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Warlord's Ongoing Battle Reports/Thoughts/Opinions

 Post subject: Warlord's Ongoing Battle Reports/Thoughts/Opinions
PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:51 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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I started playing Epic 40k a while ago when my buddy asked me to play. I got started on Tyranids, even though he warned me they are "expensive and not standard". I went for it anyways.

I have now a handful of games under my belt, 4 with the new rules. Some opinions I have and battle reports are as follows. But before I do that, a little perspective on me, where I come from, and my mindset.

I am 27 years old. I've been gaming since I was 3 with an NES. Played video games all my life on almost every console and PC.

Played TCG's originally at 13 with Pokemon. Moved on to Wizkids with MageKnights, Heroclix, and Mechwarrior. Played Mechwarrior seriously for several years. Qualified for US Nationals 4 times, placed highly 2 years. Switched to Warhammer 40k at fifth Edition. Played for 4+ years. Played Warhammer Fantasy for 3. I played VS TCG by Uppder Deck for 6 years. Played semi-professionally for 4 of them. Placed in the money at events. I played Dreamblade by WotC for the games run, placed in the money twice and was high ranked. I currently play Warmachine. I play Cygnar.

I was also a Playtester for Wizkids on the Mechwarrior line for 2 years.

All of my games have been against my friend TheAmazingAntman and his tournament list Imperial Guard army.

My first game with the new 10.1 was just plain bad. Here's the run down from another thread for reference:

"The Nid list was kinda shitty, and I am bad at math (I'm an Engineer by trade) so I actually was under my 3000pt cap.
I had 2 Large Units of Synapse with a Hive Tyrant, 2 Carnifex's, and 8 mixed Gaunts as my main hitters.
3 3 man units of Dactylis as support.
2 3 Man Lictor swarms.
1 Genestealer unit.
2 Units of Warriors with 8 Mixed Gaunts.

Don't add it up, its embarassing. I had 2 phones and an Ipod nearby, and a pad of paper and a pen, and it was still off, I hate myself.

My buddy TheAmazingAntman goes by the "New Guy should always get a face-pounding" teaching method. I played against his 3000pt Imperial Guard tournament army he's playing at Adepticon. It's a solid list, killed me dead.

First turn he moved up most of his tanks and infantry, he shot and luckily missed all my stuff. Failed some activations on a unit cuz he's a boss.

I moved up, shelled with my Dactylis. I managed to actually get a few Blast Markers on his Shadow Sword in the middle of board. It helped a lot.

Next turn he took initiative and sustained fire with a 14 tank unit? Either way it was massive and he rolled ok and wiped all but 1 Carnifex out of a squad. Then I charged into that unit with my second Hive Tyrant squad, and proceeded to fail miserably as his tanks cared not about giant monsters. I then charged a few other units, and teleported in my Lictors in the back field.

The next turn was a large amount of my dieing as my Lictors failed to killed a Shadowsword and a Sentinel squad. I then gave one last charge into his tanks and died pretty handily. We scooped it up after that."

Second game:

A lot better than the first, more of me dieing. I got baited into moving out my main swarms and then got shot to pieces. Dactylis were heavier this game and shelled the right units. Planes however ripped me to pieces as I paid for not having AA. :{[]

Third game:

I tried out my Hierodule Bio-Titan. I marched it up the board, doubling and then shelling my opponents tank unit. He retaliated by shooting his Shadowswords into my Titan and dealing it 3 points of damage. I moved my Swarms up into closer positions and shelled with Dactylis onto his lone Shadowsword that had not fired, breaking it.

I should mention that my Titan was broken, and then amazingly failed to rally at turn conclusion.

Turn 2 saw a Lictor Teleport into his backfield and killing 2 Shadowswords and hurting a Sentinel Squad. I moved up my swarms and attempted to combo charge with 2 large Haruspex/Hive Tyrant heavy swarms and failed. This led to my units getting shot to crap. We scooped it up after this turn.

In all honesty, the game goes 100% differently had my Titan not ran away like a pansy. I hate myself. :nooo

Game Four:

I brought both my Dominatrix and Hierodule. My full list:

Dominatrix, 3 Zoanthrope (745.M41)

Two Tyranid Warriors, 5 Termagants, 7 Hormagants, Hive Tyrant, 2 Haruspex

Two Tyranid Warriors, 5 Termagants, 7 Hormagants, Hive Tyrant, 2 Haruspex


3 Lictor

3 Lictor

Two Tyranid Warriors, 6 Termagants

6 Genestealers, Brood Lord

4 Dactylis

Two Tyranid Warriors, 6 Termagants

I moved up both my Dominatrix and Hierodule and shelled tanks/infantry and Shadowswords. I then got a responsive blast from a Shadowsword to my Dominatrix taking 3 damage. Next up was a Dactylis barrage to his remaining Shadowsword. BP's help keep it under fire. I move up the board with his focus being my Titans.

Next turn I lose both my Titans. I rally my Zoanthropes guarding my Dom into a Medium Swarm. I teleport my Lictors in for their general "go find a Shadowsword" maneuver. They charge them and kill both, I however lose one to really bad placement and Firesupport.

At this point I've taken minor losses to my Dactylis due to planes. They are suppressed the rest of the game.

I keep his 3 main squads of troops on the back field, switching from move and firing to Overwatch mode. I manage to take a GIANT chunk out of his tank division and then finish it off with a charge this turn from Genestealers and a Medium Swarm.

The rest of the game is spent for a turn not really moving as I respawn a few gaunts into my swarms to get numbers onto my side from Small Swarms I kamikaze'd into smaller Guard units. I try to make him pop overwatch with small charges from a whittled Small Swarm and a 4 base strong Genestealer unit but they refuse to budge but I manage to take a handful of stands with me. When I finally charge in a flank with a Lictor swarm and take out his Supreme Commander, he looks at the mass of bugs and concedes.

My first win!

What I learned:

Bugs are tough, but not that tough.

Gaunts die quick.

Infiltrators are amazing.

Guard Tanks are super tough.

Shadowswords can lick my balls.

Carnifexes are worthless as they currently stand compared to Haruspex's.

Titans are way better than I thought, but the Dominatrix may need tweaking. More games to test this. I don't have enough experience to say anything substantial other than first impressions.

I will be trying out more lists as I can get games in. I will be playing at the Adepticon Narrative event with my Bugs. If anyone is there please say hi! I'd love to meet people and talk about this game.

More responses to come to this thread. If anyone has any comments, criticisms, suggestions, flames, or ramblings please feel free to voice them. I hope that this can help to serve the Bugs lists and to better our game as a whole.

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 Post subject: Re: Warlord's Ongoing Battle Reports/Thoughts/Opinions
PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:59 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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Good battle reports, and another small piece of evidence for the saying "practice makes perfect".

A small reflection, I think Tyranid Bio-titans will generally struggle against Guards. Shadowswords, Deathstrikes or the regular Tank Company will all eat big chunks of Tyranid bio-mass. As you keep making progress, you will find that different builds are more viable against different armies.

Good hunting,

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