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PostPosted: Sat Sep 26, 2020 10:57 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Hi, new Battle report with the new Exodite Maiden World 4.31 list.
As you will find out below the opponent didn't give me the space I wanted to showcase some of the highlights of this fine army. But hey its alway a next time. I will get the Batreps in to make more evaluations and don't hesitate to play test it yourself.

Codex Astartes (NetEA Tournament Pack 2018)
TACTICAL [450] - 6 Tacticals, Supreme Commander, Hunter
TACTICAL [275] - 6 Tacticals
DEVASTATOR [350] - 4 Devastators, 2 Dreadnought
DEVASTATOR [350] - 4 Devastators, 2 Dreadnought
LAND SPEEDER [200] - 5 Landspeeder
SCOUT [175] - 4 Scouts, Razorback
SCOUT [175] - 4 Scouts, Razorback
THUNDERBOLT SQUADRON [175] - 2 Thunderbolt Fighters
MARAUDER SQUADRON [250] - 2 Maurader bombers

Thunder Beast 575pts
Dragon Knight Warhost with Dragon King 400pts
Sun Spear Megadon 200pts
RaprotOutriders 200pts
Eldar Knights Bright Stallions 350pts
Dragon Knight Warhost with Dragon Prince 325pts
Sun Spear Megadon 200pts
Megadon troupe with 2 Void Watchers 250pts
Wind Knight Warhost (6) with DragonSinger 250pts
Great Drake 50pts
Dragon Riders 200pts

SM wins initiative roll and goes first.

SM - calls in Strike Cruiser unloads barrages and Drop Pods(3) with Deathwinds.
Numerous formations are hit and BMs handed out and some killed units taken off the board. Altogether 6 formations got hit and Raptor Outriders broke and run for cover in ruins north of them. It was 2 macro barrages and 3 deattwinds from drop pods causing this mayhem and destruction right away.

SM- retains- and A Devestator Company(right) assaults the Dragon Prince warhost. Even thou shaken by barrages and death all around them the Dragon Knight warmest kills 4 SM and breaks the unit sending them back to the ruins they came from. 1 Dragon Knight killed.

...so now the Exodites had to pull themselves together and try to strike back at these armored barbarians right amongst their battle line. The pride of the Exodite army reared its monstrous size body and unleashed its fury of Exodite weaponry...

EXO - Thunder Beast sustained fire on Devastator Company (north), breaks formation, 4 kills and deals further 2 kills and 5 BMs to the Tactical company, with the Tremor Cannon, both formations just arrived from drop pods.

EXO - retains- use their SC preroll to make a Marshall action with Sun Spera Megadon and success. It was almost broken and had a vital target that needed to be taken care of. It unloads and breaks the tactical formation that came with drop pod with 1 kill.

SM - sends in Marauder for a ground attack catching both Thunder Beast and Sun Spear Megadon under barrage templates. 3 BMs, 1 dmg to Thunder Beast and 1 dmg to Sun Spear breaking it.

EXO - Megadon Troupe doubles moves forward shoots at broken Tactical formation with no result.

SM - Scout formation (north) advance target Megadon Troupe 1 kill, 2 bms.

EXO - Bright Stallion Knights advance and deals the final blow to the already broken Tactical formation wiping it out.

SM - Landspeeder doubles moves forward and deals a BM to Thunder Beast.

SM - retain, ues SC reroll makink ground attack with Scout formation (east) targets Thunder Beast and it breaks. It pulls back towards own Blitz.

EXO - Sun Spear Megadon (2) advances shoots at Landspeeders 2 BMs , 1 kill.

SM - Thunder Bolts makes ground attack targets Dragon Knight Warhost (Dragon King), 1 BM.

EXO - Dragon Riders assaults the already broken Devastator company from Drop pod wiping it out with much needed support fire from the Bright Stallions.

SM - SC Tactiacal formation doubles in between two objectives targeting Dragon Riders 1BM.

EXO - Wind Knights Marshalls thou they had been hit hard from the SM barrage and deathward onslaught. They remove all BMs and moves behind ruins.
... and then the Astrates makes an heroic attempt to sway the battle and break the spirit of the Exodite army " for the Emperor!!!"...
Sm - Thunderhawk (1) assaults the Thunder Beast. The Thunder Beast unleashes its FF batteries and wipes Thunderhawk.

EXO - Dragon Knight with Dragon King marshalls this formation also been taking the brunt of the attack from the sky. Removes all BMs.

