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Talons of the Emperor - Beta Playtest List V3.1.3

 Post subject: Talons of the Emperor - Beta Playtest List V3.1.3
PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2022 11:13 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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With the last post seemingly dead, and the no way to access the 40k Talons of the Emperor rules from said post, I would like to suggest starting a new thread here.

For reference - I ported most of the units directly from the EpicAU Custodes rules - which seem to fit really well with the EpicEA rules as well. To make it more modern - I also added some of the major units that either EpicAU was missing from Heresy, or just things that did not exist in 30k but exist in 40k (e.g. Allarus Terminators).

If you could all please playtest this list to hell and back and leave appropriate feedback on this post. I will consistently make updates because my end goal is to make this an almost official part of EpicEA much like the newer Necrons and Tau are becoming. I don't mind putting in the work to make this a modern EpicEA army guys - so please help out ;)

Thank you so much, and Glory to the Emperor. Army Rules and Reference sheets can be found below. ;D

As a side note, if someone wants to ping a Mod on this forum to maybe make this thread the sticky instead of the other which somewhat went defunct.


Talons of the Emperor Epic Armaggedon Rules V.3.1.3.pdf [525.97 KiB]
Downloaded 225 times
Talons of the Emperor Epic Armaggedon reference List V.3.1.3.pdf [773.26 KiB]
Downloaded 191 times

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 Post subject: Re: Talons of the Emperor - Experimental List V3.0
PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2022 4:57 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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3.1 Talons of the Emperor Changelog

Changed the fluff a bit in the beginning.
Now matches GW current narrative for Custodes and Sisters of Silence.

Changed Strategy Rating of Talons of the Emperor to 6 (from 5)
I needed to differentiate further their elite status from their Adeptus Astartes brethren. The other argument can be made that their Strategy rating should be heavily reduced - as they are not used to combat, but I would digress both in game sense and also in a fluff sense. Custodians are viewed as the best - by a far degree. They aren't the genebred idiots of the Primarchs faulty geneseed, but the glorious golden warriors of the Emperor himself! They are not just strong, but highly intelligent as well being very studious in nature and able to hold conversations with the Emperor... when he was able to talk lol.

Added two rules: Fleshbane and Armourbane
While these do not exist in EpicEA, they exist in EpicAU. Their inclusion allows some differentiation between Custodian weapons and other forces and gives them unique flare to other similar type weapons. Rules can be found on the second page on the side bar.

Large amounts of formatting to keep in line with the rest of the document.
Should look clearer and easier to read.

Made a sexy as darn backsplash page
Does this need a reason lol :spin

3.1.1 Talons of the Emperor Changelog

Added the Equinox Interceptor into the Custodian Force - Ave Imperator fellow Golden boi!
I realized as I transferred over the Custodes rules from 30k to 40k - that the Talons do not have a single iota of AA in their list... at all. Now besides this being slightly game breaking, this is wholly untrue in the fluff. While the Ares TECHNICALLY is supposed to fill the roll of a fighter - fluff wise it is instead used to attack ground targets at length - which left a conundrum - how does one give AA to custodes? Thankfully the writers must have thought this out - as in the battle of Prospero (and the Battle on Terra) - the mention and usage of Equinox Interceptors were mentioned. Now sadly they give neither a description of what it looks like, nor what weapons it used, so to make it balanced and fair I added the Equinox fighter jet to both the rules and reference sheet using the Xiphon Interceptor rules from the space marines. This makes the most sense as: one, it allows custodes to actually have access to AA, albeit expensive AA, but AA nonetheless; two, it makes the most sense fluff wise as in the story it mentions these fighters "lancing" other fighters out of the sky (probably a mention of custodes weapons on the damn thing but again, to not create a completely new model, I would rather use an existing one and change the name); three, it is one of the most expensive AA fighters in the game, so it would make sense that it would fit in the custodes (I didn't want to use the 150 point thunderbolts... puny humans use puny human things lol)

If playtesting, please by all means let me know how it works and what doesn't. For the Emperor!

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 Post subject: Re: Talons of the Emperor - Beta Playtest List V3.1.2
PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2022 1:32 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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3.1.2 Talons of the Emperor Changelog

Random Formatting issues and misspelled words corrections.

Removed Extra Attack (+1) from Sentinel Guard Extra Attack
Through playtesting, it was deemed that the Sentinel Guard were too close to the Custodian guard with both having +1 attack. With the added benefit of the Sentinel Guard also having an increased Invulnerable save due to their shields, there was really no reason to take spear guard. By removing the extra attack, it makes it so that you choose between more defense or more offense.

