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Author:  Ulrik [ Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:08 am ]
Post subject:  Current Necron lists

This is a list of all the various Necron lists that are currently a part of NetEA.

Necron Raiders list
The current Approved version of the Necron Raiders list can be found on the NetEA website in the compendium or in the tournament pack.

Sautekh Legion
Developmental list with the newest units from the Necron codex. Latest version and discussion can be found here

Necron Tomb World list
The list is Experimental. The latest version can always be found here. There will also be a version in the compendium that's fully useable, but the one on the forum will be more up to date.

Maynarkh Dynasty
New experimental list with some of the newer Necron W40K units but designed to reflect the chaotic fringe Necron Tomb worlds where Flayer and Destroyer Cults congregate. Latest version and discussion can be found here

2018 Playtest list
This is a version of the Raiders list that contains changes I'd like to see playtested and get feedback on. The list and discussion thread is here

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