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Hive Kraken Army List V1.0 (Variant list)
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Author:  Tibernius [ Tue Dec 27, 2011 9:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Hive Kraken Army List V1.0 (Variant list)

Hy, i tried to make a Army list thant includes all the good ideas from the other to list to form a standart list .
this list used only special rules and stats from the 2 main tyranid army list i have not added units or change stats from the other list . (Tyranid V10 army list and leviathan 3,0 Army List).
I think the tyranid Armylist V10.0 has very good special rules and stats .i have used it for this list .
but the army list from the tyranid V10.0 army list is not tyranid like enough and to much an ork list .
The list and some ideas from the leviathan army list are very good so i used it for this list .
The Leviathan army list are missing to many from the original minitures from the tyranid army and bring to many new units to the army ).

I have made some little changes to the Army list to bring this very good list to one list.

I think this list has the tyranid feeling and used all original units in it and used all the stats and special rules from the other list . i think this can be a list for players with original tyranid modells.
this is a Varient list and is made with the actuall rules from the 2 main list for the tyranid army .

I think the best way to get a Final army list for the tyranids is to use all the good ideas from all the main list to create an list . so the most people can live with the final list .

Please give it a try and give me some feedback to the list ,perhaps this is a list that some players like .
or i can bring some ideas to the armychampions.
i will post some playing reports in the future for this list .


Can this list get a net epic list? and how i can get a army/Sub Army champion?

Tyranid Kraken Hive Fleet V1.0.pdf [125.71 KiB]
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Tyranid Kraken Hive Fleet V1.0 Reference.pdf [44.07 KiB]
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