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WORLD Championship. 2019. Glasgow, Scotland. 21/9/19

 Post subject: Re: WORLD Championship. 2019. Glasgow, Scotland. 21/9/19
PostPosted: Thu Sep 26, 2019 7:38 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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My games!

Round 1 vs Barbarians
Sisters vs Dark Angels 2-0 T3

Using their superior strategy the Space Marines force corners and squeeze the Sisters into an awkward deployment style with limited space. Objectives are positioned to force the Sisters to have to drive the long way to their right and the barrage from the spaceship is aimed to hammer them if they deploy to their right. The Sisters deploy to spread out and use the penitent engines on overwatch to provide some buffer against T1 air assaults.

The Marines open up with their barrage which does not do anywhere near what it expected, killing only a single penitent despite hitting a load of Sisters. Then some devastators drop pod down to threaten a unit of exorcists. They're pushed back by the dominion's scout but otherwise deploy in range and sustain on the tanks...again only taking a single one as the vehicles armour is apparently impenetrable (this will be a recurrent theme this game...). The Sisters then duly engage the isolated devastators and show off what 4 embedded macro weapons per formation can do. The devastators are wiped out. From the Sisters PoV this is pretty great. The 12 activation Marines have used the space ship for one and sacrificed a unit of devastators for little effect while the Sisters remain with 12, though 1 has activated. Taking advantage of the supression on one of the Sister's hunters in swoops a flight of nephilim, hammering the retribution who survived the barrage and taking out two of the rhinos, leaving the formation demeched. In return the Sister's lightning strike fighters pop up, safe buried inside the 60cm hunter AA and fire two shots, two hits, two kills to eliminate the Dark Angel fighters in return. Marines have 9 activations left. The rest of the turn is uneventful. The Marines ground forces are too far away for the Sister's to threaten and aside from some long range sniping from the thunderhawk's battlecannons the Marines avoid committing forces into the waiting guns of lightnings and hunters, especially as they'd then be on the ground where assault happy macro weapon armed Sisters would give them a warm welcome. The Sisters use the calm to advance out of their deployment zone, marshal moving where needed and otherwise sweeping to the right of the board but doing so deep under the cover of the hunters.

Turn 2 rolls round and the Marines remain cautious of committing their air assets into the hunters and lightnings. There is some shuffling of position but a unit of Exorcists goes onto overwatch in a central position with wide sight lines and makes any attempt to land near the core of the army a fools errand. Using this cover the Sisters sweep further right. Bullying some scouts and forcing them back from the centre of the table and just on one of the objectives the sisters need. Despite the quiet turn the Marines are in a fairly good position due to the sheer amount of ground the Sister's have to cover to score anything. So the Sisters wait for activations to tick over to their favour and then gun the engines, rushing two full undamaged missions 90cm into the Marines deployment zone, well in range of the blitz and other remaining objective. In the meantime the Sister's blitz is wrapped in scouts and macro firefight and overwatching penitents and a pair of hunters covering it in AA.

Turn 3 opens with the Marines trying to shift the Sisters out of their deployment zone. The initial engagement goes surprisingly well. Scouts get into B2B making use of their infiltrate to force the macro firefighters into close combat and then proceeding to kill most of the Sisters before they can activate and go pray to be Fearless. This...arguably backfires when the Sisters dart through a gap when they break to wrap the Marine's blitz in a scout screen (top tip: Dominions embedded in your missions ;) ). Undeterred the Marines devastators sustain on the other mission in their deployment zone but the rhinos once again prove themselves unkillable, bouncing every hit and the mission is unscathed. Unable to retain further the mission moves onto the blitz, behind the scout screen and not intermingled. They will remain there the rest of the game and score 1VP. The turn continues with the marines still finding safe spots to land very difficult due to ocerlapping overwatch, hunters and lightnings on CAP. Sisters clear a second objective in the Marine half and then proceed to rush formations onto it to wrap it against any attempts to land.

The game ends with the marines unable to shift the Sisters off their two bunkered objectives and activation advantage makes it foolhardy to throw the BTS into a risky assault for the blitz as they'd just be cleaned up in return. So the Marines do what they do best and land War Engines in the enemy half, contest one objective and keep their BTS out of harms way. Sisters win with Blitz and 2 Objectives in the enemy half for 2-0.

The Emperor smiled upon the Sister's rhinos that day. Bouncing devastators and orbital barrages at every turn.

