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More FOW action!
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Author:  Chaplain Leviticus [ Mon Aug 17, 2009 2:55 am ]
Post subject:  More FOW action!

A bit of a gaming schedule snafu today but we ended up playing some FOW; 2000 points of German infantry with armor support and artillery vs 2000 points of Brits, armor with recce and lights tank support along with the experimental 3" gun carriers and limited air support.  

Germans were defending two objectives in the center of the board and were in prepared positions, their armor were in delayed reserves while the Brits had their light armor and recce start the game in random deployment zones while the heavier armor was held in reserves.

Honey Stuarts sneaked up towards the objectives:

The German howitzers were hidden in gun pits and deployed as an ambush:

Much to the detriment oif the Brit Crusader cruiser tanks; two tanks were destroyed horribly while the platoon commander failed his morale and withdrew:

British air support are called in to attack one of the buildings where the objectives (fuel and ammo) were located:

The Churchill gun carriers are the first reinforcements to arrive on the battlefield and start hammering the buildings with shells:

The Brit armored cars can be seen in the far back as they continue to fire on the German howitzers while staying safely out of their arc; the Stuarts and Churchills continued their fire on the closest building eventually killing off the infantry and sending their command fleeing for the safety of the other nearby infantry:

The panzers arrived finally hit the board and arrived to roll up on the rear of the armored cars before sending them to their fiery death.

Author:  Chaplain Leviticus [ Mon Aug 17, 2009 2:56 am ]
Post subject:  More FOW action!

The remaining Brit armored forces arrive en mass!

Panzers advance under a hail of fire from the Churchills:

This armored platoon ended up being completely bailed out of their tanks!

The Stuarts race forward and destroy the remaining German howitzers and are met by a rush of German infantry armed with panzerknackers:

The Stuarts laid down heavy machine gun defensive fire and eliminated the charge and the infantry.

The Stuart commander observed safely from the rear as he bogged down while crossing some difficult going terrain.

The mass of Shermans form their own barrage formation and joinfire with the Churchills to engage a new threat of Panzers arriving on the field:

The result of the combined fire:

The game ended in a Brit victory as the Germans auto-failed their company morale due to not having a 1iC or 2iC left alive.

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