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EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]
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Author:  Commissar Holt [ Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]

Since I'm jobless currently, Fathomless Destruction gets updated quickly. :P I have written and dived into great horrors, thoughts, what if's and why not's!

It will take time to jump on the next update, until then enjoy reading 1.9 and freshly done Traitor Guard, Chaos Space Marines (hah power of copy paste!) Orks and Eldar! All yours!!!

1.9 looks back on basics such as: command points, initative.
-the original "free" retaining and limits are removed
-each retain of initiative takes 1 command point and you may spend more than one...two...
-failed discipline test blast markers are automatically gone for 1 command point instead of re-roll.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9dL4t ... sp=sharing
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9dL4t ... sp=sharing

Author:  Commissar Holt [ Thu Oct 29, 2015 12:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]

Another great bunch of update, closer and closer to the vision!
Let's start with the completely new non-canon stuff. There are some included and much more to be written in Epic FD. I'm doing that beacuse Epic always had a seperate path next to the big 40k canon, and factions that aren't that famous seems to lack key units, or just simply the wide variety of options and background which the popular ones have.

So yeah what I have started as an experiment of rule extension, is now a complete overhaul of really everything!
But don't worry! Commissars are good at keeping things together and going, no matter how deeply into hell!

2.0 Touching the very basics!
-Strategy Rating is renamed to Initative, works differently (however it's function is still the same) and it's values changed beetween races fitting the fluff. [or fitting how I view it, who knows ::) ]
-Garrison is buffed, allowing more formations to start in overwatch. (The limit is the number of objectives represent in your half of the table.)
-Reinforced armour is syncronized with the newly introduced moderate casualty.
-Blast Marker types added. A thing that is asked and been awaited for a long time. A thing that was answered in other Epic systems like Heresy, a great work of Peter Ramos!

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9dL4 ... 2ROS241Tjg


Currently we have IG, SM, Traitor IG, CSM, Ork, Eldar, Dark Eldar reference sheets ready!
The concept of playable races have been increased! Keen eyes can found it!

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9dL4 ... m40QW1KdmM

Enjoy reading!

Author:  Commissar Holt [ Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]


Progression on army reference sheet is going without pause, even faster than I expected.
Necron Tombs opened, Tau Empire Expanded, Tyranid Armies Swarmed into the myriad of statistics! Only two armies left: Tau Seceders and Daemon Army! After that, army lists will began to create formations for these eager units!
When that finishes, shall the point costs start to balance the great **** that is evolved in this thread!

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9dL4 ... U9fNFZkRFU

Author:  Commissar Holt [ Fri Nov 13, 2015 3:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]

Ladies & Gentlemen!

The Army Reference sheet for Fathomless Destruction is complete! They may not set in stone, but is a full picture how each army would look like if no major issue comes up.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9dL4t ... sp=sharing

I wanted to create a somewhat allrounder, all key unit inclusive armies for each race, meanwhile focusing on the specialities and differences. Let me add a tiny clarification to that;

The time: Let's call it a 42.000 where the hundreds of years have passed and all the changes are made in that time.

Imperial Guard: Large numbers and standardized wargear. Focus on chain of command. (which is achived through "frontline officers") Combination of siege, drop, mechanized, armoured, light footed, regiments and some interesting elements of mechanicus.
FD Imperial Guard represents a full strenght regiment sent on full scale war.

Space Marines: An army that revolves around their space knights in armour. They have powerful and versatile wargear which are either "all in one" or extremely specializes for one role.
FD Space Marines represents a battle company prepared for combat engagement.

Traitor Guard: Merging of simple renegade guard armies and cultist coven armies. They still get the Imperium weaponry but loses it's vast support. In return they lay their hands on Chaos Powers.
FD Traitor Guard represents a full strenght regiment that recently betrayed the imperium.

Orks: Extremely large numbers and scrap wargear. Ork brutish behaviour and tactics are represented with the respective rules. They can heavily customize their wagons and fortresses to either suit for a meat grinder horde strategy or a speed freak charging strategy or both.
FD Orks represent a joined forces of Waaaaagh! to smash things up, big time!

