epic-uk.co.uk/ukepicachampionship/albyr.php

In my mind the strongest Biel Tan list is Steve54's near unstoppable (though it helps to have Steve54 running the list)

W - 3 L - 0 D - 0
Aspects (2 Dark Reapers, 4 Dire Avengers)+ Autarch (Fire Dragon)+Exarch (Fire Dragon)
Aspects (2 Dark Reapers, 3 Dire Avengers)+2 Exarchs (Fire Dragons)
Guardians (2 Heavy Weapons)
Rangers x 5
Rangers x 5
Fire Prisms
Falcons (2 Firestorms)
Falcons (2 Firestorms)
Void Spinner
Void Spinner

Titan/Air Third

Author:  Blip [ Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D6addiction - Biel Tan Strategy Guide

Yeah, interesting but very different meta obviously. Id love to run my scorpions and feel anything but disappointment :-)

Personally I like my aspects on the ground in WS, with same mix as steve : DA, DR and FDs, which can assault almost anything off the table. I tried them in a vampire, but find they get trounced once on the ground without the mobility from the WS. Though i fully intend to add a second vampire some time to try recycling them more efficiently.

Always found shining spears a bit fragile unless coming via a storm serpent. And even then very situational.

i personally love jetbikes - sitting mid table springing out of cover to assault away any pesky scout screens or trigger an assault with FF support from a previously activated aspect or guardian unit. Thats where the triple retain hurts - rolling assaults.

But as the article says, one of the great things about BT eldar is that there are a lot of viable builds which makes them a great army to meep coming back to.

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