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[NEW!] Kraytonian EA Army List

 Post subject: [NEW!] Kraytonian EA Army List
PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 10:04 am 
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Here are the Kraytonians to complete the trio of Dark Realm Army Lists for EA. Little background added, because I couldn't think of much to add - they are militarily focused Lizards, with a strong ritualistic honour culture!

The Kraytonians favour aggressive rapid attack. Good infantry, relying upon fairly light Skimmer Vehicles, and 3 huge Support Craft which are also transports. They also have a number of creature riding cavalry and a weird experimental teleport transport that most of them refuse to use!

There was an existing but unfortunately not completed Kraytonian list from quite a few years ago. It was missing some units and rules, plus my interpretation of some units are a bit different in places, e.g. less DC for Support Craft, losing reinforced armour from Arkalest, etc, as i didn't think the Seeds of War stats justified them.
Also it's difficult to know exactly how to model the cargo pods in EA, I just have them as integral to the unit that carries it, trying to make things as simple as possible. Similarly the choice is to make the giant flyers support craft rather than aircraft for balance reasons. Likewise I've just used a pretty much standard teleport rule for the Gara rather than anything too involved.

Here's the miniature range.
http://www.darkrealmminiatures.co.uk/st ... .php?cat=7

For reference here's the Pax Arcadian List:
and Andrayada list:

Anyway, that completes the three main Dark Realm races provided with inital experimental lists, which will need much more work I imagine, but should be playable enough. Once again, thanks for reading and let me know if you have any thoughts!

KRAYTONIAN EA List 1.0.pdf [474.86 KiB]
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