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WANTED: 40K (not Epic or 6mm scale) Wraithguard, Wraithlords
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Author:  vanvlak [ Thu Mar 31, 2016 10:23 am ]
Post subject:  WANTED: 40K (not Epic or 6mm scale) Wraithguard, Wraithlords

A decade ago I started a 40K (28mm heroic scale, not Epic/6mm scale) project, an Iyanden force. I wanted an army of wraithguard, but decided to make this a hobby from the hobby - in other words, pciking stuff up in a relaxed way, and buying models second hand instead of just getting the models online from a store. I'm also avoiding ebay.

Ten years down the line I have a single wraithlord.... :-[

Maybe it's time to be slightly more active....
Would anyone have any of these for sale - from any periof of Warhammer 40K history?
Will pay by PayPal, covering fees.

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