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Space Wolves vs Necrons 2018 play test
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Author:  atension [ Tue Mar 27, 2018 12:26 am ]
Post subject:  Space Wolves vs Necrons 2018 play test

Battle report Necrons vs Space Wolves

2995 points - 2018 play test changes 0.1
C`TAN [275] 
Necron Lord, 6 Warriors, 3 Immortals, Tomb Spyders, Pariahs
Necron Lord, 6 Warriors, 2 Immortals, Pariahs
Wraith Phalax [300] 
6 Wraiths
2 Obelisk, 2 Monolith
2 Obelisk, 2 Monolith
3 Monoliths
PYLON [175] 
PYLON [175] 
6 Flayed Ones, Necron Lord

Incompertus, 3000 POINTS 
Space Wolves (NetEA Tournament pack) 
6 Grey Hunters, Hunter, Rhinos, Supreme Commander
4 Wolf Guard Terminators, Chaplain
4 Long Fangs, Hunter, Rhinos
6 Grey Hunters, Hunter, Rhinos, Librarian
Thunderhawk Gunship
Thunderhawk Gunship
2 Thunderbolt Fighter-Bombers
6 Sky Claws

The board was heavy with Terran, 15 pieces. Played on an industrial ice world where the imperials dug too deep in their hunt for resources and uncovered a sleeping Tombworld.

Turn 1:
Pylon 1, Pylon 2, Maniple 1. Maniple 2, Deceiver and Warbarque all teleport onto the battle field, only one BM on the on the C'tan form the teleport.
Astartes win the Initiative.
SW: Reaver activates and does a move a fire on Pylon 1, pylon 1 takes 1DC and breaks.
SW retain: Double and fire Long fangs targeting the Deciever. takes one BM
N: Warbarque doubles and fires at SC Great company killing one, 2BM
N: Retain with Warriors 2, assault Skyclaws with support from Warbarque. The skyclaws have one survivor for 0 casualties.
SW: SC Great company Assaults the Warriors 2, Great company loses horribly, Necrons take one casualty, Great company lose 3 rhinos and 2 infantry. 
SW: Retain with Terminators in Thunderhawk 1, Assault Pylon 2, Flak misses, Declare intermingled with pylon 1. (stupid placement mistake on my part). Terminators destroy both pylons in assault. thunderhawk also destroyed. 
N: Maniple 1 Doubles and first at Long fangs. kills one rhino, 2BM. 
N: Retain with Wraiths to assault long fangs. Long fangs all killed except 2 infantry stands from the FS. Kill one wraith in return but get wiped out in resolution.
SW: ground attack with thunderbolts on Wraiths. 1 dead, 2 BM
N: Monolith maniple 2 Move and fire at terminators killing two (surprisingly)
SW: Match great company two to Necron forward objective. 
N: Assault with Warriors 1 (BTS) on Great company two with support from Monolith Maniple 2. Atrocious rolling on my part only 3 hits including supporting fire (22 dice), against 10 hits from 11 dice in the great company. fail 7 armour saves against the 2 infantry casualties on the wolves. BTS wiped out..... Great!
SW out of activations
N: Deciever doubles and fires at the Reaver, 1 BM,

End of turn, fliers fly off unhurt (no AA left)
Necorns rally everything, nothing broken to phase out.
SW fail to rally, one remaining skyclaw, Great company SC

Turn 2:
No teleports (forgot about the Monolith phalanx off the board)
SW win the Initiative

SW: lightning bolts Ground attack monolith maniple 2. Killing 2 monoliths and 1 obelisk.... seriously!
SW: Reaver retains and moves/shoots the wraiths only killing 2 = 2BM 
N: Warbarque move and fires at the still broken Great company SC killing 1 and then another with BMs.
SW: Thunderhawk 2 ground attacks lone obleisk from monolith maniple 2. destroyed.
N: Monolith Maniple 1 doubles and fires at reaver (popped up from behind cover) 2 shields down.
SW: Terminators double to necron forward objectrive 2 and hold it.
N: Deciever Doubles and shoots Reaver (popped up from behind cover) 2 sheilds down.
SW: out of activations
N: Marshal wraiths, move to assault range with reaver, regenerate up to full strength.
N: Warriors 2 double and go into reserves through warbarque portal.

End of turn 2 
Necrons rally everything
SW rally everything.

Turn 3:
Teleport monolith phalanx next to great company 2, 1 BM
Necrons win Initiave

N: warriors 2 assault great company from monolith phalanx. another stunning loss from the necrons. half the warriors 2 formation dead. Only lost 2 units of the great company. lost on the resolution. warriors fled though monoliths.
N: retained with Monolith Phalanx assault Great company 2. very good rolls for the monoliths. Great company wiped out for 0 losses. 
SW: Ground attack Maniple 1 with thunderbolts. failed activation. 
N: Maniple 1 move an f fire at reaver 1 sheild down, 1 DC.
N Wraiths assault Reaver doing 4 DC but taking 4 losses. one wraith lives and retreats behind cover.
SW: Marshal move Reaver regenerate 3 sheilds.
SW: Terminators double and fire at monolith phalanx 1 BM
N: Warbarque double moves to hold Blitz, shoots at and kills remaining Skyclaw
SW: thunderhawk ground attack Monoliths phalanx 1BM, breaking it!
N: Deceiver assaults the Reaver with Maniple 1 support. Could not get that last DC! Reaver kills the Deceiver after 2 rounds of Assault where I couldn't get a single hit through the armour!!!

End of turn 3 
Points 1:1 Necrons hold Blitz, SW have BTS kill. Some serious luck and hail Mary moves by the SW player to keep the game going.... Goes to Turn 4@!
Everything Rallies

Turn 4
Phalanx teleports back to Necron forward objecting but takes 1BM.
SW wins initiative

SW: Thunderbolts ground attack monolith Phalanx killing 1 and breaking them... great!
SW: Retain with reaver marshal shoot Monolith Maniple 1 killing 1 obelisk, 1 monolith. Broken. Regenerates 3 shields. broken monoliths move closer to reaver.
N: Flayed ones assault reaver. flayed ones wiped out... could not get the damn last DC from that reaver! lol should have ignored the stupid thing, its shooting did very little. 
N: warbarque shoots Double Great company SC, 1 BM... are you kidding me!
SW: Double Great company SC to contest Blitz. 1 BM on warbarque
SW: Thunder hawk ground attacks Wraiths, wiping them out.
N: warriors 2 assault through Warbarque wiping out Double Great company SC 
SW: Terminators move and fire at Monolioth Phalanx killing 2...... fantastic

End of turn 4 still 1:1 Necrons control blitz, SW have BTS
On to Turn 5... 
Teleport in remaining monolith from Phalanx on forward objectives, takes a BM = broken
Teleport in Maniple 2 on Necron forward objective
SW wins intiative

SW: Reaver moves to Necron forward objective to contest it and shoots monolith maniple 2.. dead!
SW: fails to retain with terminators. terminators move to contest second Necron forward objective. 
N: Warriors 2 assault terminators portal hopping from warbarque to monolith phalanx. terminators wiped out. 
SW: thunderbolts ground attack warbarque. doing 1BM
N: Warbarque marshals.
SW: thunder hawk ground attacks warriors 2 killing 2 and breaking them.

end of Turn 5.... Still 1:1, Necrons control blitz, SW have BTS. Not much left other than a very damaged reaver, and full strength warbarque, one monolith and a couple of fliers... craziest game I've played in a while. Space Wolves win on points. 

Author:  mordoten [ Tue Mar 27, 2018 6:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Space Wolves vs Necrons 2018 play test

Thanks for the report!

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