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Death Watch vs Tau - 3000pts

 Post subject: Death Watch vs Tau - 3000pts
PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 3:58 am 

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Death Watch vs Tau - 3000pts.

photos and army lists are here:


This was the third game vs Tau using my Death Watch. They have played no one else. So they are tired of fighting Tau but the three games gave me a good understanding of the Death Watch and how they currently play and how they can be improved.

This game we played a scenario called STRIKE. Each side gets objectives to place and at the end of turn 3 you get points for objectives, BTS and destroyed formations. This scenario will be used at Cold Wars so good practice.

The list I had consisted of
2 Thunderhawks
2 formations of Thunderbolts
1 inquisitorial formation with chimeras, hydra
1 Acolyte formation with chimeras
5 Death watch formations (2 corvus black star - veterans, 1 terminators, 1 assault veterans, 1 veteran rhinos)

I had four units deployed, four units as aircrafts, 3 off board(corvus black star and terminators in Thawks).

Since this game required taking objectives and counting them at the end of turn three, i wanted to BM the hell out of TAU crisis and battlesuit formations and hope they break. I sent in aircraft as the initial moves and was successful for ground attacks though the casualty count was not very high as Tau made save after save. I made careful moves with the other formations to cover or waited for the Tau to advance. With not much on the board and being out activated the Tau had the advantage to wait for my moves before committing to theirs. Turn One was going okay and i had survived and did not lose much, however when the Thunderhawk was leaving the board full of termies(they didnt come out this turn, they would have next turn) a skyray lurking in the distance got some lucky shots off hitting twice, the Thunderhawk failed both saves, I said reinforced armour should make it, nope 2 lucky shots took down the Thunderhawk and Terminators (550 pts gone). They were my heaving hitters and now my army was down two activations, ouch.

Turn 2, I Self planetfalled a Corvus Black Star formation with veterans they wont took out some broadsides but everything got shot and broke from the surrounding Tau. The second Corvus Black Star also self planetfalled and cleaned up a recently rallied broadside unit. However they lost one and got overwhelmed by a bunch of juiced up Kroots and broke(pretty sad). At this point the game was going downhill, a unit of Inquisitors broke. My formations were small and scattered and they only thing really to do anything was the Thunderbolt and the remaining Thunderhawk.

turn 3 was clean up for Tau and they got around 18 victory points and the Tau got 2.

Since this was the third game with Death Watch and third game vs Tau. I came to the conclusion:
The current list does not adequately represent the Death Watch fightiing style, options, rules and formations.
Death Watch have floating fortresses throughout the galaxy and many near zones of Xeno infestations and Herectic Acts. They act when called upon by local Inquisitors who need the extra firepower to banish the herectics. The current list using planetfall works to some aspects but it does not represent their fast strike capabilities, where they are upon the enemy in seconds and strike quickly. The use of Ships was frequent but they are so prepared that they deploy the Corvus Black Star to drop from orbit to preplotted coordinates and then adjust and strike as sensors and on field intelligence changes.

Since they never initiate the action and are usually called upon by the Inquisition. Having a core formation of Warrior Acolytes as Standard makes sense. Gives them the cheap option on the battlefield who survey and report back and call in the Death Watch where needed.

Third is the formation size. Yes they are marines but expensive at 250 points for four and still have 4+ save, they weapons are not long range and only units in the formation is nothing if not fragile regardless of being marines and not able to increase the unit size. Increasing a unit size upto 6 will help them with staying power and fits into more their fighting style.

So the proposed changes are Acolytes as mandatory choice of 1.
Corvus Black Star will have Self-Planetfall (ie every 1000pts in the army one Corvus Black Star unit can Self Planetfall.
Increase Death Watch companies to have the option taking upto 2 more Marines to their formation. Cost is the same as they are now.



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 Post subject: Re: Death Watch vs Tau - 3000pts
PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 5:45 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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I promiss no more Tau after Cold Wars!

Self Planet Fall is a most have. Spacecraft are a waste for such an expensive per detachment list. SPF abuse is no more terrible than teleporting. The DW need that tip of the spear option.

Without it the DW have a very tough time getting across the board. Target Priority being busting their pimped out rides first.

I would like to see detachment upgrades. The SOFs tailor their unit size to the mission. The DW should have the ability to increase the size of the detachment.


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