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IG vs Space Marines 3000 points
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Author:  Madollin [ Sat Jan 10, 2009 9:33 pm ]
Post subject:  IG vs Space Marines 3000 points


My first battle report so please bear with the photos, unpainted models, very bright rubble and general amateur hour air.

Opponent (Stuart) had his first game at marines with

Devastator coy
Battle coy
Land raider coy

Supported by tech marine, 2 thunderhawks and a dreadnought detachment.

I used the same army as our last game


Plus the following detachments
Hell hounds
Rough Riders

Table was made up of two small urban areas (centreville and smallville), with wooded and treed areas scattered about. We placed objectives and diced for table edge. Marine deployed battle coy devastators and assault in thunderhawks, and deployed the rest in a thin blue line.

IG deployed bikes and ratlings to their left flank, SHTs in the centre, and on the right packed in heavy coy, backed by Ogryns, bombards and rough riders, with right flank made up of Assault backed by hellhounds with the robots out on the extreme right. Photos follow to set out the dispositons- game is a ping pong table with high tech green sheet... 1st photo is from Sm extreme right flank and you can just see the road heading to centreville.

Author:  Madollin [ Sat Jan 10, 2009 9:38 pm ]
Post subject:  IG vs Space Marines 3000 points

2nd photo shows Marine left flank. Dreads have valley to front and far left Land raiders carry the tactical detachment from the battle coy.

Author:  Madollin [ Sat Jan 10, 2009 9:40 pm ]
Post subject:  IG vs Space Marines 3000 points

IG left flank- Bikes bunched at the start line. Ratlings have infiltrated into the wood to the front (may be able to make out some black sniper rifles).

To their right you can see the Superheavies.

Author:  Madollin [ Sat Jan 10, 2009 9:43 pm ]
Post subject:  IG vs Space Marines 3000 points

Superheavies. Reverse diamond formation with Stormhammer ready to move closer to Centreville. Beyond you can see Bombards, and the right centre IG forces.

Author:  Madollin [ Sat Jan 10, 2009 9:46 pm ]
Post subject:  IG vs Space Marines 3000 points

Right centre IG. Heavy coy, backed by the Ogryns. Plan was to have the Assault advance to Smallville, but that plan didn't even make it to turn 1. Hellhounds and robots are off shot on the edge of the woods.

Author:  Madollin [ Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:01 pm ]
Post subject:  IG vs Space Marines 3000 points

Turn 1, Marines deep strike thei asault platoon onto the Bombards, and the devastators behind the IG right. Everything else charges into good positions- Devestator platoons occupy Centreville, Smallville and the woods near which they'd deployed on the extreme marine right flank.

IG assault coy moves back to close assault devestators and their thunderhawk, Rough Riders counter charge the assault marines and Ogryns engage its thunderhawk.

Hell hounds engage smallville (they'll be out of command for next turn but I have a feeling that won't be a problem). Heavy coy occupies wood next to Centreville, one detachmemt covering that community and the other facing smallville.

Bikes surge forward to the first staging point, a wood in front of the marine right flank.

Close assault goes badly for me (low light was 3 ones). Photo shows the remaining devestators after the charge. Far end dude slew 3 stands of IG in clsoe assault. But managed to get the thunderhawk (losses 6 IG to 3 devestators and  TH).

Rough riders and Assault chew each other up (4 Horse losses for me, 1 bombard) and he lost 4 stands plus his thunderhawk (the TH killing an Ogryn in close assault). Deep Joy.

On my right hell hounds hose out a couple of devestators and a rhino but are themselves toasted. Robots lose 3 of 4 and hit nothing.

Int he centre Baneblades kill two Land raiders (nearby tech makes it 1) and take no losses.

Marine holds most of the objectives and has broken the Hellhounds- 32 VP. I have two objectives and a pair of thunderhawks 12 VP.