Thunderhawk (2) makes an assault on the Dragon Knight with Dragon Prince formation. The Dragon Prince formation had taken cover in some woods by the lake and didn't expect the surrounding Landspeeders and Scouts to be able to touch them this turn. The supporting fire proved to much and the Dragon Prince dies in the woods together with the whole formation.
END OF TURN 1. Fly outs Marauder 2BM, T-bolts 1Bm. Thunder Beast and one Sun Spear Megaton remains broken. Rest of formations rally and removes BMs.

...EXODITES still stuck in their deployment area not knowing where to point their spearhead attacks if there even is any left. They are not composed enough to call on the Great Drake(bummer).
Astrates down on formations that can make a real difference on the ground, thank the Emperor for Air superiority.

EXO - Megadon Troupe Marshalls removes all BMs.

SM - Scout(north) Sustain fire on Megadon Troupe 1 kill, 2 BM.

EXO - Sun Spear Megaton doubles target Landspeeder 2 kills and breaks formation.

SM - Scout(south) sustains on Dragon King formation1 kill, 2BM.

EXO - Dragon Rider sassault Landspeeders kills them all.

SM - Marauder using SC re roll to get off the ground( this is one of the more game changing activations) targets Sun Spear Megadon 1 dmg breaks it, barrages reaches Dragon knight and the Dragon King kills Dragon King and the formation breaks.

EXO - Bright Stallions still got the power to bring the Exodites closer to victory. Advance and shoots at Scout(north)
4 kills all infanteri, 5 BM.

SM - Thunder Bolts makes ground attack on Wind Knights 1BM.

EXO - Raptor OutRiders assaults Scout(north) with support from Bright Stallions ( this was also one of the more important turn outs for the game) Raptor OutRiders wiped out kills one Rhino they break but lives to fight another turn.

SM - Devastator company marshalls removes BMs.

EXO - Wind Knights Marshall need to stay a live to Call upon the Great Drake turn 3 and moves towards own Blitz.

SM - SC Tactical Doubles shoots Megadon Troupe 1BM, breakes formation.

SM - retains sends in Thunderhawk(2) the Thunder Beast is again the target for an assault. Thunderhawk goes down wiped out.

END OF TURN 2. Sm got not much in BMs to remove but Exodites Thunder Beast, Sun Spear Megadon and Megadon troupe rallies but one Sun Spear remains broken. Sm flight goes great.

...Wind Knight warhosts Dragonsinger calls upon the Great Drake and it appears right infront of the SM BTS the Tactical formation that made it all the way down to threaten the Exodite Blitz. Maybe the Exoduses can get up and out of their deployment zone to threaten objectives or at least get over to opponents side to prevent They Shall Not Pass objective. Here we go...Astrates wins the strategy roll and goes first.

SM - Marauder ground assaults Sun Spear Megadon kills Sun Spear and barrages reaches Wind Knight formation killing the Dragonsinger that means the Great Drake takes up and leaves right then and there ( maybe the most important activation right there , Marauders VIP of the game takes 3 formations out in one go...common now).

SM - retains SC Tactical advances and shoot at Wind Knight formation 1 kill breaks unit.

EXO - Thunder Beast advances targets SC tactical 2 kill, 4 BM

EXO - retains Dragon Riders makes an heroic push and can take objective on SM half of the table they assault...they kill 1 scout but in return they get wiped out ( those SM are the real deal if this gone the other way, which it could have, I tell you...)

SM - Scout (north) 2 Rhinos marsch to secure their Blitz from Bright Stallions that was rearing up in the ruins.

EXO - Megadon Troup advances and deals 1kill, 2 BM to the SM Sc tactical company ( far from wiped out which was a must for the BTS objective).

SM - Devestators double and shoots up Wind Knights that had flown across the board do block objectives for SM 1 kill.

EXO - Bright Stallions doubles and makes it across the board to deny the TSNP objective.

SM - Thunder Bolts and Scout (south) tries to take down the Thunder Beast but no success.

- Pictures of turns below.

File comment: Turn 1 when Drop pods arrive
EXO1.png [ 1.89 MiB | Viewed 1837 times ]
File comment: some actions into turn 2
EXO(2).png [ 1.42 MiB | Viewed 1837 times ]
File comment: turn 3
EXO3.png [ 1.43 MiB | Viewed 1837 times ]
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2020 2:04 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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That's a nice map. Interested in sending me a vsav so we add it to the archive?

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2020 11:01 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Thanks, been producing tons of them lately thou VASSAL is the way I get to practice my skill set these days.
How do I go about sending it to you?

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 3:01 pm 

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Thanks for the report, it was a good read.

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