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Lord_Bruno´s want/have list
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Author:  lord-bruno [ Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Lord_Bruno´s want/have list

Hello everyone, I want to trade some Epic minis.


1 blister of IG Baneblade (metal, Epic 3rd edition)
1 blister of hellhounds (metal, Epic 3rd edition)
1 IG death strike missile launchers
2 IG Marauder Bombers, paint stripped
2 IG Thunderbolt fighters
1 IG sentinel, metal, from 3rd edition

1 blister of ork Buggies (metal, Epic 3rd edition)
1 blister of ork psi-tower (metal, Epic 3rd edition)
1 blister of pulsa rockits (metal, Epic 3rd edition)

1 blister of tiranids Tyrants (metal, Epic 3rd edition)
1 blister of Harridan (metal, Epic 3rd edition)

4 Exodus wars Kazari Valkyries MKII, still in the bag
1 Guild Super Heavy Tank MKII

1 Eldar Cobra (3rd edition)
1 Eldar Avatar, the big metal one from 1st edition I guess, it´s like a 28mm model, with a sword pointing up.
Plastic Eldar infantry (not based):
20 harlequins
15 weapons crews
20 Howling Banshees
5 Scouts
10 seers
20 winged exarcs
5 Wraith guards
10 weapons platforms
3 plastic vypers
60 2nd edition guardians
10 standar bearers
10 heavy weapons guardians
80 1st edition guardians
18 old style plastic falcons

Lots of square bases


2 IG Valkeries
IG basilisks (3rd edition)
Ork fightabombas (SG or FW)
Metal Stompas
Metal gunwagons (SG): gutrippa, lungbursta
Ork landa
Speedsta Magna Cannon

Author:  lord-bruno [ Sun Sep 26, 2010 2:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Lord_Bruno´s want/have list

Updated with more things.

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