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Death Guard discussion
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Author:  The_Real_Chris [ Wed Jul 23, 2008 9:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Death Guard discussion

Speaking personally its dead easy for me to make Death Guard Legionnaires and Plague marine stands distinctive. But I've got 1st ed plague marine stands and 3rd ed one, as well as 3rd ed marines.

But generally I follow the format of got a heavy weapon its a Legionnaire, no got its a plague marine.

Author:  Lord Inquisitor [ Wed Jul 23, 2008 9:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Death Guard discussion

I don't see a major issue with "Death Guard Legionnaires" being essentially CSM with icon of nurgle, and "Plague Marines". However, I got the impression Hena wanted "Death Guard Plague Marines" and "Real Plague Marines" as the distinction.

I'm not sure I like the principle and I've resisted such proposals every time they've come up for any of the cult lists for one simple reason. It simply makes the list too similar to Black Legion. If the list ends up looking like a nurgle-themed BL list, then why bother? You could just make yourself a nurgle-themed BL list and be done with it! Similar sort of argument came up with the EC - no, not all EC are noise marines, but I wanted to keep them the focus of the list because otherwise what's the point of the variant list?

So I think this should stay absolutely Plague Marine focussed. While we're on this subject, I'm not sure there are non-Plague Marine Death Guard. Unlike the Emperor's Children, where to become a Noise Marine is a personal decision (or addiction), the Death Guard are fundamentally corrupted from inception and presumably new recruits (if they do recruit) are similarly "infected".

I'm not too bothered by the DG Plague Marines being different. If anyone is seriously in danger of being confused, then I can just call them "Death Guard Marines" or something, just to make it clear that they're a new unit. As for the Fearless/Stubborn issue, I don't see why DG Plague Marines need necessarily be Flealess (or rather Fearless - ha, I don't think they're "Flealess") - they're obviously a little less insane than their BL counterparts or the Legion would never have persisted for 10,000 years.

Author:  Tooninki [ Wed Jul 23, 2008 10:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Death Guard discussion

Any chance to allow Death guard some havocs as upgrade?
How did that fearless chosen idea sound?

Author:  frogbear [ Wed Jan 14, 2009 1:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Death Guard discussion

Quote: (Hena @ 14 Jan. 2009, 10:19 )

No love/comment for Death Guard from anyone else then :sad:.

I would love to but I have not played enough games yet to have an opinion and I have not gotten to use this list yet....

I do like the fact that you have cut contagion towers from 7 down to 4. This makes it more realistic when trying to field such rare minis for most people...

Author:  Tilioch [ Thu Apr 23, 2009 8:00 am ]
Post subject:  Death Guard discussion

Hello all

I've started my Death Guard army now and got two small games in with them. The games was against Imperial Guard in a 2k game, I used Henas modified v2 list but with the added possibility of adding rhinos to the basic retinue as both me and my opponent couldn't se any use of a foot slogging formation with 15cm range.

The list we used was the following

Death Guard
Retinue 300
-4 Rhinos 40
-3 Predators 150 490

Heavy retinue 350
-1 Spawn 25
-3 Dreadnought 150 525

Plague Tower 325 325

-6 Terminators 600
-Deamon prince 50 650 (BTS)

Imperial Guard
Inf comp 250
-4 Fire support 100 350

Mech comp 400
-4 Fire Support 100
-2 Chimera 50 550

Art bat 250 250
-3 Manticore

Tank comp 650 650 (BTS)

Shadowsword 200 200

The list for the Death Guard are based on what I've got playable right now, so no daemons or aircraft at this time.

I had the plan of writing down everything that happened... but I only got as far as the first few activation of the fist battle until I’ve completely forgotten about everything and was totally into the game.

Game 1
The first game saw a bunched up IG army with the inf company sitting in OW on a objective and the rest of the army more or less right behind them for mutual support.
The Death Guard hade the terminators waiting to teleport in, and the havocs was sitting in the tower, waiting to get somewhere. (Oh, shouldn't the tower have a transport capacity of 16 in this list as well? In v2 its noted as having room for 14 but the LatD list has room for 16, do the marines require more comfortable chairs?)