Increased the points of Allarus Custodian Terminators to 375 (from 325)
This was a mistake that snuck through. They should have been 375 as they are supposed to be equal to their counterparts - the Aquillon Guard.

Increased Venatari FF capability to 3+ (from 4+)
I personally am having a hard time figuring out where to put Ventari. Their either end up dying to quick before contributing, or are too weak to do anything when they finally assault. I am hoping that by increasing their FF to 3+ from 4+, this will give them the needed boost they need. Maybe even decreasing their points.... I just do not know....

Removed "Skimmer" rule from Land Raider Phobos
lol :spin - that was there by mistake... whoops :D

Increased Arachnus Magna Blaze Cannon to MW2+ (from MW3+)
Another weapon/unit that was really struggling. Supposed to be THE anti tank unit by being titan killer (1), the MW3+ hurt more than it should as it would only hit 66% of the time with only two shots (one from each plane). I did not want to increase the shots per gun because that is not true to fluff (it is one... BIG... laser lol). So I increased the Macro weapon to wounding on 2+. This should make it so that the Ares is the real only absolute Anti-Tank custodes have access too, but can still be taken out by ground AA

Changed names of Equinox Interceptor Weapons
Literally has no effect on the unit - just wanted it to fit more "fluff" of custodians by using custodians weapon names. By all intents and purposes, these are still just lascannons and a missile launcher :geek

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 Post subject: Re: Talons of the Emperor - Developmental List V3.1.2
PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, 2022 12:04 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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I have a suggestion regarding the Sisters of Silence, to give the list some more unique flare.
I posted this in the old thread I believe, but….

I suggest removing fearless , and replace it with their own keyword “null”

And Null would read “enemy formations within 15cm do not benefit from “Inspiring” , “Leader” or “Daemonic focus”

Just a an idea , I get a lot of those ^^

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 Post subject: Re: Talons of the Emperor - Developmental List V3.1.2
PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, 2022 3:50 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

Joined: Tue Nov 25, 2014 2:48 am
Posts: 10
3.1.3 Talons of the Emperor Changelog

Random Formatting issues and misspelled words corrections.

Reduced the Talons of the Emperor Strategy rating from 6 to 5
Through playtesting, (and this was over just the 10+ games I played), while I didn't win many games, it also did not feel great that the Custodes essentially "auto" went first every time. Reduction of their strategy rating allows other lower strategy rating factions to at least have a chance to get the initiative, and making them equal to Space Marines is at least close enough to the fluff, as they are still elite martial warriors.

Massive changes to Ares Gunship
So this massive change comes in after reviewing the rules for 30k/40k and adjusting to fit the narrative and gameplay (and playing it for 10 games). At 275 for 2 Ares, they put out an oppressive amount of firepower, but only had one damage point. This made absolutely NO sense as in actuality it is a refit Orion class dropship, which is already a War Engine. The first change was to make it 1-2 Ares for the detachment, as well as change the points to 275 EACH. The secondary change was to classify it as a WE, and then give it the SAME exact stats as a Orion Class Dropship as they are essentially the same ship minus the transport capacity. This should bring it in line gameplay wise AS WELL AS narratively wise, as now they are essentially the same ship - one with transport capacity (Orion) and one with anti-vehicle properties (Ares).

Added Guardian Spears with relevant special rules to Venatari
alright this should make them actually viable now :D

Added "Null" special rules to Sisters of Silence
at the behest of a forum user here, I added the Null rule to see how it will play out. interestingly I had been floating a similar idea, as thematically sisters are not only fearless but project a null aura around them. Before this, they really had no place in a Talons list as they were not that much less expensive then custodians, and a LOT more fragile. This ability (enemy formations within 15cm do not benefit from “Inspiring” , “Leader” or “Daemonic focus") gives them a purpose to shut down leadership abilities and actually gives them a roll - specific roll - but a roll nonetheless. Further playtesting is needed, but this does not seem game breaking.

Added additional Close combat weapon to Venerable Contemptor
For those weebs that want to run dual fist contemptor - filthy melee enthusiasts.

Fixed up Telemon unit entry
Someone PMed me that it was missing ranges and some wording was wierd - it should work now

Added WE crit effects to the Orion
No Comments here - It was a failure to notice on my part.

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