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Genestealer Cult NetEA 2.0 - Battle Reports

 Post subject: Genestealer Cult NetEA 2.0 - Battle Reports
PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 11:40 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

Joined: Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:36 am
Posts: 94
A game has been played, fun was had and disappointment the reward!

Today Mic Fair and I played a 3000 point battle between the Genestealer 2.01 list and the Ghazgkhulls Orks.

Lists are below:
Genestealer Cult 2.01 - 3000pts
Brood Brothers (350) Magus, Flak
Hybrid Brood (475) Transport (6 Civilian), Demagogue, 4 Fanatics
Hybrid Brood (375) Tunnelling, 2 Fanatics
Inner Circle (500) Tunnelling, Purestrain, 2 Fanatics
Purestrain Brood (200) Teleport
Purestrain Brood (150)
Superheavies (450) Flak
Sentinels (100)
Sentinels (100)
Thunderbolts (150)
Thunderbolts (150)

Ghazgkhulls Warhorde 3000pts
WARBAND (BIG) [425] 4 Nobz, 12 Boyz, 4 Grotz, Oddboy, Big Gun
WARBAND [200] 2 Nobz, 6 Boyz, 2 Grotz
STORMBOYZ WARHORDE [150] 6 Stormboyz
MEKBOY GUNZMOB [175] 5 Big Gunz, Oddboy
BLITZ BRIGADE (BIG) [350] 3 Flakwagon, 5 Gunwagon, 2 Oddboy
BLITZ BRIGADE [200] Oddboy, Flakwagon, 3 Gunwagon
MEKBOY STOMPAMOB [500] 3 Stompa, Supa Stompa
FIGHTA SKWADRON [150] 3 Fighta Bomba
LANDA [200]
GARGANT [650] Warlord

Pregame thoughts:
I tried taking a flexible list with the Cult - a solid line of battle with the 3 baneblades backed a few activation burners and the hybrids in Civ vehicles there to spring to where needed and hopefully turn the battle.
The big punch was the 2 tunnellers and a teleporting Purestrain Brood.

So down to the game....

We played on a table heavy with ruins, a few forests and a couple of hills - good news for my infantry units and hopefully bad news for the ork mechanised units.


The orks garrisoned their big mob leading all the way from their blitz to close to the centre of the table, their strormboy mates jumped in next to them.
As you can see the orks deployed heavily on their right.
The genestealer cult in response spaced themselves out in an attempt to try and cover all the objectives.
Tunnellers - Patriarchs unit are coming up Turn 2 on the second from left objective; Hybrids Turn 3 on the Ork blitz.

Turns 1
Orks win Strat Roll
1. ORKS Big Mob Sustains and their oddboy kills a baneblade outright...4 blasties placed
2. ORKS Small Blitz mob retain and double up their right flank, once again their oddboy hits and destroys a Baneblade - unit broken, the baneblade runs back to the centre yipping all the way.
3. GC Thunderbolts placed on CAP
4. ORKS Big Blit mob double up the centre to get the 2 oddboys in range of the broken baneblades *KABLOOEY!" last Baneblades destroyed with overkill killing the Hydra
5. GC 2nd units of Thunderbolts placed on CAP
6. ORKS Big Guns on Overwatch
7. GC Sentinels on right March up the riht flank of the table into cover heading for a objective run.
8. ORKS Stompas attempt to March - failed with Supreme Com reroll, and take a Blast Marker and take a single move
9. GC 2nd unit of Sentinels double toward the centre, shoot at big blitz mob and kill a flak wagon - 2 Blast markers
10. ORKS Stormboyz double and cover their Blitz with their ZoC.
11. GC Brood Brothers go on Overwatch
12. ORK Fighta-bommas go on CAP
13. GC Genetealers March up the left waiting on next turn for an assault
14. ORKS respond with landa assault on the genestealers. CAP Thunderbolts intercept putting a blastmarker on the Landa. Ork boys jump and and win the engagement wiping out the Genestealers.
15. GC Hybrids Triple to the left side waiting for the assault for turn 2.
16. ORKS Gargant doubles up the centre and the supaguns kill 2 Sentinels in the centre - breaking the unit.

