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Poll - Which ground based AA unit do use in Elysian List?
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Author:  Deb [ Tue Jun 23, 2020 8:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Poll - Which ground based AA unit do use in Elysian List

Yes, and the Elysian have atleast 4 or 5 weaknesses.

Sorry 12 weaknesses.
1:Smaller formations for nearly the same cost as other guard list, who have larger formations with longer ranged weapons.
2:No ground based AA, relying on aircraft with a low armour save.
3: No saves for the standard infantry.
4: Short ranged weaponry (30cm) for most of the infantry, and generally only every second unit get the weapon.
5: Only short ranged Artillery (mortars), which I have now added a more mobile option with the rocket sentinels, although the expensive Vultures and the Valkyries provide one shot BP Attacks.
6: Lack of heavy armour and tanks except for the expensive allied line breaker formation, which I added in, and eats your points up.
7: Expensive Sentinel formations (which I tried to correct).
8: No fearless units (only the free Commissars)
9: Too many support fomations that rely on LV rather than AV.
10: No ranged MW.
11: No TK, ecxept for the spaceships one pin point attack.
12: Strategy rating is lower than many armies out there, but just the same as the rest of the guard lists.

4 Strengths
1:Can Teleport, but I replace it with Self Planet Fall, but they still tend to drop down piecemeal, so can still be wiped out easily, you also have to plan your drops really well.
2:They ignore the -1 to rally if enemy within 30cm
3:They can take AV skimmer transports and a Gunship options, but they cost a lot to add or purchase, and that reduces the number of formations thay get in the army.
4:They still tend to get a lot more activations than other armies, but they also break and die off quickly meaning you in fact do not have that many activations in real game terms, as you have more than half your army in reserve, until turn 2 or 3.

Let me compare that to another army. One that I found has not performed overly well for me. Sisters of Battle

2 Weaknesses
1: Generally short or really short ranged weapons.
2: The MW it is generally range 15cm, but they can get a fair bit of it (but it cost).

9 Strengths
1: They get some fearless formations, and sisters can also roll initiative at -1 to get fearless and an invul save, but this can be risky.
2: The have a range of 5+ armour save transports.
3: They have some nice Aircraft in the form of Avenger Strike Fighters that have a 5+ save.
4: They have a lot of ground based AA units (hunters can be added to most formations).
5: They get a good armour save for most of the infantyr formations.
6: Their initiate roll is normally 1+.
7: Their Strategy Rating is 3.
8: They can take Titans as Allies.
9: They have some options for Blast templates, thought most of it is one shot. Spaceship and the single Valkyrie upgrade. The Cathedral or purificatoin which costs a lot f points gets a range 90cm 4BM.

Sisters are designed to be a weaker cousin of the Space Marines. Shorter ranges with a bonus of the faith test. In tournament terms, they are around a lower mid tier list.

Elysians are supposed to be a rapid stike, self contained, self supporting light army, that is designed to upset the enemies rear echelon areas, delay reinforcements, or hit an area hard before they have a chance to react, and hope their own heavier elements of the combined army group (armoured, seige and mechanised regiments) get there in time before the enemy have time to send in more forces.

They are supposed to perform at a reasonable level, and have enough resources within their own organisation to provide light AA, light Artillery, enough troops, even if they come from multiple companies to hold out and attempt to hold the enemy off. In game terms they are supposed to be at upper levels of the bottom 1/3 of the lists. Somewhere about where Vraksian sit.

Currently if you just replaced the tleport with Self Planetfall, the list would be performing very badly in most tournaments. I would expect to get the wooden spoon if I took an Elysian army.

Author:  Norto [ Tue Jun 23, 2020 9:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Poll - Which ground based AA unit do use in Elysian List

Its great what your saying Deb but you put up a vote. You should really honour it or try to brainstorm a little more what people want and post a final vote up.

I would add another option to no the ground AA to include CAP garrison though.

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