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Iron Warrior V2/V3 battle reports (lots of photos).
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Author:  Onyx [ Wed Sep 18, 2013 1:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Iron Warrior V2/V3 battle reports (lots of photos).

This thread is for players to record their games using the NetEA Iron Warriors list.
Version 2 3 is the most up to date list.
See HERE for details.

Don't feel that you have to include photos but a clear report of how thhe game played and the outcome would be appreciated.

3K SM vs IW (V1)
2K SL vs IW (1.0a)
4K White Scars V’s Iron Warriors (V2.5)
3K Blood Angels vs. Iron Warriors (V2.5)
4K Necron Sautekh Expansion (0.3) vs IW (V3)
4K Necron Sautekh Expansion (0.3) vs IW (V3)
4K Necron Sautekh Expansion (0.3) vs IW (V3)
3K AMTL vs IW (V3)
4K Dark Angels vs IW (V3)


Author:  Onyx [ Wed Sep 18, 2013 2:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Iron Warrior V2 battle reports.

15th September 2013 – Iron Warriors vs Codex Marines
3000 points

Frosthammer and I managed to get a couple of test games in.
My Iron Iron Warriors (using V2) took on the Raptor Space Marines (using the Codex Astartes list).

The Iron Warriors:
- DEFILER ASSAULT GROUP [250] 4 Defilers
- DEFILER ASSAULT GROUP [250] 4 Defilers
- DEFILER ASSAULT GROUP [250] 4 Defilers
- IRON WARRIOR TERMINATORS [275] Iron Warriors Lord, 4 Iron Warrior Terminator
- CHOSEN [125] 4 Chaos Space Marine Scouts
- HAVOC COMPANY [400] 4 Havocs and 2 Land Raiders, Stalker, Warsmith (Supreme Commander)
- ARMOURED COMPANY [400] 7 Chaos Predator, Stalker
- HELLBLADE FLIGHT [200] 3 Fighters

The Raptor Space Marines:
- TACTICAL DETACHMENT [450] 6 Tacticals, Supreme Commander, Rhinos, Hunter (BTS)
- DEVASTATOR DETACHMENT [350] 4 Devastators, 2 Dreadnought
- TERMINATOR DETACHMENT [400] 4 Terminators, Captain
- TERMINATOR DETACHMENT [400] 4 Terminators, Chaplain
- TERMINATOR DETACHMENT [350] 4 Terminators
- LAND SPEEDERS [200] 5 Landspeeder
- WHIRLWINDS [300] 4 Whirlwinds
- THUNDERBOLT FIGHTERS [175] 2 Thunderbolts
- THUNDERBOLT FIGHTERS [175] 2 Thunderbolts

The board at the beginning of the game. The Raptors had chosen corner deployment.

Turn 1.
No teleporting.
Marines win the Strategy Roll and place one of the Thunderbolt Squadrons on CAP.
The Iron Warriors move forward cautiously.

Imperial Navy Thunderbolts attack the Chosen Scout formation destroying a stand and placing 2 blast markers.

The Thunderbolts are shot at (by the Ordinatus) during their disengagement move and one is destroyed.
All Iron Warrior formations rally.

Turn 2.
No teleporting.
Marines win the strategy roll.
The lone Thunderbolt fails to activate and stands down (clearing it’s BM’s).

The Chaos Hellblade fighters go on CAP.
Seeing the Iron Warriors begin to head for the objectives, the Thunderhawk drops it’s load of Devastators and Dreadnoughts on the objective in the woods. The Hellblades CAP the Thunderhawk but do no damage for the loss of 1 fighter.

The Iron Warrior Chosen formation moves to keep a scout screen around the Ordinatus.

The Marine Whirlwinds advanced to get into a better position for turn 3.