End Phase
Landa flies off taking 1DC of damage from the Hydra on the Brood Brothers
Thunderbolts take a Blast Marker on their way out.
GC - Sentinels Rally
Stompas shake Blast marker, Big Blitz fail to shake blast marker

End of Turn 1/Start of Turn 2

Start Phase - Genestealers Teleport in ruins near where their brothers died ealier
Patriarch unit comes up right in front of Big Mob of Orks

GC win Strat roll!
1. Hybrids engage, juping out of their rhinos the swamp the ork boys from the landa. The Fanatics kill the 2 stands of grots!. Combat resolved with GC winning by 3 leaving a broken Nob. Hybrids take 3 Blasts for casualties.
2. Retain with patriarchs unit who assault the big mob of ork boys. The fanatics and Genestealers manage to kill 4 grots, 2 boys and 1 nob (Nobs failed 1 out of 8 4+ saves) - in response the orks and their support nearly annihilate the Patriarchs unit....Patriarch escapes...broken
3. ORKS stompas fail to activate, they take the blast marker and the Supa Stompa puts its template down on the hybrids fresh from battle - breaking the unit with 3 casualties. The second template hits 3 stealers in the ruins killing all 3...unit broken
4. Sentinels in the centre double an put a blast marker on the Gargant
5. Sustain fire from the small blitz mob sees the Oddboy blowing up the patriarch...all units receive a blast marker breaking the sentinels and kill models in the broken formations.
6. ORKS Big Blitz mob double onto the GC objectives and place a blast marker on the Brood Brothers
7. GC Unbroken Sentinels on the right fail to activate and take a blastie and do a single move.
8. GC Thunderbolts ground assault big guns, killing 1 and placing 2 blasties
9. ORKS Fighta bommas roudn assault the sentinels - Thunderbolts CAP them and kill 2. sentinels take ablast marker
10. GC Brood Brothers move behind the forest to hide from the Gargant
11. ORKS Stormboys dance around his blitz
12. ORKS gargant doubles toward the sentinels, and breaks them.

Game called at the /end of Turn 2 - Orks were bound to win 4-0 or 5-0.
Sad day for the Cult


Core units have little resilience with every engagement cost lots of cult boys despite favourable conditions.
Some long range fire power to break up the enemy formations and place Blast Markers would help - will take basilisks next game and possible Silo.
Fanatics did okay, but only got to blow up the Grots - might look at changing it from 1 macro attack to D3 normal attacks each - reflecting a varying blast radius as they explode. Will play a few more games yet.
Patriarchs unit were scary on paper, but failed to deliver though he did roll 7/8 4+ armour saves on Nobs. Will persist with this formation.
Hybrids were probably the best performers with their flexibility and armoured fist assault play.

Thanks for reading
- Kendall

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 Post subject: Re: Genestealer Cult NetEA 2.0 - Battle Reports
PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:54 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

Joined: Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:36 am
Posts: 94
Played my second game with the cult today.

Today's game was against the Death Korps of Krieg being wiggled around by Beefcake9000.

DKoK list
Incompertus, 3000 POINTS
Death Korps of Krieg (NetEA DKoK 2.0)

Death Korps Supreme Commander, 19 Death Korps Infantry

12 Death Korps Rough Riders

12 Death Korps Rough Riders

3 Stormsword



3 Hydra or Heavy Anti-Aircraft Platform

3 Hydra or Heavy Anti-Aircraft Platform

2 Thunderbolts

80cm of Trenches, 20cm of Razor Wire, 4 Bunkers

2 Thunderbolts


8 Death Korps Engineers, Hades Breaching Drill

My List
Brood brothers + Magus
Hybrid + tunnelling + broodlord
Hybrid (BTS) + brood brothers+ 2 fanatics + broodlord + civie vehicles
Patriarch + Ark
Purestrain Brood + Tunnelling
Purestrain Brood
Superheavies + Flak
Artillery + Flak