Chaos Space Marines: Evil knights. They are stronger than loyalist marines beacuse of 30k wargear is more powerful (though lacks the modernish utility) and their high level of combat experience especially against their own kin. Adding Chaos Powers makes them almost unstoppable, however they are keen to abandon their lords, should the circumstances not favor their selfish goals.
FD Chaos Space Marines represents a freshly gathered warband spitted right from the Eye of Terror into reality.

Eldar: Superior Xeno Species. Their weaponry and fighting style reflects art and finesse. An Eldar War Party is basicly consists three major types: The Aspect Warriors who are elite troops, the Guardians which are civilians turned into militia and Spirit Warriors who are hard to control but their wraithbone body is sturdy and they fear no death. For the bigger battles they lacked a really big Titan in the fluff, so I have created the Dragon Battle Titan for that role. It can be imagined as a taller Phantom Titan, with two extra (somewhat shorter) arms, resulting a four armed lord of war.
FD Eldar represents a regular War Party assembled to either defend the Craftworld or seize territory.

Dark Eldar: Superior Pirate Xeno Species. This was their only role in the fluff, and so they don't really have the arsenal of other factions. To solve that, the Dark Eldar began to expand their interests, and packs a lots of new stuff to wage larger scale wars next to small raiding missions.
FD Dark Eldar represents a Planetary Level Raiding Force, ready to enslave an entire civilisation for their needs.

Necron: Ancient. Unknown. Fearsome. I have included many of their units designed for complete annihilation. Also reanimation become immediate, making them really aggressive undead force, instead of dying then coming back ---> they do die yet still coming!
FD Necron represents either a Tomb World awekening or a fully gathered Invasion Force.

Tyranids: Well they are the most mystery to me. Half of their units a some sort of close combat stuff. Of course now they do get many other base unit type which all other races have, yet they still possess their close combat orientation beacuse of their extremely large outnumber!! To represent this, I have created the overrun rule. That way the Tyranids will have CC advantage if they manage to surround their foes (base contact)! Otherwise they will be hacked down by other races CC specialists.
This could be achived since FD rules allows CC attacks from 5 cm, so that gives an extra dimension to play with.
FD Tyranids represent a concentration of Tyranid bioforms reaching the level of expansion. The vibration through synapse is high enough to inform the Hive Mind that the bioform concentration is large enough and ready to move on.

Tau Empire: There are many cool units which adds more depth to the Tau army, including the Ballistic Suits to match the Titans of other factions! They will really need them to face all the new challenges.
FD Tau Empire represent a Tau Invasion Force ready to unleash the might of their digital technology to conquer worlds or defend their own.

Tau Seceders: I completely hate the conception of how the Tau are left out of Chaos games. It's boring, it's anti dark millenium, uncreative and I don't care how the Ethereals background tailored toward mind control enslaving the poor Tau and others, adding a grim edge to the story.
In the 42.000 the Tau expand greatly and research the warp long enough to earn the sight of the Dark Gods!
And so the liberation movements against the lies of the Greater Good have began to spread. And not only them, but the Artifical Intelligence which they thought to have power upon, have been corrupted by Chaos, to turn them on their masters or anyone daring to come too close.
FD Tau Seceders represent a recent rebellion that joined forces and are now going on their own ways to explore, sack, occupy or destroy.

Daemons: There were Daemon world armies, which were rare and always been in the background. In the meantime I have began to play with this idea, and collected all the daemon units, thrashed stuff, adding some crazy dark power. What become in the end is that the whole table is turned against the foe, and there is no place of safety left...
FD Daemons represent a Warp Storm strong enough the shrink the barrier beetween reality and the immaterium, allowing the daemons, warp creatures of endless amount to take their victims be it metal, flesh or soul.
+1 for dudes resolving this event having a battleship (assuming a warp travel) as the "table" of such a battle.