Turn 3.
Iron Warrior Terminators teleport into the center of the board on top of an objective.
2 detachments of Marine Terminators teleport in near the Chaos Terminators and Decimator.
Another detachment of Marine Terminators teleport in near the Chaos Predators and Defilers.
Marines win the strategy roll.

Marine Terminators wipe out the Chaos Terminators. Retaining the initiative, more Marine Terminators engage the Decimator super-heavy tank and destroy it.

Chaos Defilers move to firefight the un-activated Marine Terminators. With supporting fire from the Predators, the Marine Terminators are wiped out for no loss. The Defilers consolidate onto the nearby objective being guarded by the Devastators.
The Ordinatus opens fire on the Devastators in the woods and kills several stands, breaking the formation.

The Marine Land Speeders double across the board and attack a Defiler formation, placing a blast marker.
The Iron Warrior Predators advance on the Whirlwinds and destroy 2 of them.
Thunderbolts ground attack the Defilers and kill 1 of them, breaking the formation.
The Iron Warrior Havocs (and Warsmith) and Defilers double forwards now that the Terminators are all in play. They had been guarding the Ordinatus from Terminator assaults.
The Marine Tactical detachment (with Supreme Commander) advances to claim 2 objectives
At the end of turn 3, the Iron Warriors have 1 Victory Goal (Defend the Flag) to the Marines none. Onto turn 4.

Turn 4.
No teleporting.
Iron Warriors win the Strategy Roll.
Fortune smiled on the Iron Warriors and they took advantage.

Thunderbolts strafe the Defilers holding the objective in the woods but only place a blast marker.
The Havocs advance on the Land Speeders and destroy them. They spread out to claim 2 objectives.

The Marine Tactical detachment goes on Overwatch to deter any advance on the Marine objectives they are guarding.
At the end of turn 4, the Iron Warriors have 2 Victory Goals (Defend the Flag and They Shall Not Pass) to none.
Chaos wins!

Frosthammer was fine with the V2 list changes but he mentioned that Defilers felt under-priced for their abilities.


Author:  mordoten [ Wed Sep 18, 2013 11:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Iron Warrior V2 battle reports (lots of photos).

I thought you could only teleport 1 detachment per side every turn?

Thanks for a great report!

Author:  Ginger [ Wed Sep 18, 2013 11:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Iron Warrior V2 battle reports (lots of photos).

Agreed it is a fantastic report and a good game.
Interesting comment about the Defilers as well.

And on Teleporting, each side may teleport as many formations as they like. However where both sides wish to teleport (as here) they should use a strategy roll to decide, the winner dictating who teleports first with the players alternating until they either run out of formations or "pass".

Author:  dptdexys [ Thu Sep 19, 2013 7:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Iron Warrior V2 battle reports (lots of photos).

very enjoyable report, as always.

Ginger wrote:
And on Teleporting, each side may teleport as many formations as they like. However where both sides wish to teleport (as here) they should use a strategy roll to decide, the winner dictating who teleports first with the players alternating until they either run out of formations or "pass".

The official way to sort out teleporting order is higher strategy chooses to go 1st or 2nd and then alternate.
1.4.2 Abilities Used At Start Of
Some units have special abilities that are
specified as taking effect at the beginning of the
turn. These effects are resolved before the
Strategy roll. Similarly, abilities that are used at
the start of an action can be taken before the
Initiative roll is made or the action chosen. If
both players have effects for the beginning of the
turn, take turns resolving them, alternating
between players for each subsequent effect until
all effects are resolved. The player with the
higher strategy rating decides which player will
go first.

Author:  Onyx [ Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Iron Warrior V2 battle reports (lots of photos).

We've always played teleporting as described by dptdexys.

Cheers for the kind words guys!

Author:  Chazrael [ Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Iron Warrior V2 battle reports (lots of photos).

Just posted another (delayed) battle report in the battle report section
Not as pretty as yours though!

2-0 loss vs NetEA Steel Legion. I suspect the loss was due to poor play rather than problems with the list.