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzfEQ ... jlPNTluTnM

This is the pic before first turn roll off. Cultists and their squat proxies are along the bottom - from left to right
Hybrid BTS Unit -> Genestealer Formation -> Ark -> Artillery -> Brood brothers -> Superheavies
Genestealers set to come up on his blitz objective in turn 3
Hybrids set to come in the ruins in the centre of the board next to the centre objective

On Beefcakes Side
Rough Riders -> Stormswords -> Shadowsword -> Hydra -> DKoK Infantry -> Hydra -> Shadowsword -> Rough Riders
Engineers set to come up on my blitz in turn 3

Turn 1
The DKoK win Strategy roll
DK - Rough Riders on Left flank march, consolidating near the centre line, but staying on their side
GC - Artillery sustain fire and land a template on the right flank Rough Riders - 4 are hit and killed - 5BM
DK - Rough Riders rally shaking all blast markers and taking a single move forward
GC - Planes go on CAP
DK - Hydra on Blitz attempt to go onto overwatch and fail to activate - they shake the blast marker
GC - Broodbrothers go on Overwatch
DK - DKoK infantry single move and consolidate the units in trenches move into buildings
GC - Genestealers double up the centre of table staying out of range of the Stormswords doubling and getting within CC engagement range of forward hydras
DK - Warhound singles forward and shoots at genestealers - hits 3 times - 1 genestealer dead - 2BM
GC - BTS hybrids triple up the left flank staying outside of engagement of Rough Riders and fire range of stormswords
DK - Thunderbolts 1 Ground Assault Hybrid BTS - CAP activates hits once and Beefcake Jinks saving the hit.
DK - Retain Thunderbolts 2 try to intercept the GC Thunderbolts - fail to activate
GC - Baneblades attemot to activate - fali - Supreme Com reroll...failed again...take a single move and BM
DK - Shadowsword on right flank fails to activate and moves up taking a BM
GC - The Ark doubles and hits the Hydra in centre, killing one and breaking the unit
DK - Shadowsword in centre activates, single move and shoots Ark for 1 DC of damage - 2 BM
DK - Stormswords Activate and double - 1 failed dangerous terrain test. They land template on Ark, no hits, but Ark breaks

End Turn 1
Planes fly off without incident
DK - Beefcake rallys broken Hydra formation
GC - All unts rally except for the Ark

Turn 2
https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzfEQ ... Etlb3ZmaWM

Hybrid Tunnellers come up near centre of table
GC win Strategy roll
GC - Hybrid BTS single move and shoot Rough Riders on left flank - Hit and kill 5 stands
GC - Hybrid Tunnellers attempt to sustain, fail to activate and shoot Hydra in centre, breaking the formation
DK - Thunderbolts 1 ground assault Hybrid BTS destroying 2 Civ Vehicles and 1 Brood Brothers - 4 Blast Markers
GC - Artillery sustain, shoot the Stormswords, no damage, 1 BM
DK - Shadowsword on right flank fails to activate, single moves toward ruins
GC - Bane blades double and shoot Rough Riders - hit and kill 1 unit - 2 BM
DK - Stormswords double (1 failed DT test) and shoot brood brothers' Brood Brothers overwatch and no hits; they get 1 hit from 7 under templates - 1 dead, 3BM
GC - Genestealers engage the Stormswords, hit 5 times, 1 DC of damage, Storm swords kill 2 in return - lose combat and 1 Genestealer flees
DK - Warhound doubles into GC backlines - shoot Artillery killing all but 1 Basilisk. Break and move toward centre of backline
GC - Thunderbolts intercept DK Thunderbolts - hit and kill 1, 2BM
DK - Rough Riders on left flank engage BTS Hybrids, combat goes 2 rounds resulting in Rough Riders being wiped out after killing all civ Vehicles and 2 stands of Brood Brothers. Hybrids break and fall back around objective
DK - Shadowsword in centre engages Hybrids and wins!. 3 Hybrids break and fall back
DK - Hydra on Blitz go on overwatch
DK - DkoK infantry go on overwatch
DK - Rough Riders march into GC board half

