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[New] Fir Iolarion 4.2 battle report Vs Steel Legion

 Post subject: [New] Fir Iolarion 4.2 battle report Vs Steel Legion
PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2015 10:59 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Hey everyone, no photos as there was an awful lot of proxy that would have just been confusing.
Anyway, i got a game prior to release of the list which you can see the thread for the new Fir Iolarion list here-
http://www.taccmd.tacticalwargames.net/ ... 24&t=30425

Fir Iolarion 4.2 battle report Vs Steel Legion

List I took

Phantom, Sup com, Tremor cannon, Titan pulsar
Phantom, 2x titan pulsars
Revenant with sonic lances
Revenant with pulse lasers
War walkers
War walkers
Phoenix bombers

My opponent had

Mech inf sup com with 3 russ
3 x shadowsword formation
10 russ formation

Game was standard deployment and the Eldar win the strategy.

.:TURN 1:.

E: Phantom #2 doubles, shooting at shadowsword formation, 4 hits, 1 kill and 1 DC on another 5BM
SL: Thunderbolts fail to activate for a CAP
E: War Walkers#1 double up behind cover
SL: Basilisk#1 sustain fire on phantom#1 1 hit, saved, 1BM
E: War Walker#2 moving up behind cover
SL: Shadowswords fail to over watch, sup com re roll and pass.
E: Phantom #1 double move up and shoot at russ / hydra#1 formations. Titan pulsar 2 hits, 2 kills, Tremor cannon hits 8 under template, 5 hits on russ 3 on hydras. 3 hydras killed and 1 russ dead. 5 BM on Leman Russ.

SL: Basilisk #2 sustain fire on Revenant #1 – hits 1BM
E: Phoenix bombers fail ground attack on Leman Russ, sup com reroll passes.
4 hits from BP – 3 hits with disrupt, 3 hits with pulsars, 0 kills breaks Leman russ and they double away behind cover.
SL: Sentinels #2 fail activate and Marshall.
E: Revenant 1 Double move and shoot at broken russ, 6 under template 1 hit saved, 2 kills to BM’s

SL: Sentinel #1 Double towards Revenant #1 – hits 1BM
E: Revenant #2 Double at Sentinels #2, 1 dead 2BM

SL: Hydras #2 advance at Revenant #1, 1 hit, saved.
SL: Mech Inf engage on Revenant #1, Revenant does 2 hits in FF, 2 kills. SL FF 5 hits, 1 wound and support fire does 3 hits, saved. Ended up 2-6 SL favor, dice rolled, Revenant breaks and doubles.

Phoenix leave opponents board edge.
Phantom #2 & #1 both rally.
Rev #1 fails remains broken

Russ fail to rally
Shadowsowrd pass clearing 4 BM
Sentinels 2 rally 2 BM
Mech inf rally 2 BM

.:TURN 2:.
Eldar win the Strat

E: Revenant#2 advance on shadowswords, 1 wound & crit, breaks Shadowswords, double.
SL: Basilisk #2 sustain on Phantom #1, 1hit saved.
E: Phantom #1 sustain on Mech Inf, tremor cannon gets 12 hits, 5 dead inf, 2 dead Chimera, Pulsar kills another Chimera for a total of 14 BM (disrupt)
SL: Mech Inf Marshall move 5 BM removed
E: Phantom #2 advance on hydras, 1 dead unit broken
SL: Thunderbolts on CAP
E: Phoenix bombers ground attack on russ, Thunderbolts activate CAP on bombers, Eldar flak AA successfully kills 1 from Phoenix bombers and another from Phantom #2 AA
Phoenix bombers do nothing to russ, 1BM
SL: Sentinels #1 triple towards enemy BLITZ
E: War Walkers#1 advance on sentinels #2, 0 hits, 1BM
SL: Basilisk #2 fail to activate sustain on phantom, direct fire 2 hits, both saved. 1BM.
E: War Walkers #2 Advance on sentinels #1 1 hit, killed, broken.
SL: Sentinels #2 engage Revenant #2, Revenant – 0hits, Sentinels -2hits and 0 wounds, ends up 0-1 in SL favor, Revenant wins resolution by 2, killing 2, breaking formation leaving fearless commissar.
Shadowswords rally, Mech inf & Basilisk #2 rally BM for Steel Legion
Broken revenant rallies, everything else clears BM
.:TURN 3:.
Eldar win strategy again!

E: Phantom#2 Doubles, 3 hits, kills last shadowsword
SL: Basilisk 2 sustains on War Walkers#1, 2 hits, 2 kills, breaks formation.
E: War Walkers #2 advance on sentinels #1, 2 hits, 2 kills, broken formation
SL: Basilisk sustain on War Walkers#2, 2 hits, 2 kills, broken formation
E: Revenant#2 advance at basilisk#2 killing 3, formation deleted.
SL: Mech infantry advance on phantom #1, 0 hits. 1BM
E: Phantom #1 Advance on Mech inf, killing 1 Chimera & 2 infantry
E: Revenant #1 firing on Mech inf, 2 chimera hit, 1 killed 1 russ hit, saved.
E: Phoenix bombers fire Mech inf, killing 2 russ, breaks formation
Rally mech inf, hydra and sentinels#1
Nothing rallies.

End of game results.
Eldar achieve - T&H, BLITZ
Steel Legion achieve – 0
Victory points
Steel legion – 300pts
Eldar -1600pts

Thanks for reading.
Should you get the time, i'd really love to see some play testing of this eldar titan list, its going to be a tough list to balance and make enjoyable to play against.
Any feedback & constructive criticism is greatly appreciated over at the lists main thread.

Cheers guys!

Epic hobby blog

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 Post subject: Re: [New] Fir Iolarion 4.2 battle report Vs Steel Legion
PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2015 12:00 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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Thanks for the Batrep Fudd. It was a strong showing for the pixie titans first up ;)


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