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Basic ideas for the Remnant, new race for Command Horizon
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Author:  EMP_Games [ Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Basic ideas for the Remnant, new race for Command Horizon

Some of you may know of the mysterious 4th race we have mentioned before. The Remnant are the race that seemed to have originated from the remains of Earth and the Sol system.

Elizabeth is in the process of drawing some pieces of concept art to provide to our sculptor. We will post up some pictures soon.

The Remnant have a lot of light vehicles, the 2 core ones being a small 4 wheel buggy and a small flyer that operates singularly to harass the enemy stunning at every opportunity.
These units don't generate Command Points, but they have the Deadly scout ability which means they can move and fire for free.
There is a super heavy tank, the first to make an appearance in Command Horizon. These only have a short firing range, but when they hit they destroy.
Also unique to the Remnant are Anomaly tokens. You set them up on the battlefield at the start of the game, not too near the enemy. A percentage of your force can be kept in reserve and can deploy though these anomalies throughout the game, certain vehicles excluded. They also have the ability to regenerate some of your destroyed units.

We aim for this race to provide a unique play style.

As always we appreciate your thoughts, feedback, ideas.


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