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AMTL 3.22+ vs. Codex Marines
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Author:  Vaaish [ Fri May 23, 2014 11:19 pm ]
Post subject:  AMTL 3.22+ vs. Codex Marines

Lists used:

AMTL v3.22+
Warlord (PD, LB, 2xLasBurner) 850
Warlord (2xQuake, CLP, LasBurner, CML) 925
Warlord (2xQuake, CLP, LasBurner, CML) 925
Thunderbolts 150
Thunderbolts 150

Codex Marines:
Tactical 275
Devastator, 2 razorback 350
Devastator, 2 razorback 350
Pred Annihilator 250
Pred Annihilator 250
Pred Annihilator 250
Land raiders 325
Thunderbolt 175
Thunderbolt 175
Land speeders 200
Land speeders 200
Bikes 200

Note, I don't have good photos but I'll get the locations at the start of each turn put together in Vassal.

Speeders garrison forward objectives on Marine half.

Turn 1:
Marines win Strat Roll, Force AMTL to go first
AMTL Tbolts A: Fail to activate
Marine Tbolts A: CAP
AMTL Tbolts B: CAP
Marine Tactical: Overwatch around Marine BTS
AMTL Warlord 1: Fails to activate, holds, regroups and remove BM
Marine Bikes: March to AMTL Objective in upper part of the table
AMTL Warlord 2: doubles, Fires Quake on Speeders 01, catches all 5, hits and kills one speeder
Marine Pred01 Activates, marches up near bikes
AMTL Warlord 3: activates, marches
Marine Pred 02: activates, marches
Marine Pred 03: activates, Marches
Marine Land Raiders: activate, march
Marine Devs 01: Activate, march
Marine Tbolt B: Ground attacks
AMTL Tbolts B: intercept, 2 hits, no saves. Marine Tbolt B destoryed
Marine Devs 02 activate, march
Marine Speeders 01: marshall, Remove all BM
Marine Speeders 02: activate, double claim crossfire on Warlord 3 (wooo...), one hit, one shield dropped

Turn One end phase:
AMTL Warlord 3: rallies, removes BM and recharges shield.

Turn Two:
Marines win strategy roll
Marines Speeders 2: sustain warlord 3, Three hits, 3 shields removed
Marines retain
Marines Pred 02: advance and fire on warlord 2, Three hits, remaining shields stripped
AMTL Warlord 2: Advances, fires on Speeders 01 catch 4 under templates, one hit, one speeder dies.
Marines Speeders 01: Hold, moves
AMTL Warlord 1: Holds, fires on speeders 02, catches 2 kills one
Marines Land Raiders: activate, advance, fire on warlord 3 claim crossfire (woo...). Three hits. Warlord fails all saves and rerolls, one critical, and breaks. Withdraws forward to T&H obj 2 on marine half of the table.
Marines retain
Marines Pred 03: sustain on broken warlord, 9 hits, warlord saves all but one.
AMTL Warlord 1: advances slightly to fire on bikes while still holding blitz. 4 bikes destroyed, formation breaks and stays in place.
Marine Tbolt B: stand down
AMTL Tbolt A: stand down
Marines Devs 02: Holds, Shoots at broken warlord 3, scores 3 hits, Warlord 3 saves 2. has 3 DC remaining.
AMTL Tbolts B: ground attack bikes and wipes them out
Marines Tacticals: remain on OW at blitz
Marines Devs 01: sustain on Warlord 3. Three hits, 2 saved. Warlord 3 has 2 DC.

Turn Two End Phase:
Marines Speeders 01 rally
AMTL Warlord 03 fails to rally, moves to T&H Obj 03, regens one shield and repairs reactor
Marines Speeders 02 rally

Turn Three:
Marines win strategy roll
Marines Land Raiders: sustain on warlord 3, 5 hits. All saves and rerolls wiffed and Warlord 3 hands BTS to marines.
AMTL Warlord 2: actives, doubles, fires on devs 01, 5 hits, 5 kills, Dev 01 breaks and retreats to obj 02. Manages to lose razorback to a failed terrain test leaving a single infantry stand huddled in the ruins.
Marines Tbolt B: go on cap
AMTL Tbolt A: stands down, clears BM
Marine Speeders 01: advance to T&H obj2
AMTL Warlord 1: advances, fires on speeders 01, 4 hits with Laser Blaster, no saves. Speeders 01 is wiped out.
Marines Speeders 2: activate and advances to reclaim obj02.
AMTL TBolt B: stand down

With no more activations to shift the Marines off either T&H objective, the game is called.
Marines win 2/0 (T&H BTS)

This was a different list for me. I wanted to see how a three Warlord list would handle and I'd banked on them being able to shrug off most of the firepower thrown at them. It almost worked, except for the amazingly poor performance on saving throws. I feel hadn't lost the warlord t3 I'd have had a chance of snagging BTS at least.

CLP and quakes actually felt fairly weak, but that's likely due to the impressive failure to hit anything. I felt I'd have been better with a different load out on the warlords. The Plasma Destructor felt fine. It hit hard one turn but that was it.

File comment: End Game
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File comment: Turn 3 Start
t3Start.jpg [ 164.32 KiB | Viewed 559 times ]
File comment: Turn 2 Start
t2Start.jpg [ 165.57 KiB | Viewed 559 times ]
File comment: Turn 1 start, after deployment
t1Start.jpg [ 163.68 KiB | Viewed 559 times ]

Author:  Tiny-Tim [ Sat May 24, 2014 8:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AMTL 3.22+ vs. Codex Marines

Thanks for the report. Were you playing short edge to short edge?

Author:  Vaaish [ Sat May 24, 2014 7:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AMTL 3.22+ vs. Codex Marines

Yeah, the game was short edge to short edge. We've always allowed it as an option along with corners and long edges.

Author:  mordoten [ Sun May 25, 2014 1:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AMTL 3.22+ vs. Codex Marines

So houseruling certain things is okay for providing battlereports?

Author:  Vaaish [ Sun May 25, 2014 1:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AMTL 3.22+ vs. Codex Marines

Depends on what it is. I believe Onyx's group has some house rules for LOS (I'm sure someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's TLOS) and I haven't heard of any batreps being rejected though I could be wrong. In the report above, it could have just as easily been corners deployment and wouldn't have changed a thing about the way the battle played out. In the end, it's up to the ERC to say if it's too much.

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