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Feral Orks
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Author:  kyussinchains [ Sun Mar 06, 2016 2:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Feral Orks

One of the first things I fell in love with when I rediscovered Epic around 6 years ago was the feral ork steam gargant, reading the swordwind book really cemented feral orks in my esteem, but then GW pulled the plug and I was left without models.... however after a mammoth period of effort trawling ebay, taccomms, facebook and elsewhere I have just about managed to assemble enough models for an army of ferals, looking at Tiny-tim's all-conquering feral horde, it seems that you use boarboyz to pump up activations then steam towards the opponent with orkeosaurus mobs.... all fine and dandy, but I want to know what other stuff the list can do, what about squiggoths and squig catapults? Do I use ork boyz or just rely on cheaper wildboyz

I'm hoping the list is somewhat more than a monobuild affair, so what works and what doesn't? How do I use squig catapults? Is it ever worth taking squiggoths over orkeosaurus?

Author:  StevekCole [ Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Feral Orks

My brother used squiggoths in a recent game we played. They definitely weren't as downright nasty as the Orkeosaurus but the extra speed meant he had a decent assault unit which could react and reposition. Of course they're a bit more plinkable than the Orkeosaurus but still pretty darn survivable. My brother mostly just used wildboyz but I can see the merit in having some ff value. Lastly, the aa in that list is chuffing scary.

As for the squig catapults, if the squat mole mortar debate has taught us anything it's that infantry with short range disrupt barrage are awesome/awful and that you should always/never take them ;-)

Author:  Tiny-Tim [ Mon Mar 07, 2016 9:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Feral Orks

Lots of questions.

Although I don't play them that much in tournaments I do like the Katapults. They are a lot more restricted than they used to be 0-3 per mob size as you could originally get a cheap 4BP artillery unit garrisoned up the table. However they are still good if you take 1-2 for that annoying barrage to force people to spread out. They work best with standard boyz but have used them for a cheap activation with Wildboyz.

Squiggoths should not be underestimated. The extra 5cm move over an Orkeosaurus becomes massive especially when you end up playing corners as most of the UK tournament games that I have had over the past couple of years with them have been.

Author:  Kapitan Montag [ Tue Mar 08, 2016 5:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Feral Orks

I haven't played much with my feral orks (probably not enough for my regular opponents to come up with good counter strategies) but here is what I like any way:
Lots of small formations - boar boys, junks trucks, to keep me mobile, and also some big formations.
I like a big warband garrisoned with six squig catapults. In cover and on overwatch it sends out a nice "stay away" or "come at me bro!" Message. Maybe I should split it in half, but I'm a sucker for the magic 6BP disrupt.
I also like to run wild boys on squiggoths. 3 squiggoths is only a bit more pricey than one orkeosaurus but brings three times the MW. ...as long as you get into base contact.

Author:  Graf_Spee [ Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Feral Orks

personally i love this list, too. with all the orkiness of sqiggoths, sauruses, weirdboys, madboys and whatnot.

and sadly for over a year most of my favored build is sitting fully primed green on my painting shelf and waits for the brush that never came so far :( it's unnerving how much time other armies can consume with additions that you already considered finished.

nevertheless i've faced them now a for 2 times and it always was good fun, even though a steamgargant managed to kill 6 stands of warpspiders that crit him with first strike in an ff assault. it was blow up spectectular 12cm radius and auto hitting all 8 of my spiders. what a spectacle! i love boarboys and squiggoths as they always seem to reach cc due to being overlooked by the opponent always concentrating on taking out the orkeosauruses and steam gargants, spending a great deal of activations on them in the process. so they are a must for me. also i would prefer a nice garrison of a big warband with 4 squig catapults and a weirdboy to spread the love. very annoying and assaultproof. i aim for boosting my mobs (also wildboys) with extra boys which allow for ablative grots and some added short ranged fire. as blitzguard i will use a bunch of fearless madboys and another small warband with weirdboy. a big junkabrigade will add some needed speed to the list. i will put all weirboys into the nob units in order to increase their survivability.

this is the build i'm aiming for that hopefully one day will be painted. some solid 10 acitvations on the ground and formations that can soak the punishment for more than 1 round.

Incompertus, 3000 POINTS
Snagga-Snagga's Feral Orks (NetEA Army Compendium v20120208)

4 Nobz, 6 Two Wildboyz Units, 2 Boyz, 2 Grotz, 4 Squig Katapult, Wyrdboy, Warlord

2 Nobz, 3 Two Wildboyz Units, 2 Boyz, 2 Grotz, Orkeosaurus

2 Nobz, 3 Two Wildboyz Units, 2 Boyz, 2 Grotz, Orkeosaurus

4 Nobz, 6 Two Wildboyz Units, 4 Squiggoth

2 Nobz, 6 Boyz, 2 Grotz, Wyrdboy

10 Boarboyz

10 Boarboyz

Junka Trukks, 12 Boyz, Nobz, Wyrdboy

6 Madboyz

2 Steam Gargant

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