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Putredine Grubs get a makeover!
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Author:  EMP_Games [ Tue Mar 22, 2016 12:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Putredine Grubs get a makeover!

"How do you stop that which is innumerable?"
"You pray...for a miracle".

If you were at 'The Joy of Six' show last year and ventured into our Command Horizon seminar you will know that one model design in particular had us perplexed...

The same question we would ask ourselves, actually got asked to us by a young attendee in the room.

"Why do Putredine Grubs have what looks like guns on their back?"

My tongue in cheek reply to this question was: "What guns!?" knowing all to well my hope that no one would notice (yes, optimistic I know!) were dashed.
The model's weren't of our design, but it was certainly a feature we all agreed at the beginning of our Command Horizon venture, that we would ignore.

But...today. Today I can finally say and proclaim with great confidence: "What guns!?"

The Putredine Grubs are getting an entire model makeover!

The Grubs now look more gruesome than ever and the best news of all is the models are sculpted as one writhing mass of Grubs! No more sticking 72 individual models down on to base.

Each "Grubs" pack will come with 6 models which includes 2 different designs. This is the first time we have redesigned an existing model from the range.

I have attached some sneaky pictures of the "Greens" of the sculpts for your enjoyment and the Team and I hope you look forward to unleashing the swarm up on your foes...or look forward to being Grub...grub.... (you get it? Grub grub...they eat...your the food... ...I heard that sigh!)



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