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BATREP: tneva82's ropecon report.

 Post subject: BATREP: tneva82's ropecon report.
PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2005 12:20 am 
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Thought these comments from tneva82 were interesting and worth reflecting upon, (reposted form the SG site).

"...Tournament actually had suprising attendance. 8 players arrived to determine who wins first epic tournament in Finland since 1999. Tyranids(winner of last Finnish epic tournament), eldar, chaos, 2xSM, 2xIG and orks(dat's me!). My list(roughly from memory):

Great gargant w/lifta droppa
3xwarband. Each 12 boyz, 2 nobz, 8 grots(ie warband+6 boyz)
big bliz brigade: 8 gunwagons w/2 supa-zzap gun
bliz brigade: 4 gunwagons w/supa-zzap gun
kult of speed: 6 warbikes + 2 skorcha
7 fighta bommaz

...And against tyranids. Ooookay. I face very experienced player who uses army I don't know well in board that's so darned small they are top of me instantly. Top of that I told him how garrison precicely works which revealed him genestealers can garrison! Garrisoning infiltrating genestealers on 75cm wide boards!!! YYYYIIIIKES!

Needless to say this put "some" conciderations into my plans. a) I didn't garrison b) I put strong grot screen at front(pointlessly it turned out) c) I ensured plenty of FF support near his 2 stealer formations likely targets. Apart from stealers he had dominatrix, bloody lot of termagaunts and hormagaunts, hefty amount of raveners, 4 carnifex, hive tyrant, some warriors, 4 big artirelly monster with 4+ RA save(that's just cruel!) and disrupt and...Well lots of monsters!

Gave me lots of problems. How I can a) punch through into objectives b) stop them from overruning me and c) well survive to begin with .

So first up I try to remove artirelly with fighta bommaz and learn of the horrendous 4+ RA. No casualties. Gargant then blasts some 'stealers on right.

Then stealers on left assaults(and mostly goes straight THROUGH my units. Bloody infiltrate. Lucky me some were still in range only against grots) and kill mighty 2 warbikes(oh and 4 grots) and all of them die. This suprised him big time.

Anyway for rest of game he was plagued by 1's on activation rolls, especially on his 2 big assault swarm and his artirelly on first turn. I tried to clear the way but grots kept dying too fast and every time something assaulted me I lost boyz and lots. Once artirelly started shooting I started to have broken formations. Basicly: Couldn't hope to claim objectives which were too well secured. Couldn't control mine for they claimed them comfortably. And couldn't keep them on their side of board.

Only good thing is that before he got activation on first turn his dominatrix was dead. 5 supa-zzap gun shots and it's dead(and didn't even need to roll d3 for last 2 hits).

But I had 1 tiny chance for draw(atleast I assume it count as draw if nobody gets objective victory and vp's only matter in relative positionining). If my 2 skorcha had rallied on last turn they wouldn't have got and they shall not pass goal along defend the flag objective so I would have drew the game. But of course I didn't roll that 6.

So loss.

Originally posted by Markconz

If you know, what was the version of the tyranid list you faced, and what did you think of how it played? Any comments?


As far as I know the latest.

As for the list. Well what can I say. Playing against it first time it seemed awfull tough to win against it though next time I'll be sure putting BOTH take and hold objectives as far as possible(AFAP ) from bliz objective. Now I put one near bliz objective for routine sweep in, control both and win the game attack that's usually the norm. What I didn't reckon was just how insanely tough artirelly brood was(I didn't expect to face 4+ RA manticores who don't take BM's there!) so suddenly he was able to prevent capturing those 2 objectives with single brood that was virtually invincible to anything I could throw at them(which concidering all the huge broods between us not much. 4 warbikes and 2 skorcha managed to slip past but they got smashed real hard). I had figured some fighta bomma raids and then ground assault by some formation would do the trick but nope! With that I couldn't win.

Best shot at drawing the game was around turn 3 when his hive tyrant was leading his brood from far. One air strike behind and he had to take hit from tank busta rokkit. If he had failed that BOOOM his left flank(from my POV) would have collapsed with no synapses around.

Indeed kill the synapses seems to be order of battle. Maybe some more macro barrages would help as I could just blast the synapse formations out but those tyranid warriors seemed plentifull enough.

Genestealers: Rock hard. But partially this can be explained from insaneously narrow boards. When board is 75cm deep then each half of board is 37.5cm so with 40cm charge range of genestealers you are virtually quaranteed of first turn charge. Combined with no BM's and this is one ugly situation. 2 formations and ONE of them is gonna do it and charge you.