Author:  Commissar Holt [ Sat Dec 05, 2015 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]

In this year for last, an update report. Version 2.1 of rules are here, smaller changes in reference sheet, and I started working on Towering War Engines weaponry as they are a key different part, a seperate class cared with unique attention. Also the work with concrete army lists have begun, but I will not yet show them until all faction is ready. (they are project for 2016)

2.1 changelist
-The complete Aircraft rules have been changed
-Garrison got buffed both ground and in the air
-Pace of initiative got reverted to original, and retaining initiative is always an option
-Fire & Move synchronization and preventive order are detached from commander requirement to keep the wide variety of tactical choices
-Commanders are linked to command points to increase their importance
-Some of the command point powers have been changed for internal balance
-Few tweaks around destroyed transports and their "cargo"
-Deployment gain a buff
-Moderate Casualty now works against every attack, except titan-killer
-Split Fire and Smoke Screen can be done in local command
-Take and Hold objective placement modified
-Break Their Spirit victory goal modified
-Towering war engine destruction causes one blast marker for all formations to it's side
-Deleted unecessary stuff, corrected wording

All for you!

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9dL4t ... sp=sharing
https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9dL4 ... zZUaHNGUHM

Author:  Commissar Holt [ Fri Jan 29, 2016 10:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]

Back online, and got back to hard men work. :spin

The rules have been polished further, every single piece must be looked at and fine tuned with great care, to cover down as much opportunity as possibly can!
Version 2.2 is yours

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9dL4 ... lpJdE9adFk

The greater level of changes concerned the fresher part of the vision. The unit stats. The customization have gone too far, and for simplicity, it got huge cut back. Literally every army got touched here and there.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9dL4 ... zZUaHNGUHM

What is remaining; Big toys weaponry (titan, gargant etc.), army lists, game scaling (like minigeddon, megageddon, or something like in Firestorm: Planetfall)

For army list I recently began thinking about something different: a system that would emphasize stanardized army creation for all factions, and mixed formations as base formations. Of course the homogenic way would remain but it would strenghten something (mainly the unit numbers).
This idea born during the analysis of the Tau list. In the 6.6 Third Expansion, you can bring a Fire Warrior formation on foot (8 FW unit) or mechanized (6 FW unit + 3 devilfish) for the same price and everything.

The tone of internal balance of each army list would be more close to each other this way.
Time will tell.


Missed the 2.2 changelog.

-Commander lose intermingle ability
-intermingle become a general rule
-transport rule change, mainly ground transport embarkation
-last minute regroup when formation breaks due to Discipline Test fail is added.
-attacker may use cover saves in assault
-first strikes FF are included
-new ability added: leap - unit counts as having a jump pack during an assault, which correlates the modification of jump pack units being able to catch skimmers in close combat! Quite tricky, eh? :)

Author:  Commissar Holt [ Sat Jun 18, 2016 3:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]

The volunteering of silenftul duty for a half year now has finally come to an end!
It was a long project, but all faction army lists are done (except for daemons, as I have something more interesting in my mind than initial writings up you can see in red text)
The rulebook has been updated.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9dL4 ... 2xLRHdzSUk

Here are the changes of rules 2.4

-Refreshed the introduction text!
-Beacuse of large amount of text and similarity, a general chaos army rule entry added to the end of the rulebook to make unit stats less overflowed.
-Sapper ability added. That may enchance gameplay with terrain features and / or scenarios

Unit Stats changes (by the way they should have received their version numbers too... maybe next update I will not forget :) )

-All army list are done, except Daemon army (as it is meant to be a totally chaotic, overturned, nonstandard gameplay experience)
-Eldar Farseer included with a cool divination ability!
-Some crowd army troops armour save have been reduced to a level, where moderate casualty (6+) is the only success they can get
-Marines get a new resilience part to the ATSKNF rule.
-Chaos Marines retain some of the ATSKNF rule since they are Astartes too, however they don't receive the newly added resilince part, keeping the moral difference, as chaos marines are less willing to fight to the death if something goes wrong.
-Chaos Marines got generalised and more similarities to loyalist ones.
-Sapper units added to every faction (basicly transport vehicles swapping their transport capability), tyranids are special to this
-Minor stat changes here and there I forgot to record.
-Metalgod weaponry raw stats are done!

Army lists begin their conquest as 1.0 !!! >:D

Author:  Commissar Holt [ Mon Jun 20, 2016 4:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]

Quick Strike!

2.5 list of changes

-lance weapon reduces save but is a normal attack.
-macro reduces save and is automatic moderate casualty to be more devastating.
-titan killer reduces save double time and is automatic moderate casualty to be more devastating.
Weapons of such high power should always do some damage even if they miss and not hitting directly.

