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Converting a Mk3 Warlord
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Author:  CaptainSenioris [ Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Converting a Mk3 Warlord

Hi folks

I've recently taken up the challenge of creating an AMTL demi-legio and decided to stick to using the metal lucius pattern model for my Warlords. I've already managed to do one conversion that I'm qute proud of but when it comes to my next one I'm a little stumped.

I was hoping for some advice or pictures of what other people have done in the past. I'll maybe post a picture of my first conversion but it'll need to wait till I'm back at a PC tomorrow.

Author:  madmagician [ Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Converting a Mk3 Warlord

well, what are your goals for the conversion? Is there a theme you are going for?

I would also love to see your conversion that may inspire some ideas as well!

Author:  Dave [ Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Converting a Mk3 Warlord

For mine I took the simple root and swapped out the arms using the FW reaver ones:


CaptP magnetized his arms and carapace weapons for one Warlord. This is the best pic I've got of it:


Author:  ragnarok [ Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Converting a Mk3 Warlord

I have converted serveral Titans for my legio

Castellum Perdition


Melta cannons are 40K melta guns
Inferno cannon is plastic rod and the end of the GW Reaver Turbo laser
Corvus Assault Pod is lots of plasticard
Head is from the FW Reaver
Missile pod is an epic whirlwind turret
Ack ack cannon is a hunter turret with a paperclip barrel

Isabellas Knight


Gatling cannon is a warlord gatling cannon mounted on its side, with GS armour plating
Power fist is a tech marine power fist
Chain fist is a tech marine servo arm with an inquisitor scale chainsword

Stom Bringer


Arm missile pods are from the FW Reaver
Carapace misisle pod is half of a metal cyclon missile launcher
Carapace landing pad is plasticard
Landed craft is from the BFG system ship set
Ack ack cannons are hunter turrets with paperclip barrel

God bane


the First volcano cannon is from the Warlord titan
The second volcano cannon is a cut off volcano cannon barrel attached to a warlord gatling cannon arm
Carapace turbolaser is a Warlord turbo laser on a GS mounting
Carapace multilasers are 0.5mm plastic rod and green stuff

Brighids Chariot


Carapace Gatling cannon is a warlord gatling cannon mounted on its side, with GS armour plating
Gatling cannon is form the Warlord
Chain fist is a tech marine servo arm with an inquisitor scale chainsword

Scion of Ryza


Plasma destructors are metal space marine plasma cannons
Plasma canons are two metal space marine plasma guns
Ack ack cannons are hunter turrets with paperclip barrel

Righteous Prejudice


Gatling cannons are Metal Assault cannons
Ack ack cannons are hunter turrets with paperclip barrel

Author:  CaptainSenioris [ Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Converting a Mk3 Warlord

When I get some more games in I think I'll have a bit of an idea of how to arm my titans, so just now anything will do.

My conversion is just a fairly simple weapon upgrade to have a power fist, plasma destructor, laser blaster & plasma cannon. Will get picks of it up tomorrow. I will eventually be magnetising any weapons I make to allows changes between games.
My current idea for my next titan is a trio of missile launchers & a landing pad, I was going to use some drop pod deathwind launchers for the arms and terminator ones for the carapace. The landing pad would just be plasticard and brass etch.

Thanks for the pics, Dave. It'd be awesome if I could see more shots of CaptP's warlord if possible.

Also big thanks to ragnorok, lots of cool ideas in there.

Author:  ceimeifukan [ Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Converting a Mk3 Warlord

Dont forget to check out shapeways for generic robot fists, I beleive Lsutehall posted some comparisom pics up here a while back too.

http://www.shapeways.com/model/71389/ro ... id=mgrobot

For me the biggest problem making a Mk3 look unique is the rather generic pose, if you want something a little different have a look at changing the position of the legs. Other than that head swaps with older Mk heads are often good. I've seen a nice Mk3 custodian conversion a while back (? by ManofKent ?) using an old custodian head and a converted devotional bell. I can't find the thread but here's a pic of the finished jobbie

http://media.photobucket.com/image/cust ... v31230.jpg

Author:  Major_Gilbear [ Thu Oct 07, 2010 10:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Converting a Mk3 Warlord

I think that whilst you may be fairly restricted in weapon-swaps on the carapace weapons, you have fairly free reign over magnetising the arm weapons.

Many 40k weapons look pretty good on Epic titans as long as you consider some of the scale-detail and either hide or disguise it. Also consider that the 40k weapons do need to be fitted with a proper 'arm' or they will also look a bit odd.

Following are a few weapon ideas (some of which Ragnarok has already done), and I hope you find some of the suggestions helpful:

Gatling Blaster
Assault cannon. I suggest looking at the plastic Terminator one as it is a bit smaller than those on the Ladnspeeders. Otherwise, the left arm gun on the standard Mk3 Titan works perfectly well!

Inferno Gun
40k flamer muzzles and plastic tubing. I would suggest 2-3 muzzles side-by side and then plastic barrels to suit.

Laser Blaster
Quad barrelled weapon using 40k Chimera lasguns would work well. Or normal lasgun/laspistol muzzles with plastic tube barrels.

Turbo Laser
Old plastic Laser Burner with the barrels replaced with a pair of the current Warlord carapace weapons. See Carl Woodrow's titan below for an example.