End of Turn 2
All planes fly off without incident
GC - All units rally
DKoK - All units rally

Turn 3
https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzfEQ ... FVyS1I4U0k
DK Tunnellers comes up on GC Blitz
GC Tunnellers come up on DK Blitz
GC Lictors teleport into centre of table, take no BM

DK win strategy roll
DK - Engineers engage the Ark - they lose 3 units but win combat by 1. Ark break and moves toward centre of deployment
DK - Retain and engage with Rough Riders, with Engineers in support the wipe of the Brood Brothers with loss of 2 Rouh Riders
GC - Lictors engage Shadowsword in centre intermingling the Hydras. Lictors wipe out Hydras and a single point of damage on Shadowsword. Lictors win and shadowsword moves behind building
GC - Fail to retain with Genestealers on Blitz, single move away and take 1 BM
DK - Shadowsword on Left Flank single move and destroys a baneblade - 4 BM
GC - Baneblades engage shadowsword and win combat by 1, breaking shadowswords
DK - Hydra on Blitz sustain and kill 2 genestealers - 3 BM
GC - BTS Hybrids rally and move into DK side of board while holding objective
DK - Thunderbolts fail to activate
GC - Single Genestealer assault engineers and fails to hit - wiped out with response
DK - Infantry engage Genestealers - wiped them out without loss.
GC - Hybrids in centre rally move to hold objective while in cover
DK - Stormswords activate and destroy lictors
GC - Thunderbolts shoot Stormswords for no hits - 1BM
DK - Warhound single move and wipes out Hybrids in centre
GC - Single basilisk sustains and breaks engineers

End of Turn 3
Genestealrs and DKoK rally most units

GC - 0
DKoK - 3 Blitz; Take and Hold; Hold the Line

GC Lose

- Kendall

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 Post subject: Re: Genestealer Cult NetEA 2.0 - Battle Reports
PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 1:01 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

Joined: Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:36 am
Posts: 94

Brood Brothers - once again, poor firefight leads to poor performance. With the release of the new codex, change stats to Steel Legion Infantry stats

Hybrids - Best performer again. With new codex, look to reduce range of shooting to 30cm (shorter range mining lasers, plus a primus character)

The Ark - way too vulnerable still for the potential devastation of patriarch dying. look to add ark to patriarch unit in place of replacing whole unit.

Purestrains - winners once again wouldn't touch

Artillery - winner unit, but might experiment with Bombards in place, shorter range more in line with cult.

Superheavies - meh, not great, but a solid unit - ust gotta stop taking on so much TK D3 in games

- Kendall

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 Post subject: Re: Genestealer Cult NetEA 2.0 - Battle Reports
PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2016 1:00 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

Joined: Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:36 am
Posts: 94
I have another game lined up for tonight - Genestealer 2.02 Vs Lost and the Damn Redux 0.3 - so expect a lot of carnage

I'll post my list below and will update with my opponents following the game - a full report to follow that.

My list for this evening
Hybrids (250) + Infiltrate (50) + Aberrations (50) = 350
Hybrids (250) + 7 x Transport (70) + Extended Family (Brood Brothers 75) + Flak (50) = 445
Brood Brothers (200) + Flak (50) + Aberrations (50) + Primus (75) + Demagogue = 400
Brood Brothers (200) = 200
Lictors (200) = 200
Purestrain (150) + Infiltrate (50) = 200
Purestrain (150) = 150
Purestrain (150) = 150
Artillery Support (250) = 250
Superheavies (400) = 400
Sentinels (100) = 100
Thunderbolts (150) = 150

Total = 2995 points

- Kendall

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 Post subject: Re: Genestealer Cult NetEA 2.0 - Battle Reports
PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:35 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

Joined: Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:36 am
Posts: 94
Okay, a quick update of the game last week.

