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Battle report Elysian 4.2.1 vs Iyanden Eldar 3000 points

 Post subject: Battle report Elysian 4.2.1 vs Iyanden Eldar 3000 points
PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2020 11:56 am 
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Battle report 7 Nov 2020
Elysian Drop Army vs Iyanden Eldar army 3000 points

Regimental Command Company + 2 Fire Support units + 2 Hardened Veteran Units + Spotter + Commissar + Sabre + Commissar
Drop Company + 2 Hardened Veterans + 2 Cyclops + Commissar
Drop Company + 2 Hardened Veterans + Commissar
Drop Company + 2 Fire Support Units + Spotter + Commissar
Mortar Company = 2 Fire Support units + Sabre + Commissar
Armoured Drop Sentinel Squadron
Armoured Drop Sentinel Squadron
Drop Support Sentinel Squadron
Grey Ghost Company
Storm Trooper Company + Commissar
Vulture Squadron
Lightning Squadron
Lightning Strike Squadron
Luna Class Cruiser

Iyanden Eldar
Wraith Lord Warhost – Spirit Seer upgrade
Wraith Guard Warhost + 2 extra Wraithguard
Wraith Guard Warhost
Ranger Troupe +1 ranger
Wind Rider Troupe – 6 Vypers
Engine of Vaul – Storm Serpent
Engine of Vaul – Storm Serpent
Night Swords of Vaul – 3 Falcons, 2 Fire Storms
Revenant Titan Pair
Nightwing Interceptor Squadron

Sorry no photos, as I forgot my camera, and my Phone is pretty crap at taking photos. The Eldar choose corner deployment, and give me the worst corner to defend.

Turn 1 Surprisingly the Elysians roll a 5 and the Eldar roll a 1. Neither side has their supreme commander on the field.

Elysians activate their Vultures, and fire 8 missiles at the Revenants, causing 6 hits. One Revenant fails 2 saves (including rerolls), and I roll 2 x 6’s for the crit rolls, the other passes them all but breaks.

Eldar advance up the storm serpent 1 and unload the smaller Wraith guard warhost, and then assault the grey ghosts who over watch and fail to do anything more than a blast marker. The grey ghosts use their First strike, and take out 1 Wraithguard and the grey ghosts lose 2 units. Dice rolls and it is a tie. They do a second and then a third round of close combat until the Wraith guard have 1 unit left, and the Storm Serpent is killed off after taking the BMs from the extra hits.

The last Wraith Guard (with farseer), moves closer to its other support formations, the Grey Ghosts with 3 units remaining thus also breaking them, after winning the combat, and they move further into the ruins to hide out. They are so spread out, that they lose 1 only when the enemy shoots at them laterer on.

The Elysians put their Lightning strike squadron on CAP, Eldar move the Vypers up and kill off 2 vultures and break them. The Vultures move back out of line of sight and near the protection of the Mortar company sabre. The Mortar company fires on the Vypers killing 2 and with the extra BM from 4BP break them. The Eldar put their nightwings on CAP. The lightning ground attack the broken Vypers but the Eldar bring on their CAP and one lightning is killed off. The last lightning kills a Vyper from BM, but the vypers make their save.

The Eldar move their second Storm Serpent towards the woods where the Rangers are holding an objective (incase the Elysians pummel the forces near the Blitz) The Elysians have no more activations and the Eldar fire at the Grey Ghosts with the Night Spinners, and they lose one from Blast markers, and make their 3+ cover saves.

They activate the Wraith lords (with supreme commander and move them 30cm away from the Blitz/wraith gate. The Eldar falcons move up and have nothing in range or sight to shoot at. They double up hopefully be out of range and site of any dropped formations next turn. Eldar bring their CAP on, and kill off a Lightning.

End of turn, Grey Ghosts fail to rally. Wraith guard rallies, Vypers rally, Vultures rally, Revenant rallies.

Aircraft return back to base.

Turn 2, Eldar win initiative.
Eldar place the Avatar near the Wraithlord, then retain move up the Revenant to cover the 2nd objective in their half, and shoot at the Vultures destroying them.

The Elysians bring on the luna cruiser, and shoot at the Rangers in the ruins. The Rangers are so spread out, only one is killed off. The Storm serpent is killed off when the template hole is put on it, and it fails its saves.

The Elysians are dropped with 2 formations covering and area near the ruins, another 2 near the south side of the wood, and another 3 formations between the woods and the Church/ hospital complex (which is close to the enemy Blitz).

They retain and assault the falcons with an assault company and a drop support sentinel squadron. The Falcons and fire storms are wiped out, but kill off 3 guardsman units and a sentinel, who move to the cover of the ruins and hold and objective in their own half.