Corvus Assault Pod
40k plastic Landspeeder Typhoon Missile pod with a plasticard door (and you may want to trim the missiles off too!)

Multiple Rocket Launcher
Half of the 40k plastic Terminator Cyclone Missile unit, and the new Landspeeder Storm's missile pod is quite good for carapace mounts too.

Quake Cannon
I'd dress up a plasticard tube with suitable gubbins, but any large-bore gun would do (40k IG Autocannon with a cut-down barrel and the ammo hopper removed?).

Volcano Cannon
The right arm gun on the standard Mk3 Titan works perfectly well! Otherwise, I suggest using a 40k Lascannon with a new muzzle and the power cables trimmed off and replaced with some that are much smaller. You could also try to tart up the old Mk1 plastic weapon with a new muzzle and some extra detailing.

Inferno Gun
40k meltaguns or a multimelta would work. I'd use the Landspeeder's MM or perhaps the the Immolator's though as they aren't as 'tall' as the infantry-portable ones. The Demolisher has some MM sponsons that could be bulked up as well.

Plasma Blastgun
40k plasma gun bulked up with bits. Or maybe a pair of plasma pistols? Needs to look lighter than the other plasma weapons.

Plasma Cannon / Plasma Destructor
Two 40k plasma guns or a 40k plasma cannon. Maybe consider the new the Demolisher has some plasma cannon sponsons that could be bulked up.

Vulcan Mega Bolter
40k heavy bolter or bulked-up stormbolter. Or a pair of 40k Rhino/Bike bolters.

Carapace Landing Pad
Anything flat with a little lip around it. I've seen slottabases with a brass aquila on them look very good! I consider the spotter craft to be optional.

Fire Control Tower
Anything boxy like SM missile pods or a cut-down 40k 2nd Ed Hunter Killer Missile box with plenty of antennae and radar dishes on it (BFG plastic cruisers are a good source of these bits).

Power Fist
SM power fists look good (need to construct the arms though!), and so do the Chaos SM ones (remove the symbols etc, but leave the taloned fingers). 40k Servo arms are also a decent source of grabby-bits, as is some of the Inquisitor scale stuff. Also check out some of the Khadoran Warjacks from Warmachine (you can get fists as parts on Ebay, or from their online parts store).

Chain Fist
40k eviscerators, IG Catachan Sentinel saws, Inquisitor scale chain weapons are all good. Even the old plastic Mk1 Warlord saws look good if you keep the blade and replace the upper arm, and the Mk2 metal warlord saws look good as-is.

Support Missile
Trim a 40k Hunter-killer missile to suit. IG or SM missiles look different, but both are equally good IMO.

Carapace Multi Lasers
BFG plastic or metal cruiser turrets are brilliant. Epic Ork battlewagon turrets with the guns replaced by lengths of thin rod look good too.

Laser Burners
Lascannon with the barrel removed; just glue the muzzle straight onto the weapon's base. I've added an example to this post, but I'd probably replace the power cables to something more in scale as well.


LB.jpg [ 26.84 KiB | Viewed 3028 times ]

Author:  CaptainSenioris [ Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Converting a Mk3 Warlord

More great ideas thanks, I'm quite pleased that I'm on the same wavelength for some of them. :)

As promised some shots of my first conversion:


I got a pile of spare Mk3 warlord parts from a friend who was using the legs for a dreadnought conversion, so used a spare turbolaser barrel to create the laserblaster. 2 cut down plasma guns for the plasma cannon. A combination of the volcano cannon arm and a metal 40k plasma cannon (I didn't have any spare plastic ones). The power fist is a combination of witch hunter tyrus' power fist with the fingers of the talon of horus.

Hope folks approve.

Author:  Evil and Chaos [ Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Converting a Mk3 Warlord

I love the power fist!

Author:  Apocolocyntosis [ Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Converting a Mk3 Warlord

Agreed, the power fist combined with the dark grey and glowing blue colour schemes looks great.

Author:  CaptainSenioris [ Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Converting a Mk3 Warlord

Thanks guys, appreciated.

Author:  Major_Gilbear [ Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Converting a Mk3 Warlord

Mmm, very nice indeed! As others have already said, the powerfist is particularly good. :)

And you're right, having shown us what some of the suggestions I listed look like, it does seem that there is consensus! ;)

Author:  Man of kent [ Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Converting a Mk3 Warlord

I built this guy a while back :-)
You can see how he was built from the following page of my blog onwards...


Author:  CaptainSenioris [ Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Converting a Mk3 Warlord

Love the look of that MoK, consider the flail idea stolen.
Just got lost reading the rest of your blog. Lovely stuff, makes me want to go put more detail on all my orks.

Do the old plastic Warlord parts come up often on ebay/for trade? I really like that head. Where is that gun from?

Author:  Lsutehall [ Thu Oct 07, 2010 6:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Converting a Mk3 Warlord

I'd suggest using a bits website (like http://bitsandkits.co.uk/ ) to plunder the current Sentinel kit for weapon bits and pieces. I used the missile launcher for my Reaver conversion, and I'd suggest the hunter-killer and plasma cannon parts as well.

Your Warlord conversion is great - I love the sinister vibe it gives off!

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