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EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]

 Post subject: Re: EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]
PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2020 10:43 am 
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The Tau Seceder Movement generally shook the Empire, loosening the influence of the Ethereals over their subordinates. For the Kroot, it has been revealed that the Ork Invasion against their homeworld was orchestrated by the Tau Empire in order to appear as saviours, which later dramatically weighed in forging the alliance. (thus making available a large number of troops for later, successful expansion campaigns for the Tau Empire.)

Today the Kroot leadership have understood that the Empire is using them as a cannon fodder, covered by a belief in Greater Good, which never meant to extend to them.
However the roots of Seceder Movement (Artifical Intelligence possessed by Daemons!) leads back to Chaos, which the Shapers already have a keen scent for (for example forbidding the eating of Chaos believers body!).

These revelations erupted major changes within the various Kroot Warbands forecasting a total annihilation to their kin.
There are those who stay with the Empire following the original path of a mercenary sticking to the largest payment... and Tau Empire pays well... and as power balance shows, they just don't have the luxury to sever from the big brother.
Others are enraged by the sudden revelation, and are up for a revenge. Since their homeworld were well hidden and protected, the Orks would have never found them without the help of the Tau! (many have lost their relatives in that war, which was the darkest hour in Kroot history.)
But the strands of Chaos already began circling around everyone tied up the Seceder Movement, that will eventually lead to a disastraous end, which is yet to be unfold...

Searching the solution, while the campaigns and expansions going on, the Kroot leadership have suddenly found themselves in an allegiance with a more sinister faction, highlighting perfectly their desperate situation.

An old and once really powerful race, that ruled the galaxy for some millenia, cast back to their shadows, now have regained their strenght, built up their army and sending out war parties to re-conquer planets once more.
A faction that has developed a vicious, yet effective way to repel the touch of Chaos!
A faction meeting a huge demand of troops to further push out and retain control over the newly established footholds out of the Webway.
A faction engulfed in Darkness, now fighting back with all the power they amass, all the tools they can get their hands on!

For the Kroot, it is another sellsword duty for someone more powerful, again with a promise. (defence against Chaos)
For the Dark Eldar, it is what it is. A large amount of troops to be thrown into the thick of it!


Epic Commander of the Prassium Invasion Troops 214th Regiment
***Action is our prayer. Victory is our offering.***

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