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Orks v IG
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Author:  Warhead [ Thu Aug 14, 2008 12:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Orks v IG

Orks vs IG - 8150 points each with 500 points (included) of Titan Skills used. Home grown house rules apply.
It's a long game played over a few days against a fairly new player named Stuart who played as the IG while I tried my hand with the Orks who I have only played a few times so we're probably quite equal skill-wise.

Some of the House Rules are experimental and are being tested here.

Communiqué: From Highlord Inquisitor Kryptman Ordo Xenos to Inquisitor Dragosani

‘Dragosani, satellite tracking indicates an Ork force has split from the main attack and is attempting to cut around our flank. Take an Imperial task force and head off the approaching Orks at Statefarm 196. Defend the road junction there at all costs. For the honour of the Emperor!’

Imperial units pause in their advance as the massive Ork army suddenly fills the horizon. The sound of the primitive warmachines and the primal yells of their masters act to overwhelm the Guardsmen's senses as the Orks Charge.
Inquisitor Dragosani's clarion voice breaks through the clamour.
'For the Emperor and Glory in His name, Advance!'

The Great Gargant 'Big Cleave' wades forward cracking the road with its monstrous weight.

Warlord Titan Hephaestus sidles off keeping the statefarm and a very large tree between it and the Great Gargant... the coward.

A huge Big Mob of Goff's charge forward desperate to close with the enemy.

Imperial Armour deploys in good firing positions covering the Goff's approach.

The Kult of Speed cut across the Orks main advance protecting them with its huge Dust Cloud. (Yes, it's a dust cloud. Even if it does look like a dog fouled on the table)
House rule: So long as the Warbuggies in a Kult of Speed number 10+ they create a Dust Cloud that covers units behind using a 15cm wide by 10cm high template. The Warbugies can not gain any benefit and must be in front of the template. Any units Friend or Foe firing through the cloud have a -1 to hit modifier. Artillery can obviously fire indirectly over the cloud. The cloud does not block LOS it just makes it harder to see.

The Bad Moonz using the Kults Dust Cloud as cover move up onto a hilltop in preparation for next turns firing.

Author:  Warhead [ Thu Aug 14, 2008 12:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Orks v IG

The Warhounds Skipio and Pyroxenes have infiltrated behind a hill in an attempt to turn the Orks right flank.

Faced only with a Big Mob of Feral Orks the Warhounds close with impunity while keeping out of the Bad Moonz Slaasha Gargants LOS. This does not look good for the Ferals.

The Goff Warboss Goregutz(I had to use Evil Sunz as I had ran out of Goffs) seizes a Take and Hold objective in the Wheat field while the Goff Tank Big Mob advances into what later turns out to be the Warlord Titans LOS, ouch.

First Turn Movement End. Locked cocked and ready to rock!

Author:  Warhead [ Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Orks v IG

With very little First Fire I consider my options... and open another beer in an effort to dull the inevitable First Fire storm about to be unleashed.

The opening Salvo from a battery of Manticores scatters and is deflected by the Mekboy Dragsta Force Bubbles. The second battery hits the mark.
The Kult of Speed struggle to survive under the hurricane of falling shells from a further two batteries of Basilisks, one battery of Griffons and a Cyclops Heavy Siege Battery. One of the Mekboy Dragsta's, the Weird Boy tower, a Gobsmasha, a Flakkwagon, two Sleenrippa's and many warbuggies and Nobz Warbikes shatter under the weight of the IG Artillery.

Author:  Warhead [ Thu Aug 14, 2008 3:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Orks v IG

The Goff Tank Big Mob are next but are protected from a Cerberus Heavy Rocket Battery by the attached Mekboyz Dragsta. One of the barrages almost takes out an IG Sniper in the trees.

The Orks have taken a pounding and since there was no Close Combat this turn it's time to dish out some Ork Advance Fire.