-some typos, fixes
-ground reinforcements at turn 3 may measure their arrival from deployment zone rather than table edge, unless enemy is nearby.
-initiative reworded.
-smoke screen placement before / after move changed to before / after action

Imperial Guard 1.1

-Storm Trooper stat is more like guardsmen, however they gain firefight first strike, and close combat extra attack. They may not be stronger (since they are fewer in numbers) but more commando like.
-Rough Rider Dragoon close combat modified from 5+ --> 6++
-Deathstrike Missile launcher firepower increased from 2BP, TK --> 3BP, TK
-Baneblade gained support weapon ability
-Knight Shield reworked to answer the rule changes meta
-Knight Lance firepower increased from AP4+/AT5+ --> AP3+/AT4+
-Knights has an option to drop the shield for a second knight lance

Traitor Guard 1.1

-Traitor Rough Rider Dragoon close combat modified from 5+ --> 6++
-Traitor Deathstrike Missile launcher firepower increased from 2BP, TK to 3BP, TK
-Traitor Baneblade gained support weapon ability, and removed lascannon forward arc typo
-Knight Shield reworked to answer the rule changes meta
-Knight Lance firepower increased from AP4+/AT5+ --> AP3+/AT4+
-Chaos Knights has an option to drop the shield for a second knight lance
-Added Traitor Guardsmen missing close order drill
-Defiler and Forge Fiend removed

Space Marines 1.1

-Terminators wargear stats clarified
-Brother Captain leader ability removed as it is already included in supreme commander, and not intended to have 4 blast marker removal capability beacuse of ATSKNF
-Storm Raven firefight gained extra
-Land Raider firefight gained extra
-Land Raider Redeemer firefight gained extra, and a whole ignore cover to it
-Land Raider Terminus Ultra firefight gained extra, and it become from 6+ --> 5+
-Thunderhawk transport fixed
-Thunderhawk transporter transport fixed
-Landing craft transport fixed

Chaos Space Marines 1.1

-Chaos Storm Raven firefight gained extra
-Chaos Land Raider firefight gained extra
-Chaos Terminators wargear stats clarified
-Chaos Thunderhawk transport fixed
-Chaos Thunderhawk transporter transport fixed
-Chaos Landing craft transport fixed

Orks 1.1

-Kommandoz firefight reduced from 5+ --> 6+, but gained first strike to be commando like
-Ork transports clarified
-Ork Boyz gained support weapon [dakka,dakka,dakka,dakka,dakka!!!!]

Eldar 1.1

-Dire Avengers shimmershield & power weapon removed, their close combat changed from 4++ --> 4++ w/ macro extra, their shooting attack gained lance
-Dark Reapers close combat changed from 5+ ---> 4+ and their firefight from 3++ --> 4++
-Howlingh Banshees close combat changed from 3++ ---> 4++ first strike both, and their firefight from 5+ ---> 4+
-Striking Scorpion close combat changed from 3++ ---> 4++ first strike both, and their firefight from 5+ ---> 4+ w/ first stike added, armour changed from 4+ ---> 5+
-swooping Hawk close combat changed from 5++ ---> 4+
-Warp Spider close combat changed from 5++ ---> 4+, and their firefight become 4++ first strike both
-Jet bike gained close combat first strike
-Shining Spear simplified into CC 4++ w/ one macro and first strike to both
-Avatar summoning changed

Dark Eldar 1.1

-Kabalite Warrior shooting attack gained lance
-Wych close combat changed from 3++ ---> 4++ their firefight changed from 6++ ---> 4+ gained first strike
-Incubi close combat changed from 3++ ---> 4++, their firefight changed from 5++ ---> 4++
-Mandrake close combat changed to 4++ w/ one macro and first strike to both, gained 6+ armour
-Scourge close combat changed from 5+ ---> 4+
-Hellion close combat changed to 4++ w/ one macro, their firefight changed to 4+
-Dark Lance & Heat Lance are combined into one weapon
-Raider firefight changed from 5+ ---> 4+
-Chain Raider firefight changed from 5+ ---> 4+
-Ravager firefight changed from 4+ ---> 3+
-Strident Ravager firefight changed from 5+ ---> 4+
-Razorsharp Ravager firefight changed from 5+ ---> 4+
-Barge firefight changed from 5+ ---> 4+

