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Red Corsairs v3.4.1 vs. LatD REDUX v0.3

 Post subject: Red Corsairs v3.4.1 vs. LatD REDUX v0.3
PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 5:59 pm 
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Had a game against MikeT and his LatD last night, didn't get a photo per activation due to slacking off and enjoying the game....

I took

Retinue - Warlord, pact, obliterator - 425 (BTS)
Retinue - pact, rhinos - 340
Retinue - pact, rhinos - 340
Chosen - pact, rhinos - 230
Chosen - pact, drop pods, dreadnought - 320
Berzerkers - 275
Thunderhawk - 200
Thunderhawk - 200
Strike Cruiser - 200
Hellblades - 200
Hell Talons - 225
4 lesser daemons (+5 from pacts for a total of 9)

Mike took something like

Coven - plague tower
coven - land transports, technical
coven - land transports
cannon of khorne
cannon of khorne
contagion engines
plague zombies
+16? lesser daemons and a great unclean one

Turn 1

as I suspected he would, mike garrisoned his contagions forward on the same side as my BTS, I didn't fancy trying to fight a big coven in the ruins opposite with my podding assets with all that heavy cover so I decided to pod and barrage the woods which turned out to be a lucky move...

we both rolled 1 for the strategy, me losing 2 daemons, mike losing 3, my spaceship activated and hit both covens in the wood killing a chunk of each, the drop pod scattered perfectly between the two and gunned down more of the blue coven, breaking it, the chosen retained and engaged the red/pink coven

they won the combat but lost 2 daemons and the dread in the process, mike CAPed with his doomwings anticipating a berserker assault, instead the hell talons strafed his other blue retinue


the doomwings CAPed but the single hit they scored was saved, the barrage and shooting broke the coven


the plague tower retinue eats the remaining chosen, although the GUO and tower take some damage

<here is where the pictures ran out>

mike managed to kill a rhino from the mechanised chosen with his contagion engines, the chosen marshalled and moved, then one formation of cannons doubled and shot them some more, both subjugators advanced and took pot shots, both mechanised retinues doubled up, the berzerkers engaged the contagions and broke them for no losses but the thunderhawk took a point of damage on the way in, it was then destroyed at the end of the combat phase due to being broken within 15cm of enemy units (I had forgotten about the lack of ATSKNF) but the second one picked them up, the hellblades intercepted the doomwings scoring 5 hits and shooting 2 down

Turn 2

mike remembered his plague zombies and ringed the central retinue with them, taking 5 blast markers, we both rolled a 1 for strategy, losing yet more daemons.... central retinue summoned daemons and engaged the zombies killing 9 stands for no loss, the plague tower coven shoots the leftmost retinue scoring 6 blast markers and a single kill thanks to disrupt, the retinue shoots back killing a couple of stands of infantry, the central subjugator engages the retinue, killing two rhinos, it takes 2 points of damage in return and loses the combat, breaking, like the zombies it refuses to move, the second subjugator engages the BTS and again loses, after taking out the obliterator and a single stand of marines. The BTS marshalls and moves into support fire range. The chosen nearby engage the subjugator and kill it outright before needing support fire.... the thunderhawk fails to activate and stands down, hellblades try to wipe out the broken coven on the left and leave one truck alive, the helltalons shoot something

Turn 3

red corsairs roll a 6 for strategy and gain 3 daemons, left retinue engages the plague tower coven and loses, the red/pink coven summons daemons on the blitz and goes on overwatch as does the cannon of khorne, the hell talons strafe the cannons but all hits are saved, berzerkers kill the contagion engines.... which was a bad mistake as I had left 4 measly stands of the blue coven alive who promptly marched into my half and denied me TSNP, we ran out of time at this point and called it a points victory to the corsairs who had clearly done much more damage



both lists seemed fun and balanced, I like the bean bag nature of the plague tower retinue, although agree the PT should remain at 15cm speed as they are SO damn resilient, I didn't miss the terminators at all in this game really, the berzerkers were a sufficient replacement without being overpowered.... they didn't really have the best targets to get stuck into with all their CC2+ attacks, mostly thanks to my barrage work early in the game doing so much damage

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 Post subject: Re: Red Corsairs v3.4.1 vs. LatD REDUX v0.3
PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 2:21 am 
Brood Brother
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Thank you for the report..

Enjoy the read.



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