Interesting comments about the defilers, will include some in my next game.

Author:  jimmyzimms [ Wed Sep 25, 2013 5:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Iron Warrior V2 battle reports (lots of photos).

Lovely battle and scenery. Inspiring to look at (as always)


Where'd you get that awesome wall? Got some resin bits (probably recast) from a random lot of stuff that has some of those in it but I need more. :D

Author:  Onyx [ Thu Sep 26, 2013 1:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Iron Warrior V2 battle reports (lots of photos).

Thanks for the report Chazrael!
I need to make a note in the upgrades section that Chaos Vindicators are 0-3. Your list is fine, I just need to clarify things in the PDF.
I was hoping we could keep all battle-reports in this thread (easier to find and compare notes if everything is in one place). Don't worry about how pretty things are ;) .
Looking forward to seeing more games.

The walls came from Armorcast. These walls have really annoyed players at certain times (me included) and sometimes, they are gold!

Author:  Frosthammer [ Fri Sep 27, 2013 4:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Iron Warrior V2 battle reports (lots of photos).

those wretched walls, bane of my Squats :D

didnt feel the list was unbalanced overall...my only issue was the Defilers cost...when i look at units for similar cost the Defilers are much more versatile...they have a good save plus invulnerable, good ranged attack and good CC attack as well...honestly i would happily build a list of almost all Defilers and i think it would be a real b#%@h to fight...especially in the hands of someone like Onyx...

Author:  jimmyzimms [ Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Iron Warrior V2 battle reports (lots of photos).

For clarification, Frosthammer, are you saying you think they might be undercosted or that they need more restrictions to field?

Author:  Onyx [ Wed Oct 16, 2013 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Iron Warrior V2 battle reports (lots of photos).

13th October 2013 – Iron Warriors vs Codex Marines

The Iron Warriors:
IRON WARRIOR TERMINATORS [275] Iron Warriors Lord, 4 Iron Warrior Terminator
CHOSEN [125] 4 Chaos Space Marine Scouts
HAVOC COMPANY [400] 4 Havocs and 2 Land Raiders, Stalker, Warsmith (Supreme Commander)
ARMOURED COMPANY [400] 7 Chaos Predator, Stalker
HELLTALON FLIGHT [225] 2 Fighterbombers

The Minotaur Codex Marines (from Memory):
TACTICAL DETACHMENT [350] 6 Tacticals, Rhinos, Land Raider
TACTICAL DETACHMENT [300] 6 Tacticals, Rhinos, Razorback
DEVASTATOR DETACHMENT [400] 4 Devastators, 2 Land Raider
SCOUT DETACHMENT [175] 4 Scouts, Rhinos, Razorback
LAND SPEEDERS [200] 5 Landspeeder
LAND SPEEDERS [200] 5 Landspeeder
LAND RAIDERS [400] 4 Land Raiders, Hunter
PREDATORS [325] 4 Destructor, Hunter
PREDATORS [250] 4 Annihilator
VINDICATORS [225] 4 Vindicators
SCOUT DETACHMENT [175] 4 Scouts, Rhinos, Razorback

Deployment on turn one (the Scout Marines in the bottom right had already moved before I took the photo).

Turn 1
No Teleports.
Strategy roll goes to the Marines – they give the Iron Warriors the first activation.
The Marine Devastator Detachment doubles forward and shoots the Defilers – killing 1 and breaking them.
The broken Defilers move next to the hill in the middle of the board.
The Chaos Hell Talons attack a Scout Marine formation. Retaining, a Defiler formation goes on Overwatch.
Scout Marines retain and Engage the broken Defilers. They are hit by Overwatch fire and a Rhino is destroyed.
The Scout Marines win the engagement killing a Defiler – the (Fearless) broken Defiler moves further across the board and hides behind a building.
A Landspeeder formation doubles and catches the Chaos Predators in a crossfire – killing one of them.
The other Landspeeder formation doubles and breaks the Chaos Predators.
The Marine Land Raiders double forward – destroying two Defilers and breaking them.
The Chaos Chosen Marines Advance.
A Marine Tactical Formation doubles forwards and kills a stand of Chosen Chaos Marines.
Vindicators March across the the board ready for turn 2.
Tactical Marines Double along the road and open fire on the Decimator.

