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Revising War Engines

 Post subject: Revising War Engines
PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2021 3:54 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Hi all.

I've been getting back into EPIC EA with the advent of 3D printing and been looking at how to get a bit more detail into the WE side of things.

I'm not looking to replicate AT18 into the game, but a little bit of extra rules mechanics and decisions around titans would be nice.

These replace the normal rules for Titans, blast markers, suppression and breaking.

As WE are so massive, each has a number of structural elements (SE) that represent different components of the machine.

Each element of a WE can receive 2 blast markers before it is affected. Once a blast marker is placed, you must continue to place blast markers until a SE has 2, you cannot spread them around. Note that this is in place of normal suppression rules.

The owning player decides where to put any blast markers they accrue.

There are 3 types of SE:

Primary/Secondary Weapons: 2 BM means it cannot be used (for simplicity non Titan WE group their weapons into single suppressable units listed on their profile)
Chassis: -2 to initiative
Locomotion: 2 BM means it cannot move

Broken: A WE is broken when it receives twice as many blast markers as it has starting DC.

Shields and Fields: Power/Void Shields, Holofields and any other ability that allows you to ignore a hit still generates a BM.

God Machines: WE don't receive BM from AP weaponry. Their size and power means they are unaffected by weaponry that can't hurt them.

Critical Hits
When a WE receives a critical hit, roll on the following table to determine the effect:

1 – Reactor Overload. In each end phase the unit loses 1D3 DC.
2 – Reactor Breach. In each end phase the unit loses 1 DC.
3 - -5cm to movement
4 – knocked 1d6 cm in random direction
5 – Damaged field generator (lose a pt of field strength or reduce field save by 1) – Orks treat this as a Reactor Breach
6 – lose the use of a weapon (chosen by owner)

Repairs in the End Phase
Roll a number of D6s equal to the War Engine’s current Damage Capacity. If you roll the same number as a critical the unit is affected by, then that critical is removed (note that critical 4 can’t be removed and thus has no effect).

To bring a little classic EPIC back into this, I've done up a basic template for a War Engine where you can stack blast markers to denote which parts are suppressed and which aren't. Don't have to do this, but it makes it easier to track. Note that this means the BMs are on the template and not next to the WE itself.

You can see by the Baneblade that it only has 2 weapons slots. This is how I would deal with tanks with lots of guns - 1 main weapon slot and 1 secondary weapon slot.

WE templates.pdf [88.53 KiB]
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