The Bad Moonz Slasha Gargant spots the Leviathan trying to hide behind the ruins of a church spire. However it only manages to strip off two void shields.

Return fire from the IG Armour targets the Goff's Kill Kroza Battle Fortress. Extensive damage destroys the main weapon and makes firing more difficult due to smoke from internal fires. More shots rip in from a Destroyer Tank Squadron until finally the Kroza explodes taking out all the Hop Splat Guns and the Mekboy Dragsta.

After some ineffectual Ork return fire the Warlord Haephestus opens up with it's Plasma Cannon on the Goff Tanks and Stompas. The Skullhamma Battle Fortress takes three hits and survives! It's movement is half and it has no main weapon.
The Great Gargant manages to bag a Barrage Objective with a Ball round from the Belly Cannon but other than killing one Heavy IG Infantry stand it failed to hit anything else, bah!

The Warhounds inflict severe casualties on the Feral Orks and are a major worry for the Ork right flank.

After the First Turn the Ork Casualties are extensive leaving some Big Mobs close to broken while the IG casualties are marginal if even that.

After counting up Objectives and Casualties and making all repair rolls the VP totals are IG 42 v Orks 25

The Orks fired wild and undisciplined bursts from their crude weapons at the Imperial lines. They were met by cool nerve and trained precision.

Ah well, on with Turn 2. (I'll get the images posted
tomorrow. Sorry for the wait.)

Author:  Warhead [ Thu Aug 14, 2008 8:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Orks v IG

Turn 2
Orks lose the initiative and the Imperials allow them to move first. Boy, Orks are really hard tactically. Initial choice is soo important and covering Objectives tricky.

The Ork Gargant Big Cleave waddles forward again. Now the Gargants Belly Gun is unloaded the Warlord Hephaestus steps out from cover. Both giants face each other over the Statefarm complex.

The Madboyz strapped to Rocketpacks swoop down on trails of foul smelling smoke. They actually land safely AND on target! Right on top of the Imperials Take and Hold Objective.

The Adeptus Psyker gathers his strength waiting to use his powers to Embolden the Imperial troops holding the farm.

A unit of Ork Psycho Bikeboyz roar into an exposed Imperial Battery causing one Basilisk to Fall Back due to Fear. Imperial Bikes desperately charge in, in support.

The Bad Moonz consolidate their position and prepare to fire their heavy weapons in the First Fire phase.

Across the battlefield the Orks close in while the Imperials ready their aim.

Author:  zap123 [ Fri Aug 15, 2008 3:47 am ]
Post subject:  Orks v IG

Looking good...can't wait for the conclusion!

What rules are you using for the Battlefortresses?

Author:  Warhead [ Fri Aug 15, 2008 6:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Orks v IG

Rats! I thought I would be able to post this up by now. I have guest coming tonight so it will have to wait until after. I have the pics uploaded but I need to write the fluff and stuff as I post them. Sorry for the wait.

Zap, I haven't forgotten you I'll reply then too.


Author:  Warhead [ Sat Aug 16, 2008 1:27 am ]
Post subject:  Orks v IG

We had realised at the end of the movement phase that the Deathstrike Missiles had not been moved (Duh) and that they should have moved at the start of the turn as a Compulsory move. As it turned out the one headed for the Gargant (Oh, I guess that'll be the Warp Missile then!) was just out of reach by 2cm from the Gargants original position. The other two moved towards the Goff Infantry. (Barrage Missiles!)

I managed to remember for once to place counters for the Mekboy Bubble Chukka Speedsta before the Combat Phase. One counter is placed on the Warlords Plasma Gun and another on the Vortex Missile it has still to fire.

First Fire on Turn Two Kicked off with the Leviathan Extremis killing off five units from the Kult of Speed and a Mekboy Shok Attack Gun crew.
Various ineffectual shots cross the battlefield from both sides until one Mechanised Heavy Infantry stand managed to by-pass the Gargants shields hitting the Belly Gun which explodes the ammo in the magazine causing a fire and wrecking the Boiler that also causes another fire. The blaze begins to get hold and the Gargant may no longer move. With one lucky shot Stuart had turned a dangerous Gargant into a sitting target.