Had he not assaulted grots on my left I would have lost kult of speed and warband instantly. On right they almost took bliz brigade apart(until 12 attack resulted in 3 hits of which I saved all of them).

Gaunts: Bloody fast, bloody numerous, bloody effective. Lucky thing there's no grot styled gaunt or they would be virtually invincible. As it was my warbands were in biiiig trouble even when I was able to initiate firefights(that's HOW many dices?) with grot screen up.

Oh and the synapse rules were most scary part of all. No BM's and I can assault them and they STILL activate(though wasn't there change to this coming up?). The "no BM" part is huge for they tend to start at +2 advantage virtually always(and always when they initiate assaults). Even at best of time you can't get the +2 or +1 which puts spanner into ork plans. And as you can't hinder their chances of activating it's 2+ all the way(lucky me he was very efficient at rolling 1's during the game ).

But dunno. Would need to face them some more before giving too much of a judgement. Now it's too much of a new army syndrome for me."


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 Post subject: BATREP: tneva82's ropecon report.
PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2005 6:40 am 
Brood Brother
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(heh. Remembered I had actually registered in long time ago so thought to pop in and give additional notes)

-If there's one thing I would change with the list it's how synapse work. Basicly the part that gives them freedom to activate even after losing assaults(though if memory works that's already in air so that's done) and how they work with BM's. BM's are core part of EpicA and army that basicly ignores them can be one ugly army. a) they don't suffer initiave penalty that is huge(one cannot expect tyranids to constantly fail those activation rolls like he did. Had he NOT failed it would have been even uglier. Doubtfull I would have had more than gargant left after turn 2 if he hadn't kept failing rolls...Turn 3 and wipe out, barring gargant, would have been quaranteed) and b) that +2 for assault result they are virtually quaranteed to get is HUGE.

That +2 alone made any assault I could launch _on my terms_ very, very risky bussiness AND even when succesfull didn't do more than drop some gaunts. With speed of 15cm I couldn't hope to get into b2b contact with ork boyz(and grots to soak up inevitable casualties from n+1 CC attacks) to cause serious casualties and with combat results being +1/+2 in my favour after casualties(thanks to grots. Those proved to be even more crucial against bugs than against say IG).

Basicly. Couldn't shoot them down fast enough, was shot down pretty bad(those what-ever-they-are-called artirelly beasts are one ugly beasts. Good thing he only had 3 of them and not 4 for three template barrage) and trying to punch a hole through them from which I could march something substantial enough to capture objectives proved to be night impossible. Indeed it occured to me that break their spirit goal might be THE easiest goal to archieve against bugs(however THAT'S decided. I think it's pretty safe to say I archieved it in my game when I killed dominatrix but what if no bio-titans are in? Has there been definite conclusion to this yet(been bit of out of loop since forum change)?) while then you need to try to figure which other goal you try to archieve(defend the flag comes to mind. Not easy but doesn't require penetrating swarm of bugs. Just keeping them out of your objectives. Without air assault/teleport getting behind bug swarm is not easy objective).

-Genestealers. 20cm, infiltrate, 2 4+ attack that are first strike right? That's how they were played here and seemed pretty devastating. In first round bugs played vs IG in board next to me and before IG got to act had lost entire infantry company to these(and bugs didn't even know to garrison them :D). Incidently bugs simply ran over the IG line. Despite IG having for example 2 batteries of manticores which I thought should have been usefull at blowing swarms apart but at the end NO IG guys were alive...In last game tyranids ran over eldar. Once more without too much of difficulty from what I could determine.

Nasty nasty bugs. Though partially could be explained by good player commanding them. If he won tournament at '99, played likely ONE EpicA game before tournament(atleast sometime before tournament there was battle report in which he said this to be his first game. Albeit there MIGHT have been more but not much) and then comes and wins tournament without problems(apart dice rolling ones :D) and he can't be that bad.

However there's one thing in list that definetly needs improving. Those bio-titans! Without shields they are DOG FOOD for titan killer weapons. Aren't dominatrix supposed to be nasty beasts? I would have rather faced six of those than the rest of his army apart from dominatrix. Boom! and dominatrix was dead. If there's talk about regeneration etc then it has my vote for YES! Now they are just too weak to make you particulary scared.


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 Post subject: BATREP: tneva82's ropecon report.
PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2005 5:04 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the great battle report.

I appreciate all of the advice.


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