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Skitarii v2.1 vs Imperial Fists

 Post subject: Skitarii v2.1 vs Imperial Fists
PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 4:14 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Imperial Fists (NetEA V1.3 - Developmental)
TERMINATORS [375] 4 Terminator units, Captain
TERMINATORS [375] 4 Terminator units, Chaplain
TACTICAL [400] 6 Tactical units, Thudd Gun, Supreme Commander
SCOUTS [175] 4 Scout units, Razorback LAS
LAND SPEEDERS [200] 4 Land speeder, Land Speeder Tornado
LAND SPEEDERS [200] 4 Land speeder, Land Speeder Tornado
FELLBLADE [325] 1 Fellblade
FELLBLADE [325] 1 Fellblade
BASTION [300] 1 Bastion, Techmarine, 3 Thudd Gun
HYPERIOS PLATFORMS [125] 3 Hyperios Platforms

Skitarii NetEA v2.1
Skitarii Demi Century [500] Chimedons, Magos, Hydra
Sagitarii Demi Century [425] Rapiers, Ordinatus Minorus with Lasblaster
Sagitarii Demi Century [425] Rapiers, Ordinatus Minorus with Lasblaster
Ordinatus Majoris [450] Mars
Avenger Fighters [200] *testing extra lascannon
Crusader Robots [125]
Crusader Robots [125]
Colossus Robots [200]
Warhound titan [275] Vulkan, Plasma
Warhound titan [275] Vulkan, Inferno

Blitz both central to respective edges. Marine fwd objectives are small rectangular dioramas just over centre line, either side of circular forested hill. Admech are 60mm rounds, one behind hill on right, one just left of where trench line ended up.
Marines deploy almost exclusively left of their blitz, both termie units will teleport.
Tac marines (with sup comm) opt for trenches, and drop the line from their blitz (hidden by light globe) well up the table.
Skitarii demi (in chimedons) is in bottom right corner, second warhound is just off left side of shot.

Round 1
Termies opt not to teleport
Majoris drops a lot of blasties on the bastion, so does plasma warhound. All it takes is one wound.
Fellblade pushes up middle of table to ping robots scout shielding majoris, one hit which is rudely saved. Right side minorus responds, one wound which crits fellblade off the table.
Scouts move up into the other end of the Tac’s trench complex, see off most of the fire sent their way, until the inferno warhound pings a couple.
Chimedon formation gets excited and rushes up side to wipe off garrisoned AA behind hill. Cops a little overwatch, but no damage. Lots of shooting, a couple of saves, one blastie. Marines respond with second fellblade and speeders, doing a chunk of damage to the BTS.
Planes avoid any action.
Pretty much everything rallies, except Admech BTS, which fails to clear blasties.

Round 2
Both termies drop in and around buildings near chimedon demi. One takes 2 blasties.
Admech wins initiative! Chimedons activate and flee back to right bottom corner of table. One unit of termies doubles down the side of the board and pings some off. Speeders come in for the kill. Not quite, but they break the admech who flee towards their blitz.
Other termies shoot up the sagitarii demi, who break and fell up table to the objective. Robots move off sentry duty to try and screen BTS from further harm.
On the left, second unit of speeders team up with the bastion to break plasma warhound, which flees to top corner of board. Left sag demi responds by shooting a few speeders, but not enough to break them.
Planes brave the marine cap, but are both shot down despite jinking. Not testing the extra lascannons today!
I think everyone rallies..

Round 3 (details a little fuzzy, it was late, there was beer..)
Skitarii demi dismounts around blitz and out of danger zone
Screening robots manage to draw a round of combat against the termies before being wiped out in the second round.
Left sag demi unloads on the remaining fellblade, get some wounds in and crit it off.
Speeders on right chase after sagi demi and break it (again), it falls back to other side of objective.
Bastion pings inferno warhound to break it, it takes cover next to objective.
Left speeders pen in plasma warhound, but fail to break it. Left sagi demi double up to objective and shoot speeders off the table. Warhound starts the move for the marine blitz.
Game is currently a draw, but called due to the time. Marines graciously concede turn 4 would have given the Skitarii a win 1 or (potentially) 2-0.

Post match thoughts:
This (v2.1) is definitely a better iteration from the last list I tried. Purely went for upgrades/increases built off the points saving compared to my previous test list; and was quite satisfied. Had the majoris chassis been another 50 pts cheaper, I would have run the nova cannon. Would serve me better in this situation, but still very happy with the Mars variant, and as much as I’d be happy with another discount, I think points are looking good (crit distance is still huge though…)
No crits on the majoris/minorus at all this game (barely any shots on them), but two crits on the fellblades – so I felt much better about crits this time :)
Only having one source of leader (the supcom) for Skitarii is challenging. We felt it could be good to add in a 25pt leader option for the Sagitarii demi. Seems a bit odd that the Admech would not have centurion style leader options for the demis. Not a deal-breaker, but would be cool.
Switching up to rapiers for both demis is a trade-off. I think it makes the formation much better than the gun servitors, but does slow down an already slow formation. I’m thinking of trying the multiple corvus pod minorus some time in the future. I have a feeling that any list without the warhounds for speed is going to need them, but it would need to be a radically different build to be effective. Will experiment..

I know how this one ends
So bite your tongue if you can't tame it

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 Post subject: Re: Skitarii v2.05 vs Imperial Fists
PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 4:32 pm 
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Thanks for the report. Seemed like a good game. I tend to run sagitarii with rapiers in corvus minorus and it works pretty good. Generally you try to double into position and hold. We may add a leader figure in. Still not sure yet.


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 Post subject: Re: Skitarii v2.1 vs Imperial Fists
PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 1:53 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

Joined: Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:42 pm
Posts: 94
Fixed title... was the 2.1 list.

Yeah, was good, and I got some great insights from my skilled opponent. Hoping for another run on the weekend, then will look at alternate builds. Will try your corvus suggestion.. I think I tend to push too far forwards.. holding will be a novelty!

I know how this one ends
So bite your tongue if you can't tame it

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