Rally phase
The Helltalons are shot at by a Hunter as they withdraw which downs one of the planes.
Marine Predator Annihilators fail to rally and pull back towards the Marine Blitz objective.
Other Marine formations rally.
The single Broken Defiler fails to rally.
All other Iron Warrior formations rally.
Things are looking bad for the Chaos forces as they’ve been pushed back with the Marines in good position for turn 2.

Turn 2
Iron Warrior Terminators Teleport in near the Marine Blitz objective (hoping to try and draw some heat from the Marines and also to threaten the Blitz objective).
Strategy roll goes to the Marines.
The Vindicators double towards the Chaos Blitz and strip 2 Void shields off the Ordinatus (also moving into a great position to support an engagement against two intermingled Chaos formations).
The Marines attempt to retain on a 2+ to engage the Intermingled Defilers and Decimator but roll a 1.
The Marine Predator Destructors moved into position to support another intermingled engagement.
Unfortunately, the Marines rolled another 1 when trying to retain with Landspeeders (fortune was shinning on the Chaos forces and gave them a chance to turn the tide of the battle).
The Devastator Detachment doubles and places a blast marker on the Chaos Predators.
The Chaos Predators double and attack a Scout Marine Detachment.
Another Marine Scout Detachment fails to activate and makes a single move.
Defilers engage the Vindicators in close combat and kill 2 of them and break them.
The Marine Land Raiders Marshall and place another blast marker on some Defilers.
Havocs Sustain fire on the Land Speeders and wipe them out.
The Terminators Engage the nearby broken Predators and destroy them, consolidating back into cover (near the Marine Blitz objective).
The lone Helltalon fails to activate.

Rally phase
The Marine Vindicators don’t rally.
All other Marine formations rally.
All Chaos formations rally.
Turn 2 had seen the Iron Warriors break through the Marine lines (with some very good fortune it must be said).

Turn 3
No teleports.
Iron Warriors win the strategy roll.
The Havocs sustain fire on the Predator Destructors and break them.
Retaining, the Chaos Predators sustain fire on the Devastator Detachment and break it.
The Marines finally get to make the intermingled Engagement on the Defilers and Decimator. The Decimator is destroyed and the Marines win the assault. The broken Defilers move in between the Land Raiders and the nearest objective. Unfortunately the Marines cannot consolidate onto any nearby objectives.
The Ordinatus sustains fire on a Scout Detachment placing many blast markers but not breaking the formation.
The Scout Detachment moves onto an objective.
The Chosen Marines place a blast marker on the Marine Land Raiders.
Unfortunately, the last Marine formation (a battered Tactical Detachment) fails to activate and makes a single 15cm move.
The Iron Warrior Terminators move onto the Marine Blitz to claim it.
The lone Defiler doubles over to another objective on the Marine side of the board to claim it.

A really interesting game with a big swing in the fortunes of each army.
Many thanks to Glyn (and commiserations for appalling dice rolls in turn 2 which shaped the outcome).

After the game, Glyn also mentioned the Defilers as an issue.
I'm going to try out the Defilers at either 275pts per formation or making them a 2+ activation (rather than 1+ as they are now).
Hopefully, this will help balance things (Steve54 - PM coming soon). I really want to keep them as a core formation for the Iron Warriors.


Author:  Chazrael [ Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Iron Warrior V2 battle reports (lots of photos).