Round 2 vs Colonials
Sisters vs Tau 3-0 T3

The perfidious Xenos rear their heads and who better to bring them into the Emperor's warm embrace than the Adepta Sororitas? Not a match up I have much practice against so a lot of these units were new to me. Deployment is fairly standard except the Sisters get really anal retentive about staying behind line of sight blocking cover to avoid getting obliterated by the numerous long range Tau vehicles. The air game was going to be interesting as well due to the skyrays sheer volume of firepower at range. A set of 3 in the centre of Tau deployment would remain there unchallenged all game.

The Tau open aggressively, teeporting in a stealth suit formation and gunning down a rhino and a Sister stand. Unfortunately to do so they had to get within 15cm and 15cm is where the Sisters come out to play. Opening Sisters move is to marshal to get the shot up Sisters into perfect support position. Tau do some repositioning elsewhere and a second mission engages the stealth suits Fearless and Invulnerable, they take the fire without complaint and proceed to wipe out the stealth suits. They ARE however now deep in the Sisters half, still mostly in the deployment zone. Not a great spot considering the Sisters are extremely dependant upon board position to win. Elsewhere the Sisters push up to the halfway line but run into a roadblock with pathfinders well hidden. The Tau hammerhead BTS moves up and takes a carefully measured position to minimise the risk of counterattack and blows away a mission's rhinos. This however puts them out of the core skyray cover and a flight of lightnings earn medals that day. Swooping in and scoring 6 hits from 6 shots on the hammerhead BTS which turns into 6 kills and the dice abandon the Xenos at the critical moment. The last remnants of the formation flees back to the baseline to keep that VP safe. The orca lands and with a firewarrior formation mangling a mission after the hammerheads bullied it, those Sister's leg it to safety.

Turn 2 opens with the pathfinders continuing to stymie the Sisters on their right but the meatgrinder on that flank takes out firewarriors and the orca and draws in the Crisis Suits. Elsewhere the Sisters push well up the board and are set up for a T3 assault onto the blitz. The blitz guard spreads throughout the ruins in front of it but this plays into the Sister's hands. The ruins mean that not all of the blitz guard can see 10cm through the terrain while the Sister's abundance of ignore cover meant they could shoot down the few they could see and were also in range - essentially the firewarriors set themselves up for a clipping assault which duly played out on T3. The turn ended with the Sisters marching another mission from their deployment zone deep into the Tau half.

And Turn 3 began with the waiting assault which clears them out and gives the Sister's the blitz. Sister's retain and an exorcism dashes to get a shot onto the remainder of the BTS and wipes it out for another VP. Sisters now hold two enemy objectives (blitz and one other) and killed the BTS so they turtle up to prevent losing any objectives. Despite heroics from the crisis suits and the hero pathfinders there are too many Sister's formations for them to capture any objectives by the end of the turn.

Closing 3-0 to the Sisters.

Round 3 vs Poland
Sisters vs Adeptus Astartes 4-0 T4

This has an interesting Space Marine list, more ground focused than the previous air assault heavy one. Deployment is standard, Marines knowing they're basically safe out in the open due to the lack of range in the Sister's army. Sisters's keep behind their penitent overwatch garrisons and wait. There is a unit of devastators with dreadnoughts embedded on overwatch in woods dead center table creating a very dangerous kill zone.

Turn 1 opens with skirmishing. The lightnings continue their long history of bouncing off land speeders, get shot down by thunderbolts who in turn get shot down by another flight of lightnings. Marines move their BTS right into the middle of the board, providing AA cover with their hunter and acting as a lure. Anyone who tries to fight them has to eat the overwatch of the devastators first. The terrain and the table make this very awkward to get around. Sisters move up behind some trees staying out of overwatch and kinda stuck for ways to move forward so that tempting BTS lure cannot be bitten. The Marine's warhound titan comes up and shoots up some Sisters, demeching them and prepping them for what is to come. This does not pay off however. Both Exorcist formations have no other targets so double up to hammer the warhound, stripping shields and leaving it with 1DC left. The Marines respond with an air assault onto the (fearless) prepped mission, terminators spill out and kill the last rhinos and basic Sisters but can't quite B2B the macro sisters and so lose one stand in return. As the Sister prayed to be fearless earlier in the turn however they don't get wiped out, instead the pull back to some trees for safety but are now 5 stands of infantry without rhinos. They are, however, well in range of home objectives. In return the shadow of the trees allows another mission to come up and engage the terminators while remaining out of devastator overwatch AND the thunderhawk support fire. The abundance of macro firefight kills two more stands and the terminators break and flee.