Smelling blood the Imperials pile on the artillery on the Gargant but to no avail. The Orks return fire but despite their willingness they just can't seem to hit anything. The Orks luck stays true to form when a Squadron of Exterminator Tanks focus their shots on one Megasquiggoth mortally wounding it and sending it into a frenzied Rampage. It crashes back into another Megasquiggoth and stomps it to death before it too dies of it's wounds.

The Close Combat phase saw the Psycho Bikeboyz kill three Imperial Guard Bikes and draw with the last. not bad when it was three against five. The Psychos rip into the Basilisks and only one survives. The Commissars Rhino rams the last Psycho and beats it by just one point while rolling four dice.

The Orks charge on the Assault Objective ends in the loss of a Warbuggie and a stalemate with the Kult of Speed Nob Warbike. With the Leviathan looming above, the Nob had never felt so alone before.

The Madboys attacking the Imperial defenders of the Take and Hold Objective in the Statefarm both won their combats surviving against all the odds. Even despite the Adeptus Psykers Embolden. The Madboys must have had their porridge is all I can say.

Searing plasma fire streams from the Warlord Hephaestus proving the Mekboy force bubble around it is a dud. Out of six shots five hit. The mass of energy strikes the Gargant time and again causing an explosion in the Ammo deck and two more fires. The Gargant soaks up blow after blow against its massive Hull or shrugs it off against it's Armour. At the end the Gargant is well alight but is still standing and able to fire. (Scarier than Bio-Titans.)

The Renegade Mekboys strip the Warlord Titans shields but just can't seem to land a killing blow even after rolling ten shots for one of the Kustom Kannon Speedstas. In a lesser parody of the Gargant shots ring off the Warlords Heavy Armour without damage.

Sensing that time is short the Gargant blazes away for all its worth. Again shot after shot bounces harmlessly off the Warlord Titan from the Gargants Gatling Cannon. The Gaze of Mork immobilises the Adeptus Psyker while the Supa Lifta Droppas pick up Imperial Tanks and crash them together like children's toys.

Again various shots fire back and forth but the slaughter caused is equally divided.
The last shot from the Orks sees a Stompa cause slight damage to the Warlords Warp Missile.

The End phase marks a lull in the fighting as we start counting up our VP's using all our toes and fingers.
The Kult of Speed are well and truly broken having lost thirty units with a break point of twenty six. With the exception of the Renegade Mekboys and the lone Nob Warbike and Psycho Bikeboys the rest Fall Back.
The Goff Tank Big Mob is also broken after losing thirteen units but only one Bonebreaka fails its morale roll.

The Imperial Mechanised Heavy Infantry Company who took the brunt of the Ork fire also break. The Adeptus Psyker having fallen prey to the Gaze of Gork could no longer give them the protection of his unnatural powers. Platoon after platoon fails the morale roll and goes on Fall Back orders leaving the Statefarm to the Ork Madboys.

Amidst the body strewn rubble of the Statefarm the surviving Madboys glare hungrily at the gigantic Titan. With a mighty yell a crazed Madboy points at the lumbering Warlord.
'Hoy, you! Your next sunshine!'

Author:  Warhead [ Sat Aug 16, 2008 1:48 am ]
Post subject:  Orks v IG

As the dust begins to settle it becomes evident, even to me that the Imperials have undeniably won this one.

Inquisitor Dragosani watched as the Orks quickly pulled back from the battlefield leaving behind a burning Gargant. It's crude leering face mocked him as it burnt.
From the open hatch of a waiting Baneblade a young comms officer called him over.
'With his complements Lord. I have Highlord Inquisitor Kryptman on the comms.'
Dragosani quickly took the vox receiver from the officer.
'Report, Dragosani...'
'Nothing to report sir. They came on in the same old fashion and we beat them in the same old fashion...'