Necron 1.1

-Lance means normal damage when rolling for Living Metal.
-Immortal loses phalanx ability
-Lychguard wargears removed, their close combat is 4++ w/ one macro, their firefight changed from 5+ ---> 4+
-Obelisk firefight changed from 5+ ---> 4+
-Monolith loses support weapon
-Tomb Stalker first strike ability for both CC and FF changed from full to half
-Pylon firefight changed from 6+ ---> 5+
-Warbarque loses two extra macro firefight, and gained normal extra attack firefight
-Aenoic Orb weapon text rewritten and gained an alternative fire mode (3BP, TK)

Tyranid 1.1

-Carnifex firefight changed from 5++ ---> 4+
-Exocrine gained missing fire selector
-Trygon firefight changed from 6+ ---> 5+
-Harpy close combat changed from 5++ ---> 5+ and firefight from 5++ ---> 4+
-Hive Tyrant firefight changed from 5+ ---> 4+

Tau Empire 1.1

-TX44 Tetra firefight changed from 5++ ---> 5+, but gained markerlight
-Deflector Shield changed addressing the new rules of macro / titan killer
-Tau Metal Gods close combat changed from 6+ ---> 4+
-XV 104 Riptide close combat changed from 6+ ---> 5+
-Kroot Warriors gained firefight first strike to become more commando like
-Tau transports corrected

Tau Seceders 1.1

-Seceder TX44 Tetra firefight changed from 5++ ---> 5+, but gained terrorlight
-Tau Seceder Metal Gods close combat changed from 6+ ---> 4+
-Deflector Shield changed addressing the new rules of macro / titan killer
-Seceder XV104 Riptide close combat changed from 6+ ---> 5+
-Kroot Activist stats copies Kroot Warrior ones, including its name with seceder prefix, and "Sneak or Scream" funny realism rule added to them
-The whole kroot army joined to the Seceders!
-Seceder Knarloc Rider gains "Ride or Cry" funny realism rule
-Tau Seceder transports corrected
-Whimsical missiles text corrected
-Defiler and Forge Fiend removed

Author:  jimmyzimms [ Mon Jun 27, 2016 3:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]

You, sir, are a machine :)

Author:  Commissar Holt [ Thu Jun 30, 2016 5:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]

jimmyzimms wrote:
You, sir, are a machine :)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMXmLbyPeNw (Plus me saying "Thx bro!" in the end of the scene. ;) )

Now back to the line;


Space Marines 1.2

-Whirlwind gains "no los needed" ability enchancing aggressive artillery tactics
-ATSKNF resilience part is removed, it made marine formations almost indestructible and too hard to break.

Chaos Space Marines 1.2

-Chaos Whirlwind gains "no los needed" ability enchancing aggressive artillery tactics
-All Chaos Marines power armour made identical to loyalist one

Orks 1.2

-Nobz stats and weapons changed
-Grotz received Puffz weapon
-Gunwagon firefight changed from 6+ ---> 5+
-Warbuggy loses support weapon ability
-Tank Wagon gains an additional Shootaz [more dakka!!!], and main turret weapon swapped into smasha kannon [big firepowa!!!!!]
-Deffdread loses support weapon ability and close combat changed from 4++ ---> 3+
-Gunfortress firefight changed from 6+ ---> 5+
-Krusha Kannon secondary option is to become Smasha Kannon! (and is renamed to Squig Kannon)
-New unit added Fat Squig Kannon [bigger is better!]
-Nobz Warbikez fixed
-Landa transport capacity slightly changed (grot tranport 2 ---> 1)


Imperial Guard List 1.1

-Reinforced Companies may affect Storm Trooper Task force for some degree
-Storm Troopers may be deployed with Hades Breaching Drill, and may choose Sentinels as secondary attachment
-Imperial Guardsmen Light Troop and Drop Troop option removed

Traitor Guard List 1.1

-Traitor Guardsmen Traitor Light Troop and Traitor Drop Troop option removed

Spare Marines List 1.1

-Abundance of Wargear changed

Chaos Space Marines List 1.1

-Chaos Terminators fixed
-Spoils of War changed the same way as Space Marine counterpart

Ork List 1.1

-Slugga Horde primary attachment options increased
-Secondary attachment options increased
-Speedz Horde removed
-Warbikez Horde numbers increased

Eldar List 1.1

-Engine Troupe and Sword Troupe Secondary options increased

Author:  Commissar Holt [ Sun Jul 31, 2016 5:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]

A little polishing update!