In the first turn I teleported the terminators in, right beside the tanks with the thought of winning init and make guard-colored past of them. This did not happen when I rolled a 1 and the guard got a 6... But with fire from the tanks and the mechanized company, still only 3 terminators died and the prince died, those terminators are hard as nails! It took in average 5-6 hits to down a terminator, I was on a serious roll with my amour. The terminators naturally got broken by this and retreated a bit into a patch of forest nearby. My rhinos speeded over the terrain towards an objective in the middle of the board, only a short way from the now very broken terminators. The retinue was however broken very soon as the manticores got their fire away and got about 7 hits and destroyed all the predators and a few rhinos and the marines in them, after the inf company had finished their firing only the lord, one rhino and one marine was left in a very sorry state. And the tower loomed forward with no effect at all with it’s limited shooting.  
In the end phase saw most units but my retinue rally.

The next turn saw the tower reach the same objective that my retinue was “holdingâ€Â

Author:  Tilioch [ Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Death Guard discussion

We had another battle just the other day with IG against Death Guard, this time I rememberd to take some pictures and write down a few things.

The repport can be found here:

http://www.tacticalwargames.net/forums/ ... 84;t=15421

Author:  Tilioch [ Fri Apr 24, 2009 11:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Death Guard discussion

After some discussion with my opponent both he and I have made one observation at least, and as I haven’t found any other thread that deals with this, I’ll write it here; Death Guard havocs are mostly useless.

As the list stands now, they can’t take any form of transportation, making their shooting attack more or less useless. You could mount them in a Plague Tower, and that is fine, if it wasn’t that this also only moves 15cm and will therefore still get a lot of no ware and you cant stack up on support so that they actually could shoot something.

So, what are they good for anyway? Is there some nice thing I’ve missed?

And why can I only take 1 support formation for each retinue? And why do only standard retinue count and not terminators?

What I have discovered is that you can at least do a kind of armoured company, a mechanised formation, with some Landraiders and stacked up on predators, can do some shooting damage, but then I have 300 points of more or less useless inf in Landraiders, is there a point to not having proper armoured company?

Me and my opponent have used Hena’s variant list, as we both see it as crazy that the standard retinue can’t get any transportation at all and, well, it looked more fun to include some proper plague marines with the Death Guard Chaos Marines. And as we gave them transports, we decided that they should use the standard transportation cost of 10 points per rhino. Something that actually made them useful, if they don’t stand in front of 10 angry Russ tanks that is. If they did not have this option, I would have 300 points of nicely painted scenery within spitting distance of my deployment the whole game, not something I’m fond of at all. And I’m thinking that this option should be open for the retinue to make them playable.

Author:  Tilioch [ Sat Apr 25, 2009 9:03 am ]
Post subject:  Death Guard discussion

I've played it as the retinue can only take rhinos and not landraiders as the "normal" transport option provides. And if the infantry is the main goal then I think that is quite alright.
But as the armoured company goes… well as it is now, the most like an armoured company you can take is a retinue sitting in landraiders (4 of them) and then give them 3 predators, but for this you will be charged a whooping 750 points… Not really something that I think it’s worth. And you’ll get a whole lot of blast markers when your landraiders go down and take the transported units with them.

So sure, if only 1 support is given for each retinue, I can’t really see the problem of not having one of the options be an armoured company. You’ll still only get one and you’ll have to choose between a whole lot of other nice stuff.

And I still have problem seeing the use of havocs ;)
They have in the list noting to make them worth taking, everything they can take, the normal retinue can as well, and then some.

Author:  Tilioch [ Mon May 04, 2009 9:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Death Guard discussion

I've written a new battle report, and this time we used a slightly different list.
I basicly added a new support formation, the Armoured Company to Hena's previus modified list, and this is the list we tried.

You can find the report here;

http://www.tacticalwargames.net/forums/ ... 84;t=15504

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