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[Fanlist] Hive Fleet Draconis (Bio-Titan)
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Author:  arkturas [ Sat Dec 03, 2011 4:09 pm ]
Post subject:  [Fanlist] Hive Fleet Draconis (Bio-Titan)

Firstly the disclaimer. The NetEA Tyranid lists are Onachus and Leviathan that can be found at the top of this board. Onachus uses all the old epic Tyranid models so should be the first look for players with existing collections. Leviathan is a representation of a modern fleet and as such will require some creativity to acquire a full set of suitable models to use. If neither of those lists meet with your requirements after several games then consider this as an alternative, that will provide some benefit towards the goal of a finalised NetEA Tyranid list.

This list is a twin to Jormungandr (a conventional modern fleet list) and is a Bio-Titan list. The special rules are exactly the same as the two NetEA lists and the units are the same with several exceptions:
1) The Bio-Titans are hull only with a free choice of weapons
2) It uses the modern Hierophant (990.M41) but adds in a larger DC7 Bio-Titan (Hierarch) based off the Hierophant (745.M41)
3) It has Planetfall options through the use of conventional Spacecraft (Hiveship with Mycetic spores)

A summary of conversions is attached with the Jormungandr list.

Drac v07.pdf [326.61 KiB]
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