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MAYHEM - 250 points Undead list
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Author:  MrGonzo [ Tue Aug 25, 2015 5:11 pm ]
Post subject:  MAYHEM - 250 points Undead list

Hey all,

We want to start Mayhem at our club again soon and i am musing about a Undead themed list for quiet a while.
To be honest, i had quite some trouble with my opponents list in the past and hope this will stand its ground against cavalry, behemoths and other nastyness.

Feedback welcome :)

Mayhem_ArmySheet_Undead_v1.jpg [ 1.03 MiB | Viewed 6026 times ]

The overall idea for the army is solid & versatile core of skeleton troops to withstand most builds, which are all taking a points hit in their movement speed. Double Necromancers with Blink to allow to react to my opponents movements and general teleport tricks.
A single unit of longbow archers and a mortar deploys behind them to ping enemy units to prepare attacks.
Not sure about the mortar yet, would need to give it a couple games to see how effective it is.

Double chariots for main damage dealing, supported by some heroic Ghouls flanking.
As soon as both armies are on close quarters, one of the sorcerer will attempt to wipe out a unit with a summoned lance cavalry in the back.

If the opponent plays a long range game then summoned Zombies will act as a disrupt/tarpit unit.

Leadership D10 with 6 die should allow for 1-3 units doing heroic things on average.
A keep with the obligatory banners and an upgrade to help my magic pool to round up the army.

Hope overall not too shaby :)

Author:  Mark W [ Thu Sep 03, 2015 12:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MAYHEM - 250 points Undead list

Looks a pretty good list to me :)

I think you've got a nice mix of theme and power level here. Summon and blink can be very powerful, fear causing units help eat up your opponents CP and cavalry and chariots can be very good, especially with blink.

The vampires dark citadel should Help with those summoning rolls.

From games played I think Elite units that you spend lots of CP on can be very effective, but I like the fact you've gone for a proper 'shambling horde' with all the skeletons.

Very cool theme wise.

Maybe for a future list some vampire thralls or wraiths who are the vampires bodyguard/servants could make a nice heroic skirmisher unit?
And obviously, we're gonna need to see pictures at some point

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