Another IW vs SL battle report for you. Apologies for the huge post

IW (v2) - 3000

IW SC, Stalker (400) BTS
IW Stalker (350)
Defiler Assault group + 1 vindicator (285)
Defiler Assault group + 1 vindicator (285)
Artillery Battery + emplacements (325)
Cruiser (150)
Dreadnought pack + dreadclaws (250)
Dreadnought pack + dreadclaws (250)
Dreadnought pack + dreadclaws (250)
Dreadnought pack + dreadclaws (250)
Hellblade flight (200)

Thought I'd try something a little more extreme than my usual lists, trying to stretch the army list a bit.
IW formations (with stalkers) garrison on overwatch trying to pen the enemy in ready for the drop. SC placed on "safer" objective.
Wanted to try defilers as haven't used them yet. Took one vindicator to bulk the formation out a bit as 4 strong formations look a bit fragile (would have liked more but ran out of points, also noticed no stalker option).
One artillery battery (couldn't bring myself not to have one). Will be useful hitting fragile support formations or prepping assaults.
One flight of hellblades for AA work and harrasment
Finally a cruiser full of fearless dreadnoughts in drop pods. I'm interested to see how that many Armoured Vehicles being dropped will work as AT firepower is usually weaker than AP (massed landraiders aside).

Steel Legion (Tournament pack 2013) - 3000

Reg HQ + Hydra (commissar) (550)
Mech Inf + Hellhounds (commissar) (525)
Tank company + Hydra + Hellhounds (commissar) (825) BTS
Inf Company + Fire support (commissar) (350)
Sentinels (commissar) (100)
Sentinels (commissar) (100)
Artillery Battery (Bombards) (250)
Thunderbolt (150)
Thunderbolt (150)

Objectives and deployment
IW choose corner deployment taking the bottonm right putting SL in top left. Based on problems in previous games wanted to try and restrict SL fire lanes. Less concerned about IW fire lanes as shorter ranges or barrage.
IW place blitz right in corner to maximise distance and reduce approach angles, SL do the same
IW place next objective as close as possible to blitz to reduce area dreadnoughts will be fighting for. (As a bonus this looks like some sort of control building for the factory).
SL place one objective on left, want to use unit number advantage so try to force IW to spread out.
IW place last objective on far right to try and force some SL away from main target, probably won't make any effort for this obj (unless its undefended)
SL place last objective fairly centrally planning to push tank through open ground and this objective onto blitz (quite a distance so may need to force extra turns).
IW declare cruiser to arrive turn 2 (hoping to either catch SL spread out after one turn of movement or to delay their advance.
Dreadnoughts to drop at (7,15) ,(15,7), (35,30), (25,35)
Bomardment centered on (7,7) all relative to top left corner.
Plan to put pressure on both objectives. Bombardment hopefully clearing blitzkrieg objective allowing dreadnoughts to face outwards towards SL

IW garrison IW company on rightmost objective.
SL garrison infantry company in buildings by left objective. Wanted to avoid deploying in open as only have a cover save when on overwatch.
IW garrison IW SC formation on left objective
SL deploy sentinel B unit on right objective to stop any march games

Normal deployment
IW deploy basilisks on their blitzkrieg
SL deploy sentinel A near blitzkrieg and near objective laying down ZoC
IW deploy defiler B ready to support drop
SL deploy bombards threatening both IW garrisons
IW deploy second defiler A on right flank to threaten other objective
SL deploy tank co and mech co on right flank to push at IW, SC on left ready to reinforce thier own blitz if needed or press forward if safe. All slightly spaced to try and reduce impact of basilisks.


