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Poseidon's Warriors- Battle Report- Corinthian War

 Post subject: Poseidon's Warriors- Battle Report- Corinthian War
PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 3:28 pm 
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Poseidon's Warriors- Battle Report- The Corinthian War

The Corinthian War was a conflict between an expansionist Sparta and her allies and the combined alliance of Athens, Corinth, Thebes, and Argos. The war took place between 395 to 387 BC and involved forces on land and sea. The land warfare mostly took place near Corinth and Thebes while the ocean battles took place around the Aegean.

Corinth and Athens were the second and largest fleet in Ancient Greece. They were well established naval powers. Sparta on the other hand was attempting to build their Naval power to align with their abilities on land. Most of the Spartan ships were tribute from allied city-states from the Aegean.

Not all battles of these ancient wars were properly recorded and many were lost to the mists of time. The action below is one such battle.


The Forces

1 Slow Trireme unit with Commander, Elite Marines- 210 pts
4 Slow Trireme units- 150 pts each
Total= 810 points

1 Fast Athenian Trireme with Admiral- 200 pts
3 Slow Corinthian Triremes units- 150 pts each
1 Fast Athenian Trireme deploying in reserve- 150 points
Total= 800 points

I found this cool set of Trireme and other ancient warship templates on the internet. I don’t recall where, but if you know drop me a comment and I will give them full credit. Kudos to whoever put these together! If it was you, let me know in comments so I can properly credit you!


I used the triremes as the Fast ones and the Quadremes as the slow Triremes. They were just a bit bigger but not too much bigger. Either way, they worked great on my 4x4 board. Templates for the win again!

On the west coast is a difficult shoreline. The Spartans are entering from the south side of the board. They are spread out across the ocean, with the Commander screened by another squadron. The Alliance is scattered with a Slow and Fast Trireme unit sheltering in a small bay, and two Slow Trireme units are at sea. The reserve Athenian Units are sailing desperately to get behind the attacking Spartans.

The Spartans are trying to smash their way past the Alliance ships and move on to help support their land operations near Corinth. The Alliance is trying to stop their advance.

You can see the full report here:
http://bloodandspectacles.blogspot.com/ ... eport.html

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