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Tournament in Madrid 20th of November

 Post subject: Tournament in Madrid 20th of November
PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2021 5:58 pm 
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What the title says. With Nurgle calming down around here, the guys at Madrid decided to end the drought of Epic and go with another tournament. Come and enjoy!

You can see the previous two on:
https://www.tacticalwargames.net/taccmd ... 88&t=34084
https://www.tacticalwargames.net/taccmd ... 88&t=33963

Summarized bases of the tournament

- Localización: Londres 11, Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid. Complejo deportivo Londres. Sala polivalente.
- Day: 20th of November. There will be some free time and open day that same weekend, on the next day 21th.
- Time: 9am – 8pm.
- Round 1: 9:30 AM; Round 2: 1 12:30 PM; Lunch; one and a half hour after 13:15 Round 3: 17:00 PM
- 18 players maximum; three 2:45-rounds. 6’x4’ tables.
- Three games of 3k points.
- Lists available come from those in the latest TP (same as the one we have now). http://www.tp.net-armageddon.org/tournament-pack/ Those EpicUK list of factions there is no approved list of (Squats and Sisters) can be also used.
- First paring will be random. Pairings for the second and third round of games will be done under the swiss system.
- Non-GW miniatures or from other GW games can be used as long as they are similar to what they count as. If not sure, send an e-mail to the organizer.

- Entry fee: 10 Euro. Send before 8th of November to the bank account given by e-mail. Bring your army list, dice, tape measure, blast markers, objective counters and a good attitude.
- Inscription time: from 11th of October to 1st of November. Send an email to gtmadridnetea@gmail.com with full name and phone number.
- Send lists to gtmadridnetea@gmail.com before the 12th of November, using Battlescribe .rosz files only. When there is an error on the Battlescribe, the TP will work over it.

The point system for each game:

- 3-0 for wins by victory conditions.
- 2-1 on wins by points.
- Decimals are used to count the objectives for tie breaks on the classification. For example, the side who wins a game 4-1 on victory conditions, will get 3 points for winning on victory conditions and 0,4 for the four winning conditions. The other side gets 0 for losing, and 0,1 for the winning condition achieved. The game would give in this case the players 3,4 to one side and 0,1 to the other.

House Rules/ 5 minutes warm-up:

- In the case both sides have the same SR, each player throws a 1D6 and highest goes first for any pre-game action that requires the SR to be used.
- A 1D6 must be thrown from each side to decide who goes first on placing formations with Teleport and similar, and alternate after that.
- On each end phase, a 1D6 from each side must be thrown to decide who goes first on each of the actions for that phase.
- When resolving the disengagement of aircraft, each player must alternate disengaging formations beginning with the player with the highest SR.
- Which unit goes on each transport must be determined at the beginning of the game.
- On disembarking, each unit must be WITHIN 5cm of their transport, NOT PARTIALLY within 5cm.
- A unit is on cover if the terrain obstructs its view from its attackers on at least 25% of the miniature.
- Up to two units can get cover using a AV and up to two per DC in case of WE.
- A formation must end its charge move within 15cm of any of the intermingled formations for the assault to happen, not only within 15cm of the initial objective formation.
- Hits with special abilities like Lance and Ignore Cover must be assigned where their abilities can be used, apart from following the usual rules for assigning hits.
- Air assault to one formation within the ZoC of another formation can be done only if both assaulted formations are intermingled.
- To check if an objective has been captured or contested, it can be measured from any part of the objective.
- Only forests are considered to be using infinite height and abstract LOS rules.
- SC re-roll can only be used if both the SC and the formation the re-roll will be used for are already on the board and on play.

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