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Advice on my 3000 point army for CanCon 2020
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Author:  Deb [ Sat Jan 11, 2020 7:29 am ]
Post subject:  Advice on my 3000 point army for CanCon 2020

I have been wondering about which list to take for CanCon 2020. I finally submitted a list as time is running out. I am wondering what to do tactics wise. I have 3 formations of monoliths with portals, plus the tomb complex, 2 mobile (25cm move) formations, one is destroyers with a lord, the other is a Ghost phalanx with a cryptek. I have my Supreme commander in an Immortals phalanx with cryptek, a large formations of Necron Warriors with a cryptek, 2 extra warriors and a wraith. There is a flayed ones maniple. I decided to cut down on the OP and have only one Night Scythes squadron, and for the bulk of my AA I have 2 Gauss Pylons.

That makes 11 formatons and the tomb complex.

I was thinking of keeping 5 formations in reservve lor later turns. Possibly turn 2 or 3. I will move atleast 2 formations of monoliths slowly up with a ghost ark phalanx suporting them, keep the Immortals and one of the pylons protecting my BTS. The night scythes for CAP and if desparately needeed to drop in a formation via the cheasy portal to contest or take an objective.

The resrves I am thinking of deploying via teleport are a monolith maniple, a gauss pylon, and the Flayed ones maniple - to provide a cross-fire bonus and prevent enemy performing a counter attack on the Blitz and contesting it by using their 10cm zone of control (scouts). I can then bring in the large infantry phalanx through the monolith portal, or use my night scythe. The destroyers are then able to come in from a portal and since I have 5 options, I can deploy them as needed to support where the army is being overwhelmed.

A rough plan, but it still allows for the Necron advancing line of attack with some forces protecting the valuable Blitz. I also allows me to make a deadly strike into the enemies own terriroty with overwhelming forces, and force them to react to my tactics. I can destroy their rear echelon artillery, and anti-air formatins, and then send in my own destroyers to rush fo the isolated objective the enemy left in my own table half (if needed)

My biggest drawback with this army is that they can not march move, and when broken the larger vehicles and war engines (that can move - damn pylons move of "0") can only withdraw one movement. Also most of the army has short to medium range weapons, with only a few expensive formations or war engines getting a nice nasty ranged attack. I decided to only take the Pylons , as the Warbarque, the Aeonic Orb, the Tesseract vault are solo war engines that cost roo much. I know the Pylon costs 200 each, however they are one of the best AA units in the game. They have to be protected from assault, as they enemy just need to engage them, and win the assault. It has no CC ability, it is auto destroyed if it loses the engagement besause it is immobile. These are going to be high priority targets for the enemy, as welll as my Monolith formations.

Teh rest of the army is fairly brittle with 5+ RA armour for the ghost arks, 5+ or 4+ armour for the infantry and destroyers.

This a photo of the army:


on average, it will perform towards the top 1/3 of the lists, however there is an OR\rk Warlord challenge, so I am expecting lots of Ork Gargant Big Mobs, Ork Warhordes, Feral Ork Warhordes, and Speed Freak Mobz.

I m sure there will be the usual smattering of Spacemarines there including drop assault armies, Imperial Fist defensive armies with their bastions, trenches mass thudd guns, and plethora of reinforced 4+ saves.

Eldar and/or Dark Eldar have bee popular, and have both Tau and tank heavy mechanised Guard armies.

ALl in all I think it should be a good tournament. I will have to sacrafice something worthwhile (like a piece of rump steak with mushroom sauce) to the dice gods this year. Last year, I took sisters, and had really bad dice rolls for the first 5 of the 6 games. I could not roll to activate, or retain, I could not hit or roll to save my life, even with RA or invul saves.

Any thoughts on my tactics? Should my teleporting and portal arriving rear attack force be as large as I have set it? Should I keep the second Pylon in my own table half? It is vulnerable when I drop in back tthere, but I also have it surrounded and supportd with a formation of Monoliths just across from it and the flayed ones to give each other cross bonus. I think my tactics are sound, and they will probably change depending upon which armies I am facing.

Author:  fruitbat [ Sun Jan 12, 2020 1:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice on my 3000 point army for CanCon 2020

Deb, strongly recommend you read section 2.1.3 of the rulebook. You are misinterpreting the fearless rules for pylons.

Author:  Deb [ Sun Jan 12, 2020 7:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice on my 3000 point army for CanCon 2020

Okay, so I can elect to not withdraw. but well I am immobalized, so cannot move anyway. 2.3 says I have to stay where Ii am, and the enemy can either stay in base contact, or move outside my zone of control. it then refers to 1.7.3

1.7.3 says that If I stay in base contact or in the zone of control of an enemy formation, I will have to declare an emagage action next time I activate. Since the Pylon had no CC value, it will most likely be wiped out next round unless I can get another formatin in to engage the enemy, and declare intermingled. Hoping I can use my FF value if the enemy mov away, but they would be a fool to do so, unless they elected to move back outside my ZOC.

Either way the Pylon can not use its AA or make TK attacks against other targets while in B2B or ZOC of an enemy unit.

Author:  fruitbat [ Sun Jan 12, 2020 8:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice on my 3000 point army for CanCon 2020

I'd take a look at the war engine rules too, specifically the combat section. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Author:  Deb [ Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice on my 3000 point army for CanCon 2020

I have read them, but from my understanding, I am immobilized. I can not barge an enemy with the Pylon, and when I am broken from an asault, I can not retreat. Yes I am fearless, so I do ot take extra hits from the exta dice aty the end of the combat resolution.

The bad thing is that if I were say attacked by 4 Terminators with a Chaplain all in base to base contact, I could not allocate any of my Fire Fight attacks against them, as the Pylon ihas no CC stat, and the terminators are in BtB with the Pylon. Even if I were to survive all the enemies attacks, without suffering wounds, I would still be outnumbered 2 to 1, and the terminators have an inspiring character. If they were to somehow place blast markers on my pylon, the marines would be +5 to their highest roll, and although I am fearless, they would just keep assaulting me each round until I was killed off in close combat.

I think that even if I were in close combat, or in base contact after the engagement - I culd still use my ground based AA unless the Pylon was broken.

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