Author:  Madollin [ Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:03 pm ]
Post subject:  IG vs Space Marines 3000 points

Photo shows the mess by the gun line- Rough Riders have nearly cleaned up the assault marines and losses are even 4-4.

Author:  Madollin [ Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:24 pm ]
Post subject:  IG vs Space Marines 3000 points

Turn 2

Bikes on my left reach the marine right flank and engage a mix of devestators and rhinos. These shoot alramingly well and all told I lose 7 bikes for 3 devs and 2 rhinos.

Superheavies get a damaged Number 3 baneblade but kill a Devestator and pick off the land raiders to front.

Heavy inf kill another land raider and one free bombard brings down the front building in smallville on the Marine far left (3 more dead devestators). Ratlings pick off a Rhino in centreville taking the Devestators to within one of breaking.

Robot on my far right is destroyed.

In my rear areas Assault try to finish off the devestators and lose more men breaking. Last devestator is pinned in close assault (taking an annoyingly long time to die).

Rough Riders kill the remaining Assault marines and lsoe 1 stand - breaking.

Morale- Rough riders fail test and rout. Assault remnants all pass but the CHQ does not and leaves the lot without command (behind the lines a Commissar waits...)

VP is marginally less ugly than alst time as I am contesting the marine far right.

So they have 4 clear, 1 conested and i not contested by either. I have 2 and have lost Rough Riders, Assault, Hell hounds and robots- another 8 vps, and have killed just the thunderhawks (though the landraiders and devestators are both within one.

Marines 28, Guard 12

Photo shows Bikes reaching the marine right- Devestators have just cleared out most of B platoon (Blue group) and the CHQ and commissar have yet to move up. A better battle was fought just below the camera angle - C platoon (Red group) against the rhinos.

Author:  Madollin [ Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:46 pm ]
Post subject:  IG vs Space Marines 3000 points

Turn 3 and getting to decision time. Initiative won back for the Guard with a roll of 1 (and I'd rolled first...).

On the Marine far left the combined Tacticals and Land Raiders move on the far side of the hill. Middle group of Landraiders advance and claim objective on the road. Photo shows the Dreads coming out of the woods and advancing into the valley of...

Everything else is static.

IG bikes - Red group (3 stands) charges the 3 reminaing devestators and are cut down to a man. Green group and Blue groups (5) sweep down to engage the Techmarine holding the objective in the woods behind centreville. CHQ bike engages and kills the last rhino, and bike mounted commissar (model a space marine bike stand) follows Blue and Green into the woods after the techie. these wipe out the Rhino and Tech. Ratlings charge towards the Marine right (ratlings coming to get ya !)

SH tanks advance to wards Centreville.

Rest of my army holds tight (or is bereft of command and is wondering what to do).

Heavy coy shooting claims the needed Land raider. 2 rhinos see the Devestator Coy break. My leaderless Assault guards lose the pinned close assault but manage to kill the last airlanded devestator. The dreadnoughts advance up the valley and itno the guns of A platoon heavy Coy. Each is hit and desroyed in the one fire. Stuart is not pleased.

But bikes have broken too and morale rolls fall heavy. I lose Green and Blue group and they dissolve (there will be a commissar waiting for them when they run out of fuel). Commissar secures the objective and CHQ bike passes its morale.

Marines lose a rhino detachment that had been working round to support the airlanded devestator, and the devestator detachment holding Centreville (2 stands).

VPs are looking rosier- I now hold 15 clear and have broken the Devs (10), LRs (8) and dreads (1)(plus THs 2) for 36 VP all told. He has added the previously uncontested objective on the road between Centreville and Smallville, and so holds 20, plus Bikes (4), Riders (2), Hellhounds (2), Assault (3), Robots (1) for 32.

