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Red Corsairs 3.4.1 vs Emperor's Children (EpicUK)
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Author:  kyussinchains [ Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Red Corsairs 3.4.1 vs Emperor's Children (EpicUK)

had a game against Dptdexys last night, I took the following:

Retinue - warlord, pact, obliterator - 425
Retinue - rhinos, pact - 340
Retinue - rhinos, pact - 340
Chosen - drop pods, pact - 260
Berzerkers - pact - 300
Brass Scorpions - 250
Thunderhawk - 200
Thunderhawk - 200
Strike Cruiser - 200
Hellblades - 200
Hell Talons - 225
6 lesser daemons (+5 from pacts)

He took:

Retinue - warlord, pact, rhinos - 380
Retinue - pact, rhinos - 330
Retinue - pact, dreadclaws - 330
Terminators - champion, pact - 475
Defilers - 275
Slaanesh Knights - 300
Subjugator - 225
Subjugator- 225
Hellblades - 200
7 lesser daemons (+4 from pacts)

I missed a pic of setup, but the corsairs won strategy and activated the spaceship, pie plates hit subjugator and defilers, deathwind killed a rhino from retinue

chosen retained, summoned daemons and engaged retinue

Slaanesh hellblades CAP

Corsairs hell talons fail to activate, defilers single and shuffle towards chosen, breaking them with lots of disrupt hits

now the activation by activation pics dry up....

my hellblades try to strafe the second retinue but are CAP-ed and two shot down

Red corsairs advance En-masse (End of T1 pic)

Terminators teleport in T2 and lose strategy roll, BTS retinue sustains and breaks them with the crossfire blast marker bonus

Basically it then became a big slug fest with us taking it in turns to break formations, crucially the thunderhawk fails to activate to pick the berzerkers up at the end of T2, after they had failed to kill the supcom retinue.... on T3 there was much maneuvreing for objectives but at the end of T3 we ran out of time with the EC 1-0 up, on the countback I think the RC may have edged it but it looked pretty close

Apologies for slacking off with the pics, my battery was getting low and I was enjoying the game!

Author:  Tiny-Tim [ Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Red Corsairs 3.4.1 vs Emperor's Children (EpicUK)

Cool, thanks for the report.

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