Turn 1
SL win initiative (8 to 7)
SL bombards, unused to not being immediately shelled, sustain at IW SC, killing two stands but missing the SC and the attached stalker.
SL sustain with thunderbolt a ground attacking IW basilisks, killing 1 basilisk, breaking them.
Good start for SL although killing the stalker in the IW SC would have given the Thunderbolts a safe exit route (assuming they survive the hellblades).
IW hellblades intercept thunderbolt A. Take a risk and frontally attack thundebolt A so as to force thunderbolt B if/when they intercept to either fly through stalker flak or attack hellblades from front. Alternative was to outflank thunderbolt A but leave themselves open to outflank by thunderbolt B.
Thunderbolt A kills 1 in defensive fire. Hellblades then kill both thunderbolts despite jinks.
SL Thunderbolt B intercepts hellblades engaging with rockets only from outside hellblades range, killing both remaining hellblades despite jinks! (unlucky saves by hellblades here).
IW IW co on right go on overwatch again
SL sentinel A on blitz go on overwatch
IW defiler B march into built up area
SL inf co go back on overwatch
IW IW SC marshalls removing all markers
SL sentinel B advance toward centre of board, firing at IW co, no hits 1 bm.
IW defilers A double into woods, firing on sentinel B (did think about firing battlecannons at tanks but decided little benefit from 4 shots, might have tried it if SL SC reroll had been used this turn). Kill 2, breaking the sentinels. Sentinels fall back behind rocks. IW now out of activations
SL tank co doubles towards IW co who overwatch, 11 shots, no hits! placing 1 bm, tank co return fire, lascannons and vanquisher firing at vehicles, everything else firing at foot. Stalker is hit twice and killed, 8 hits on inf (would have been 5 if still in cover) killing 6! (lord and 1 havoc survive). Formation broken. They retreat out of sight.
SL mech inf march onto freshly cleared objective, disembarking into cover (either base contact with vehicles or actual cover).
SL SC advances down road towards defiler B and disembark firing at defilers. 2 hits. killing the vindicator


End phase
Thunderbolt B on intercept leave off their won board edge managing to avoid flak by doubling back on themselves
SL tank co rallies removing blast marker, broken sentinel B fail even with SC reroll.
IW defiler A rally removing 1bm, broken IW co and basilisks fail even with SC reroll.

Turn 2
SL retain initiative! (8 vs 5). This is really good for SL
SL mech doubles onto IW blitz firing at remaining basilisks, no hits, kills 1 for shooting at broken formation
SL retain initiative, SC sustains on defiler B, 3 hits, 2 kills breaking them
IW desperate to turn the tide the IW call for their space support which arrives (it was probably game over if this had failed).
Bombardment kills 1 sentinel from sentinel A
Dreadclaws arrive, all are pushed back by ZoC, those arriving near blitz are pushed further by sentinels than those arriving near infantry co.
Dreadnoughts disembark.
SL overwatch fire at disembarking dradnoughts.
Inf co fires at formation nearest SL SC, 1 hit, no kills
Sentinels by blitz fire at leftmost sentinels, no hits
IW retain initiative, SC, concerned by tank co goes on overwatch (to pick up cover if nothing else)
SL Tank advance towards IW SC. IW decline overwatch to keep the cover modifier (cover modifier stopped 6 hits, although there would have been less shots incoming). Tank co fires at them, 7hits, killing 3 and breaking them.
IW northmost dreadnoughts sustain at inf co, killing 2
IW retain, eastmost dreads engaging inf co.
IW 8 hits!, 8kills (MW attacks)
SL counter attack, 4 hits, 1kill
IW support fire, southern dreadnoughts, 5 shots, 1 hit, 0kills.
SL support fire, bombards 1 shot, 1 hits, Reg HQ, 3 shots 1 hits, 1 kill total
Combat res IW, 5 (dice) +8 (cas) + 2 (bm factors) SL, 3(dice)+2 (cas) + 2(outnumbering) +1(commissar)
IW win by 7 which is enough to completely wipe out inf co. Surving dreads advance towards objective.
SL Thunderbolts ground attack IW SC, killing stalker and one havoc and wiping out formation through blast markers. (should warlord have got inv save againt these hits?). BTS acheived by SL.
IW western dreads sustain st reg hq, targeting infantry killing 3. (would have retained here but 3+ with no reroll is risky, no real need as SC has already activated).
SL bombards marshall, moving away and removing blast marker
IW southern dreads attempt to engage reg hq. All make it into base contact.
IW 7 hits, 7 kills (MW attacks)
SL 7 hits, 3kills
No support fire
Combat res IW 5(dice)+7(cas)+1(bm) SL, 2(dice)+3(cas)+2(outnumbering)+1(inspiring)
IW win by 5 (hackdown hits kill SC). Reg HQ withdraws into a nearby building.
IW dreads take 3 bm from casulties and break.
SL out of activations
IW unbroken defilers A advance. Shuffle round in woods and fire at tank co. 1 hits no kills.


