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Thougts on balacing the Guard a bit

 Post subject: Thougts on balacing the Guard a bit
PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2023 1:15 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Hey all,

In my local gaming group we have several imperial guard players (mostly Steel Legion) and we see several tendencies with list building, and some units never seem to come into play because... well, they seem weak compared to the price or other units.
Now I don't intend to try and make official changes to the IG army list, but I would still like to hear peoples thoughts on some of the things I think seems to a bit off, and what we might houserule to make units more interesting, or less auto-include... or if we/I might be wrong about our thoughts.

The Shadowsword - This one seems to be an auto-include, and compared to the rest of the super heavies, it's strong, especially in groups because they almost auto-delete other warmachines. We have thought about raising the price (to 250 maybe?) or limit them to 1 per 2000pts game.

Snipers - A small unit, but with very limited use. I like the sniper keyword, but with 30cm and AP5 they seems to be lacking. Scout is nice on them, and I'm not sure what to do to make them more interesting, Range 45 and/or AP4?

Artillery Company - Hurts when they fire, but expensive for their lack of mobility and protection. I would suppose they would be more interesting in larger games, and I have no idea how to make them a choice for smaller battles, without making them too cheap?

Death Korps of Krieg Heavy Mortar and quad launchers - They seem to be overpriced for their ability (30cm, 1bp, indirect). Quad launchers seems a bit better, but still a waste. Sure they come in groups of 4 with trenches or trojans, but for same price I can get 3 earthshaker platforms (longer range, and better protection). What would be a fair price for them? 100? 150? And increase in range maybe? They are heavy mortars after all and take up a support formation slot ;D

DKoK Heavy Marauder - It's a weird one for me. You get one aircraft (but with 2 wounds) for less points (150), but it have a worse save (5+), worse AA capability, but better AP. It seems like a worse choice than the normal marauder bombers, and I'm not sure why they dont use the normal marauder bombers instead?

Death Korps of Krieg support formations in general - We haven't played around with the DKoK much, and from reading it sounds like it's a alright army (win/lose ration wise). But I can't help to think that it have a hard time with only 2 supports choices for each death rider/INF company. The other IG lists have tanks as core choice, which saves up support choices for other stuff. But I also think 3 support choices for each core choice is a lot... Maybe have a another section (Like Chaos Black Legion do) with... dunno, a light fire support choice? So for each core formation, you can have 2 support choice and 1 Light fire support, which includes the Heavy Mortars, quad launchers and something else maybe? Right now it's a waste of a support slot to use heavy mortars/quad launchers I think. I don't mind not being able to field everything I want, but some things (like the mortars) will never be fielded as you can get far better choices.

Anyway, I would really like to hear peoples thoughts on how to make some units more interesting. I might even have missed a few units that could use some tweaking.

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