Rules 2.6

-Commander ability simplifed a lot
-CAP garrisoning air formations count toward the limit of overwatching ground formations (clarified)

Imperial Guard Army 1.2

-Propaganda and Conditioning modified addressing commander rule changes

Ork Army 1.3

-Waaaaagh! modified addressing commander rule changes

Tyranid Army 1.2

-Synapse rule changes from 2/1 blast marker to first only

Space Marine Army 1.3

-Rhino carries two infantry instead of one

Space Marine List 1.2

-Abundance of Wargear changed
-Heavy transport is only allowed by AoW
-Secondaries are taken once instead of twice

Chaos Space Marine Army 1.3

-Chaos Rhino carries two infantry instead of one

Chaos Space Marine List 1.2

-Spoils of War changed
-Heavy transport is only allowed by SoW
-Secondaries are taken once instead of twice

***FUTURE PLANS*** for the rest of the year and the next

-Polishing, testing, finalizing of course. :) (Any feedback is welcome!!)
-Creating standards for army points and setup (currently all I can say that 4 Army points is roughly equal to 1000 points in E:A, and terrain setup is fine.)
-Creating rules for team game (like Megageddon for E:A)
-Creating rules for attacker / defender scenario [frontline pushing, planetfall, fortress siege]
-Creating a standalone rulebook instead of current "addition" of ruleset. Does anyone have a word document version of E:A? I'll be very thankful for that, as it may speed up the process.

Author:  Commissar Holt [ Sun Aug 14, 2016 9:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]

Returning fresh from some summertime!


-Automatic regroup choice when failing activation removed.
-Commander ability changed; formation may do regroup as reaction under certain conditions.

Imperial Guard Army 1.3

-Storm Troopers gained special operations rule (AKA built-in commander ability to address the meta of the rule change)

Tyranid Army 1.3

-Special Rules wording corrected.
-Spore Mine Cluster move increased from 15 cm ---> 20 cm to keep pace with the horde. And gained disrupt
-Ripper Swarm added.
-Spacecraft and Aircraft gained synapse
-Termagaunt and Ravener grenade attack gained no LoS needed ability
-Zoanthrope Warp Blast attack changed from AP4+/AT5+ ---> AT4+
-Hive Nest weapon change [name] Ripper Swarm ---> Tentacles, AP6+ ---> 3x AP5+/AT4+
-Carnifex weapon change [name] Spore Cannon ---> Acid Spore Cannon and gained disrupt

Necron Army 1.2

-Immortals armour save fixed, (it was 3++ which wasn't intended) to 4++
-Flayed Ones removed
-Flayer Virus added (since there is no Chaos Necron, it will serve as their own doomed dark powers)
-Wraith gained infiltrator

Tyranid List 1.1

-Ripper Swarm added as secondary attachment
-Venomthrope and Zoanthrope primary attachment become flexible option

Necron List 1.1

-Tesla Sphere Obelisk added as secondary
-2 Wraith added as secondary
-Flayer Virus added as secondary
-Royal Phalanx gained lots of primary options, and 4 lychguard become core
-Warrior Phalanx gained Doomsday Ark, Monolith primary option
-Pyramid Phalanx Monolith gained a twin
-Pylon formation renamed to Sarcophagus Phalanx

Ork List 1.2

-Stompaz gained a Boss

Eldar List 1.2

-Eldar Knights gained an Exarch

Tau Seceder List 1.1

Finally got to here, and changing the list according to army.

Author:  Commissar Holt [ Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The thread has reached 4000 views from the beginning in total! Thank you for your attention!

