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Some useful tips for assaults.

 Post subject: Some useful tips for assaults.
PostPosted: Tue Oct 12, 2021 3:01 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Probably the area where people seek advice the most in tournaments is assaults.
This is mainly bbeacuse assaults win games. So geeting them right is pretty essential.
Heres a few queries that I see a lot of.

What is a stall and when does the assault simply not happen (and indeed when does it become a totally different assault - henceforth refered to as a 'cock up')?

An assault requires that the attacker has at least one unit within 15cm, with line of sight rules, of an opponent.
Its not uncommon for assaults to go messy when people miss the LOS rule.
Recent case in point, attacker assaulted some scouts in ruins, and made it to within 15cm, but the ruins rule means that they cant be seen unless inside 10cm.
Effect - the assault doesnt happen and the attackers stand around sratching themselves.
The other time this can go messy, is if the attacker forgets about the closest unit counter charge, so they sit at the edge of 15cm after thier move, but there is a support unit closer, so the defender counter charges this.
If this results in none of the attacking units being within 15cm after the counter charge, we again have a 'no assault' situation.
Finally, the cock up, is when the counter charge sees the defender escaping from the 15cm of the attacking unit, and making base contact with another unit, effectively creating a whole different assault.
Yup, ive happily created this mess before and seen the opponents bikes run away from my gorgon units and into base contact with my AA - you only (should) do it once.

So what then is a stall.
A stall is when ALL the attacking units within 15cm are killed.
Lets say a tactical marine squad with rhinos carry out an assault, but only one rhino actually has the distance to be inside 15cm.
If, during the fire fight, the rhino is killed, this is a stall. The marines break, and we avoid the resolution phase.
This gets more common at the deperate end of the game stage.
An example was my thousand sons looking to assault an opponent that had blast markers, the opponent was to far away for the infantry, but they summoned a lord of change
with move 30 cm, who was then within 45cm, so could assault and fire fight. He was the only guy inside the assault range, so when he inevitably failed his save and died on a crit,
it broke my unit.
This at times gets confused with no units being inside 15cm at the end of the attack.
Its not uncommon for all defenders that were within 15cm to get killed. A strategic attacker may only put one or two defenders within assault range, to reduce the shots coming back.
If all these defenders are killed, you continue to combat resolution.
For the note, if the resolution is a draw, and no units are within range for round two (either choosing not to move, or no lawful move, this isnt a stall, and you continue to resolution).

Who can support?
Supporting fire is limited to being able to fire fight at the units involved in the assault.
Imagine a large orc infantry unit. On its left flank its attacked by some landspeeders. To reduce the shots coming back, they sit 15cm to the left of three orks.
To the right of the orks there is a tactical squad.
The supporting fire of the tacticals is limited to the three orks.
If they are out of range of these three units, then they cant participate.
As an attacker you take the gamble, how many opponents do you want to be able to participate.
The more you limit, the less you can potentially kill.

Cover saves.
This is simple, only the defender ever enjoys cover.
Even if you have two units that both start in the ame ruins or building, only the defender gets the cover save.

Who is at the front in close combat?
The person making the save decides. This can be bloody annoying, especially in a multi round assault or if macro weapons are involved.

Anyway, hope that assists.

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