The Eldar bring out their second Wraith guard formation from the wraith gate, and then call a combined assault. Then they along with the Avatar engage the drop company nearest them killing it off. They lose 2 wraith guard from the support fire. They then move to the cover to the church/hospital complex.

The Elysian drop company south of the woods along with a sentinel drop squadron assault the rangers and wipe them out, but lose 2 units from overwatch and another 2 from close combat. The Drop company wins the combat but are broken and run and hide in the woods, while the sentinels move to cover the objective south of the woods.

They retain, and make a combined assault on the wraith guard who ran near the hospital church. The Regmental command company, supported by a drop company and the drop sentinels assault the wraith guard and decide to not make it intermingled, keeping away from the Avatar and the Wraith lords, who are just on the other side of the building the wraith guard flank units are hiding in. They have 6 sentinels, a commander, a supreme commander, 2 commissars, a sabre, 2 fire support units, 4 hardened veteran and 14 guard drop units facing off against 6 wraith guard. They lose 4 drop troops, 2 hardened veterans and 1 commissar from 2 companies, but kill off all the wraith guard. They pull back and try and deny the woods objectives and the blitz from the Eldar, but do not have enough room to stop the Eldar from moving up next turn hold it.

The Eldar shoot the broken drop company on the woods with their Night spinners (who cover the Blitz) and kill of a few more of them. They then put their Night wings on CAP. No more Eldar forces are able to activate.

Elysians then move their mortar company closer to their Blitz and surround it. They then try to break the Wraith lord formation with their lone Lightning and the Cap intercepts but fails to hit. The Lightning puts a BM on the Wraith lords. The Lightning Strike Formation then tries to kill off the Wraith lords, but only kills off 1. The Wraith lords formation nearly breaks.

End turn 2, all aircraft withdraw

Wraithlords rally and remove all blast markers, the Elysians in the woods rally as do the ones in the ruins. Grey ghosts fail to rally even with the commander re-roll, and the remaining Elysian formations remove BMs.

Turn 3

Storm troopers teleport in, and try to support the forces in the woods. They gain a BM.

Eldar shoot at the regimental command company to attempt to get BTS, but fail to kill them off as they are mostly in cover. They do not break thankfully.

Eldar retain, they use the commander ability and gather the lone wraith guard unit, to assault the command company, but I had the drop sentinels, the Storm troopers and the other drop company set up nearby, so they were touching each other’s formations. The remnants of 4 formations faced off against 5 Wraith lords and a wraith guard unit, and over 2 rounds of close combat killed the wraith guard, and 2 wraith lords, lost half the storm troopers, 2 of the regimental command company, and then forced the wraith lords to withdraw back towards the Blitz.

The drop company broke as did the Storm troopers. The Regimental Command Company survived over half strength, and then they withdrew to cover objectives, while the sentinels and drop company ran into the woods, making their dangerous terrain tests. Eldar tried to shoot the command company with their Night wings, but they failed to activate.

Elysian Aircraft shot at the Night Spinners who were near the Blitz, and failed to either break them or kill them off. Mortar company went on overwatch, drop companies and sentinel squadron near the ruins and south of woods went on overwatch to cover objectives, and nothing was able to get close to the enemy Blitz to hold dent it.

End of turn 3 all aircraft withdraw.

Wraith lords rally, Grey Ghost still fail to rally, Storm troopers fail to rally, regimental command company and al other formations remove blast markers.

Final score is Elysians 4 to Eldar 0


My thoughts on the game and how the Eldar performed, and Why I think it went pair shaped for them.

I think that getting initiative on turn 1, and the surprisingly bad rolls for the Eldar Revenants holo fields and reinforced armour saves and my 2 crit rolls of 6 was a fluke. It really changed the way the game played out. Then on turn 2 to kill of the last revenant titan with the pin point attack 2+ MW TKD3, who failed his holo field save, and then lost it to another critical roll of 6, and after that he had no saving throw to cover the remaining 2 TK hits I made (rolling a 5 for the D3).

My forces dropped in exactly where they were supposed to, well almost. Some were not quite in position to lend a hand initially, and were not able to hit the elder where I wanted to, but they covered almost one quarter of the table, the area the Eldar had chosen for their corner deployment.

I think the Eldar force would have fared better if they had more artillery, but to get the Revenants in, I had to drop the second Night Spinners, the 2nd Night wings, and 2 Wraith guard units. However I had hoped to get the revenants to perform better and turn the tide of battle against the Elysians before they could get their drop force in, and maybe even take the Elysian Blitz supported by the Vypers, and a Storm Serpent which could unload a Wraith Guard formation.

6mm wargaming is just like 25mm wargaming with more units fitting on the same size table. Thus bigger games to get lost in and avoid the hassles of everyday living, and offerings for the dice gods.

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