Another great milestone has been reached too; The daemons are ready... >:D here you are! Let them claim your souls!!! :D


-Barrage point 1 changed from AP6+ ---> AP6+/AT7+ [to retain anti armor capability with blast markers]
-Some wording here and there (air transport, blast marker type, cover, deployment, smoke screen)
-Commander clarification: regroup reaction can be done as normal 2D3
-Regroup can be done as reaction without commander (1D3)
-Orbital Bombardment and Orbital Cannon changes; more scatter, especially with loose calculation, but more hitting power. (persistent free blast marker) All spacecraft weapon fires seperately with their own coordinates each.
-Interluding Spacecraft penalizes each other with -1 to their Discipline Tests!
-NEWSTUFF ADDED: Orbital Defense! Check it out! It's crazy!


-just realized fighter-bomber designation become unusued due to rule changes ages ago, and now is removed.
-Orbital Defense units added to every faction
-Orks gained weirdboy and painboy/mekboy
-Orks gained Grot Zeppelin
-Orks gained Storm Nobz
-Dark Eldar Succubus changed
-Dark Eldar Minion rules changed
-Dark Eldar Haemonculus changed
-Dark Eldar Grotuesqe removed
-Dark Eldar Chaos Spawn removed [they become daemon army exclusive]
-Dark Eldar Warp Beast removed [they become daemon army exclusive]
-Behemoth Grotuesqe renamed to Grotuesqe
-Tyranid gained stimulated pack mentality
-Tau gained Fireblade targeter drones
-Tau Seceders layed their hands on Fireblade targeter drones aswell

-And daemons arrived... >:D


-Orbital Defense added as an additional HQ primary attachment for every faction
-Orks HQ primary gained Weirdboy and Painboy/Mekboy
-Dark Eldar HQ standardized and newly added things got in
-Dark Eldar gain minion attachment build options
-Dark Eldar Wych Coterie removed
-Dark Eldar Reavers, Scourges become core formations
-Dark Eldar Grotesqe support formation added
-Dark Eldar Wych support formation added
-Dark Eldar Incubi support formation added
-Tau new stuff added
-Tau Seceder new stuff added
-Tyranid new stuff added
-Tyranid subterrain swarm become core
-Tyranid Lictors got out from subterrain swarm and they are grouped in their own terror swarm (new support option)

-And daemons arrived... >:D

EDIT: Quick patch after 1 day


-Blind shot over smoke screen
-Epic Victory wording


-Ork Weirdboy / Painboy boost ability wording
-Daemons Dominate the Weak! changed


-Daemon forces may opt to risk their unit size for larger gain than prefixed ones!

Author:  Commissar Holt [ Mon Aug 29, 2016 3:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]

Hammertime! Though mainly the newly introduced stuff seen major changes, still some old rule / unit got some rework.
All here! All yours!


-Orbital Defense reworked
-Initiatve reworded
-Steal of initiative added


-All Armies Orbital Defense is now a big stationary WE
-Orks gained Battle Digga (tunneler option)
-IG Hades is now an AV unit
-Traitor IG Hades copied


-All list Orbital Defense is a support option
-All list HQ army point value changed from 0 to 1
-Numerical HQ primaries (Tau Empire, Tau Seceders, Tyranids) changed from 2x to 3x

So far it seems to me that I'm getting closer to a stable version. Which stands only for home testing and thinkering. Any feedback from others, even an opinion is all welcome.
Until then, a bigger, silentful step is ahead; creating the rulebook. (hungarian first, and english afterward)

Author:  Commissar Holt [ Fri Sep 09, 2016 8:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EPIC Fathomless Destruction [Fan made rule-extension]

Small steps on rare ground. No stones remain unturned.


-Engage: -1 to hit modifier (for FF) from covers, applies to attacker and defender.
-Engage: cover save can only be used by defender. (reverted to original rule)
-Smoke Screen: made it clear that line of sight doesn't limit placement.


-gained pavise gunshield ("tau trench")


-Kauyon tactics added as secondary attachment for fire warrior (representing the newly introduced gunshield)


-They got nastier... I warned you.

EDIT: Two days later short modifs;


-Autarch become a killer machine


-Assault terminator characters might synchronized with their wargear. Their extra attack become titankiller aswell.


-Might of the Craftworld boosts Aspect Warriors with ancient armors and wargear

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