On Turn 2 the Marines seem to have switched to a more defensive approach, pulling back the BTS from centre table and moving scouting units to wide, awkward positions where they can dash for point late game. Sisters push up into the new spaces and manage to get the devastators to overwatch at a target where only a few can hit it but if they didn't shoot them they'd get mauled in return. With that overwatch threat cleared penitents move up and fire heavy flamers into them, killing a a few and prepping them for a mission to engage and wipe out. Centre table is now the Sister's in full. Lightning fighters kill the 1DC warhound titan and try and fail to bully land speeders again.

Turn 3 however and the Sister's are still only around half way up the board so not in position to score much. There is some back and forth, a mission coming round and mauling the Marine bikes before getting shot up in return by thunderbolts, predators and land raiders. Sisters wipe out the land raiders and get right outside the blitz radius and ready to engage the BTS next turn. Penitents engage and wipe out the predators. Despite pouring exorcists and lightnings into them the land speeders still won't die and escape to sit in the Sister's half. Marine bikes rush into the Sister's half as well.

In Turn 4 the sterling defence of the Marines comes to an end. Sister's win initiative for the first time during the game and the engagement set up from last turn comes to fruition. Two undamaged missions, one engages and one supports for 8 macro firefight 4+ and another 8 regular 4+, outnumber, blast markers and inspiring. The Marines stand no chance and are wiped out in resolution, the BM breaking the neighbouring terminator stand. BTS and blitz secured. From then on the Marines have no real options left. Sisters grab another objective to make it 3VP and then proceed to kill the bikes and bcontrol all their own objectives with penitents for a 4th VP.

Final tally 4-0 in turn 4.

Round 4 vs Scotland
Sisters vs Feral Orks 0-0 T4

A tricky match up to win but straightforward to draw. Deployment is a standard lining up across the back, slightly favouring the left as that has all the Sister's home objectives to defend. No need to worry about the AA cover as the Feral Orks have no planes.

Turn 1 plays really quick. Sister's dash wide on their right to grab an objective. Setting up to threaten a set of boarboys and otherwise there is shuffling around with the Sister's moving up to try and make attacks. The Orkeosaurus march up the board in a supporting group. The steam gargants get no line of sight.

Turn 2 has the Sister's engage the boarboys and wipe them out but in return the steam gargant barrage devastates a mission who fall back and it also breaks an exorcism who also fall back. From this point on, the way the Feral Orks are set up with overlapping support and counter engaging boarboys makes it nigh impossible to attack without taking a huge risk (kudos to John here, he knows how to position his stuff!). So the game plan switches to defence.

Turns 3 and 4 basically stall out. The Sister's have enough threat in all their formations to make it unwise for the Feral Orks to push much beyond half way and in return attacking the Feral Orks is too risky to the defensive plan. So both sides stall out able to contest each other's objectives but not capture any. No BTS exposes itself and the game plays out to a draw.

0-0 turn 4.

Round 5 vs Poland
Sisters vs Speed Freaks 3-0 T3

There are so many Orks. So. Many. The Sister's usually outnumber the opponent with superior firefighting stands. Less an option this time! Both deploy to keep within their ground AA bubbles but broadly in a line across their deployment zone.

T1 is cagey. Orks shuffling up but well short of the half way line while Sister's advance under their AA bubble. The Orks put multiple fighta bomma formations on CAP while the Sisters put one to keep the landa honest. One formation of exorcists rushes up and opens fire at extreme range, hitting and killing 3 stands of the gunwagonz near the end of the turn.

T2 has the Orks go hell for leather up the board, doubling and shooting Sisters but ending up within counterengage range for their trouble. It would be coerlish not to oblige so one set of exorcists get a chance to sustain on a mob with skorchas and buggies and kills 5. A mission engages and draws in much support fire to wipe them out. This happens again elsewhere and by the end of this turn the Orks have lost 3 core combat formations. The Sisters have taken damage in each engagement, mostly demeching so they're now slow and not far up the board. Board position is very much in the Orks favour even if the casulties aren't. There are still more Orks. Always. More. Orks. The landa comes in to engage the exposed exorcism. It takes a hunter shot and 1DC damage but otherwise carries on. Then the dice happen. Orks win the engagement but in the roll off for resolution roll a 1 and a 2 while the two remaining exorcists roll a 6 and win by 1 point. The Orks break and flee. The exorcists have taken enough damage to break and flee. They rally at the end of that turn.

T3 is all about slaughter but the activation advantage from the losses on T2 gives the Sisters a handy advantage. Both sides trade bodies but the critical one is breaking the Ork BTS. It falls back and gets harassed by lightnings who wipe it out for a VP. Once the Orks are all done activating the Sisters use their two spare to dash and stop the Orks scoring and then march a mostly undamage mission to capture the blitz and a second objective for two more VPs.

Leading to 3-0 turn 3.

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