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CanCon 2020 coming up.
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Author:  Deb [ Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:05 am ]
Post subject:  CanCon 2020 coming up.

Yay, this years CanCon (Canberra Convention) Epic tournament is coming up. I am entering an army that I have been building up for the last 4 to 6 months, but have never played a proper fullsized game against an opponent.

Necrons. Yes those slightly scary, nery slow moving, hard to kill off permanently army. I have gone for the Sautekh Dynasty list because it does not have the horrible phase ouit rule, even though they reduced the warriors save to 5+, you can build the size of the infantry formations really large if needed.

We have been alocated a total of 8 tables only (16 armies), however one guy had to pull out at the last moment, so the event organiser may have to run his army for the bye. We hope he does not play as Kendall is one tough cookie and knows his and his opponents armies backwards. In fact he has won quite a lot of tournaments in Australia (Castle Assault, CanCon, Briscon, Heavy Bolter and Perth used to run a major event until recently) . This year, we have a special theme, where you can field an ork based army - Ferals, Speed Freaks, Gargant Big mob, Ghazghull Warhorde. The winner of that event gets a separate trophie.

From experience, I know that Orks are a top tier army, no matter which one you are using. They have won or placed at the top 5 of the places in most event for the last 5 years. We tend to have a good mix of armies. Orks, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Necrons, Tau, Space Marine Drop armies, Marine Imperial fists fortification armies, Chaos, Guard mechanised, Vraksians, and until they were banned until a new more balanced list was developed, both squats and Eldat titan lists.

I have run a few fun lists in the past. Sisters, Dark Eldar (which I designed as a mobile fire platform) list with limited assault, until I realised that was silly as DE are masters of assault.

Anyway, I will try an take photos of the event and see if Kendall wll also take some toput on this web topic page.

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