I ended up playing against Necrons, they managed to smoke me good and proper.
The Necron player broke down my scout formations, planted blast markers all around and broke down my list 1 formation at a time - I was losing a few formations a term and though I was breaking units, I couldn't remove them from the game.

The "fathers will" was an annoyance to my opponent, but not enough to stop the steel wave rolling over my formations. I won a few combats because of it, but after 1 engagement my formation were trashed, whereas the Necrons would recoup and restore their numbers.

The Hybrids were once again the solid units and the brood brothers just didn't have the goods to beat any necron formation in engagement.

Big lesson I learnt was to marshall my overwatch and hold it for the engagements.

- Kendall

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 Post subject: Re: Genestealer Cult NetEA 2.0 - Battle Reports
PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 8:21 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

Joined: Sun Sep 29, 2013 10:36 am
Posts: 94
Quick Minigeddon game played today against Black Legion

My List - Genestealer Cult 2.02
Hybrid Formation + 4 Transports
Hybrid Formation
Purestrain Formation
Sentinel Formation
Lictor Formation

Black Legion
Lesser Daemons x 5 (Nurgle)
Greater Damon x 1 (Nurgle)
Retinue - Supreme Commander, 4 Rhino, Icon Bearer, Daemonic Pact
Hell Talons

Here is the table layout and objectives - basically mirrored our objective deployment

Deployment - Smaller Hybrids were placed on overwatch as a garrison force in the rocks.

Turn 1
BL - Preparing for the Lictors to come on, the decimator went onto overwatch
GC - Sentinels went on overwatch
BL - Talons flew on and destroyed 3 hybrids in the BTS formation (good save rolls!)
GC - Purestrains Triple up the board
BL - Retinue summons Papa Nurgle and a Lesser daemon, unit doubles forward
GC - Hybrids sustain fire at Retinue - no hits, no kills
GC - Hybrid BTS fails to activate and single moves up the table.

RALLY - GC BTS fails to rally, Retinue rallies.

Turn 2

Lictors teleport on with no BM next to the decimator and the BL win Strategy roll
BL - The decimator moves and shoots the Lictors killing 2 and breaking the formation
GC - Hybrids move and shoot, dropping a single Rhino...
GC - Purestrains retain and assault the Marines, with the support fire of the hybrids they kill 2 Rhinos and 3 marines for the loss of 5 Genestealers, combat ends in a draw. The second round sees the Purestrains wiped out and BM placed on the hybrids
BL - Retinue engage the Hybrids and wipe them out with the loss of a single lesser daemon...
GC - Sentinels singl and shoot the Retinue without affect (7 BM on the unit)
BL - Talons fly on and break the sentinels by killing 2
GC - BTS Hybids fail to activate - they move toward the retinue

Rally phase sees only the BTS Hybrids rally and the Retinue shuffles down to 3 BM.

Turn 3

BL - Only action this turn sees the Retinue assault the BTS Hybrids, only to lose by 2! Thanks to the "Fathers Will".
GC - Try to sustain against the retinue but fail to activate, killing 1 by BM
BL - Talons fly on and break the BTS Hybrids leaving just a transport.

Rally phase - the Retinue rally, GC fail to rally anything.

Games is called here as the Black Legion are unopposed...

Loss to the GC

- Kendall

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 Post subject: Re: Genestealer Cult NetEA 2.0 - Battle Reports
PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:15 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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Location: Bundaberg, QLD, Australia

Thanks for the reports, a sweet to see them been done... and My apologies on not replying sooner... :-[



Not against change, so long as it done fairly and no one is left behind....

I'm human and not a !@#$%^# Robot..

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