End phase.
Thunderbolts leave from their own table edge.
SL Both sentinels rally, remains of reg hq rally, tank co rallies
IW basilisk rallies, IW co rallies, defilers rally, broken dreads rally, eastern dreads fail, western dreads rally

IW win initative.
IW western dreadnoughts engage sentinel A. 2 reach b2b. all sentinels killed in return for no hits. Consolidate towards blitz.
IW retain. Northern dreadnoughts advance towards bombards, firing at them, 2 hits, 1 kill, 1 breaking them. (logic here was to neutralise only SL formation capable of hitting multiple formations, both southern and eastern dreadnoughts are very brittle at the moment).
Game called at 3-2 victory to SL (Take & Hold, Blitzkrieg and Break Thier Spirit vs Take & hold, Blitzkreig).


I've not played a drop army before, which probably shows. Certainly learned a lot. Some good dice for the SL certainly didn't help!
I'm not sure I'd focus on the blitz objective again as it leaves the dropped troops unsupported, although the 20 dreadnoughts did pretty well. With a turn 2 drop your initial forces need to be numerous and resilient (maybe focus on land raiders and infantry rather than defilers?).

Playtest feedback
The defiler formations didn't seem unreasonable at the current cost (they do look odd as cheaper for a formation than as an upgrade). They're quite fragile without any upgrades and don't get any resilient (ie reinforced armour) upgrades so will always be a fragile formation. I may still be adjusting to E:A here as most formations feel fragile to me (40k and Flames of War background)
The cruiser full of dreadnoughts I'd use again. I'm assuming the dreadclaws are reasonably balanced as they're in use in the black legion list.
I'm not aware of any lists that can do a full drop of AV's which might be worth keeping an eye on (Tau in particular as they won't want to assault 20 dreadnoughts!). I'd like to keep it as an option as it seems fitting and their aren't many formations in the list that can be dropped (which is a clever bit of design).

Planning on doing another game although may adjust lists slightly.

EDIT : Corrected image tags

Author:  Onyx [ Sun Nov 17, 2013 5:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Iron Warrior V2 battle reports (lots of photos).

Thanks for the report Chazrael :)

A really interesting Iron Warrior list! I wish I had enough Dreadnoughts to have a go at something like this ;D
A few points:
- From memory (haven't checked the rules though) starting the game, Garrisoned on Overwatch provides infantry out in the open a -1 to-hit modifier when shot at. I don't believe going on Overwatch by itself provides the same to-hit modifier.

- It's only the extra attack on the Dreadnought Power Fist that is Macro Weapon. The base attack is normal.

- Invulnerable Saves cannot be used on hits form Hack Down. Only Fearless protects in that situation.

The Defilers will be increased to 275pts for 4 as a core formation. I have already edited the Armyforge Army Builder list and will be submitting it to Adam77 as soon as possible.

Many thanks for the report and your thoughts, it is greatly appreciated!
I hope to see more soon 8)

Author:  Spectrar Ghost [ Sun Nov 17, 2013 6:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Iron Warrior V2 battle reports (lots of photos).

Infantry on Overwatch always get a 5+ cover save and the attendant to hit modifier. See Terrain Effects: Open Ground (EA 1.8.4).

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