Imperial Guard: 68 VP's
Orks: 43 VP's

Imperial Victory!.. (mumble, mumble, rubish dice rolls, mumble)

Ork Casualties

Imperial Guard Casualties

Author:  Warhead [ Sun Aug 17, 2008 2:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Orks v IG

Hi Zap,

By zap123 | Posted on 15 Aug. 2008, 03:47
Looking good...can't wait for the conclusion!

What rules are you using for the Battlefortresses?

Thanks, it was a forgone conclusion as you can see. I just never seemed to be able to catch up with Stuarts game and was always reacting, chasing after his attacks trying to gain the initiative.

We use our own house rules for loads of units and Battlefortresses are no exception. Basically if there is a different model then it gets its own stats and name. The more choice the better.
I have seen around TacCom there are lots of new SHT's that I have never even heard of before. I hope I will pick up a few somewhere and learn their stats and stuff at some point. Anyone have the names and stats of all the new models?

I've attached the rules here(Eventually). The damage table is slightly different and works well. IG SHT's included for comparison.
The Stats... well... not all have been tried and tested but the IG Baneblade does work (In our games) and attempts to correspond to the model and fluff better(In my opinion). I always disliked the Stormblade for looking so cool and never living up to expectations. The Blastgun also annoyed so I'm trying to find a change that works. Not sure I'm there yet, but will keep trying.
For some reason the download to a free pdf site that scream kindly gave me doesn't work... well ok, I can't get it to work may be more accurate. So your stuck with a doc attachment again I'm afraid.

Author:  primarch [ Sun Aug 17, 2008 9:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Orks v IG


Awesome game, thanks for posting it!


Author:  zap123 [ Mon Aug 18, 2008 3:48 am ]
Post subject:  Orks v IG

That was a great BatRep, and a really cool looking board!  I think it is out there that you don't think the Orks have enough units to choose from so you have to make them some more  :laugh: .  Nice house rules on the Superheavies too.

Author:  Warhead [ Mon Aug 18, 2008 7:03 am ]
Post subject:  Orks v IG

Thanks guys,

I think it is out there that you don't think the Orks have enough units
Yup, that far distant speck on the horizon is really me waving at you.
There is always more room for more stuff...

and a really cool looking board!
Thanks. I found I made more effort knowing that I would post the report. Must have driven Stuart insane with all the photos. I take it there is no picture size issue? (I had to ask.
Something not quite right about the wheat fields. I like them but models sitting on top look odd. The road was a past midnight half asleep last minuet bodge job and the ubiquitous Airfix farm house needs a paint job too. I need, crave more small trees. Can't get enough.
After seeing some of the cool things done by the other members (too many to list but you know who you are) I found myself buying plumbing supplies, metal rods, soldering irons, green stuff, any interesting shaped plastic fixing I could get and even collected stones and shells (to grind up for debris) from the beach. Truly mad... but I like it.  :cool:

I want to post a campaign but unless I invent a time dilation device I will never get the army painted on time. Does this matter?

Author:  Tiny-Tim [ Mon Aug 18, 2008 8:46 am ]
Post subject:  Orks v IG

Great Report, thanks for posting it.

Author:  zap123 [ Tue Aug 19, 2008 3:14 am ]
Post subject:  Orks v IG

Quote: (Warhead @ 18 Aug. 2008, 07:03 )

I want to post a campaign but unless I invent a time dilation device I will never get the army painted on time. Does this matter?

I've slipped the odd unpainted mini into a batrep and no one sent the Inquisition!  I'd certainly prefer a batrep to no batrep, regardless of the painting status of the minis.

You could set yourself a speed-painting challenge and post the results so we can all hound you until the army is done   :p

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