Author:  Madollin [ Sat Jan 10, 2009 11:01 pm ]
Post subject:  IG vs Space Marines 3000 points

Turn 4

Time to secure Centreville. Baneblade number 3 close assaults a falling back devestator, and stormhammer lines up the other and his rhino. Commissar leaves the wood and engages the command rhino. CHQ bike circles in behind the devestators and is missed as the 6 shots snap fire. Ratlings charge to occupy the wood opposite (trapping the marines in a classic pincer...see photo)

Heavy Company signals a general advance (not sure this was very sensible but it felt like we were winning). Ogryns charge out and secure the road between centreville and smallville. Shooting misses them and only picks off the ocacsional heavy stand, who miss as well.

In Centreville it's baneblade city as number 3 overruns the stand, and the Stormhammer picks off the rhino and his fellow.

Commissar loses to the rhino in close assault (can i shoot someone who is already dead?) but Number 1 baneblade kills the commander next to it. C platoon of the heavy company (2 stands) fire and hit once, and the valiant command rhino is detroyed (who says fortune favours the brave).

So Centreville falls on turn 4, though this is icing as the Ogryn's charge has pushed us over the line.

Only additional broken troop is the commissar (1). He holds 2 objectives clear and conests the one o his far right (where my CHQ skulks in the woods behind revving his engine...). IG now hold 25 which takes us to

Marine 23
IG 47

Time for the Marines to pop smoke and withdraw in exemplary fashion, and for my boys to get double rations...

Author:  Madollin [ Sat Jan 10, 2009 11:06 pm ]
Post subject:  IG vs Space Marines 3000 points

The Ogryn's charge and the general advance to objective 8 as seen from the last devestator in Smallville . Middle Ogryn stand has fallen victim to gravity and hills that are sheets over books- he should be by the charge counter. Lego to front is the rubble from the furthermost advance of the Marine platoon, and the bombards' only success of the day.

Author:  Madollin [ Sat Jan 10, 2009 11:18 pm ]
Post subject:  IG vs Space Marines 3000 points

Like the Iwo Jima flag raising this is a staged shot. Give away is that while all the forces are in the right positions- there is a stray devestator still in the top right building (was going to put them all back to show an early deployment).

The live shot just showed the big tanks in an empty town, so this hopefully captures the sense of break in as marine morale collapsed.

Hope the report is fair (Stuart will be checking it out and will hopefully post if not) and the photos not too amateurish looking. I managed to find the tools to reduce the size of photos but am not sure why they are so small on the web.

Have another game to upload but this will be mainly text then the aftermath photos as none taken during the battle. Would this be Ok?



Author:  Warhead [ Sun Jan 11, 2009 12:25 am ]
Post subject:  IG vs Space Marines 3000 points

Cheers Madollin, I enjoyed reading that report thanks for posting it. Somehow I always feel the Marines to be the stronger side but you handled your Bikes and Rough Riders well to counter two Thunderhawk assaults while only losing one Bombard. We wont mention the Assault or Rough Riders getting broken in the attempt, they were expendable. Acceptable losses and all that rot.

Morale- Rough riders fail test and rout. Assault remnants all pass but the CHQ does not and leaves the lot without command (behind the lines a Commissar waits...)
I may have picked this up wrong but Company HQ's have both Commander and HQ abilities and so don't they automatically pass all Morale rolls?

Exactly what do you think is wrong with your terrain and/or models. Nothing I could see. One unpainted Stormhammer? How fussy do you think we are?  :tongue:  I really, really like the flags you use especially for your IG Bike Company.

Oh, and don't forget to report this battle on Erik.M's Alfakta Campaign.  :cool:  You might just win something if you play enough games. http://alfakta.org/

Author:  frogbear [ Sun Jan 11, 2009 1:07 am ]
Post subject:  IG vs Space Marines 3000 points

This was a good report

Reminded me of the older days of Epic

Top effort.

Author:  Malleus [ Sun Jan 11, 2009 9:22 am ]
Post subject:  IG vs Space Marines 3000 points

GREAT report! love the commentary!
only constructive criticism I can think of is I'd have wanted a picture of the whole battlefield at startup, had a bit of a hard time following where all units realy were.. or is that the fog of war? =)

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