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Evaluation (Or just me wondering)
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Author:  Warmaster Nice [ Wed Dec 01, 2004 11:32 am ]
Post subject:  Evaluation (Or just me wondering)

First of all I know that it's a bit early to evaluate this year's competition. Please delete this topic if you think that it is inappropriate or you feel that I'm discussing anything against the rules.

Even though I must say that that the 2004 Painting comp is a success in terms of the overall quality of the submissions, I''m a bit surprised at the quantity.
The Terrain and Open categories didn't recieve a whole lot of submissions but that's not really that surprising.
However it does strike me as odd that there hasn't been more contributions to the Single Unit, Titan and Battleforce categories. I may remember it wrong but IIRC there was a huge lot of last minute submissions last year.
With the re-launch of Epic I would expect that a lot more new players, talented painters etc. had gotten into the game. Why didn't they enter?

Didn't we advertise the Comp enough on other forums? Last year's Epic Painting comp and the competition gallery was provided with a link from the Fanatic website IIRC. Was it a mistake not to lobby for this again?

Or didn't we give people enough incentive to participate? (I'm thinking of the still unannounced prizes -not meant as a critique, but this may have a strong influence on some people's decision to enter)

Anyway these were just a few loose thoughts flying through my head.
Of course there are many reasons why things are the way they are, such as the recent re-shuffeling at Fanatic and the fact that the official boards have become a lot more busy recently. I just couldn't help wondering how we could improve the exposure of the comp in the future.

Cheers! ?:)

Author:  TuffSkull [ Wed Dec 01, 2004 11:46 am ]
Post subject:  Evaluation (Or just me wondering)

I agree that perhaps the lack of definite prizes has lost a lot of contestants.

Unfortunately the re-organisation of Fanatic put a question mark over their donations since they weren't sure they'd have the control to give us what they promised. It would have been unwise of us to announce big prizes when there was a risk they may well not materialize.

They now think that they will be able to follow through on their promise of prizes, but I leave it to Jimbo to make any announcements :blues:

Author:  dysartes [ Wed Dec 01, 2004 12:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Evaluation (Or just me wondering)

It'd've been nice to have had some idea of the prizes, though, even if clearly marked as only being possibilities.

Author:  Lextar [ Wed Dec 01, 2004 12:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Evaluation (Or just me wondering)

Knowing the prizes would have been nice (but I guess I've made this point too many times already :p ).

It would definately been more incentive to apply to the compo if there was something on the prize list you really really wanted. It'd probably be enough for me to spend less time on computer games or even skip work to have more entries ?:D

Also I'm sure there were good reasons why some of the rules were set, but not being able to discuss or post images elsewhere (but not here) seemed a bit restricting.

As long as the results/voting were based on the images posted, then it should be all fair.

Just my thoughts.

Author:  chubbybob [ Wed Dec 01, 2004 1:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Evaluation (Or just me wondering)

I'm really not sure that prizes are influential in driving hobby competitions. If I examine my own motives, I guess i enjoy e comps because I have so little face to face contact with other gamers. I love looking at other peoples work and each new web page is a little like Alladins cave for me. I also enjoy showing off my own stuff. Thats why I have my own page and why I enter the competitions myself. Only by myself and all the others exchanges images do we become aware of what is possible in our hobby and then go on to try these techniques etc. for ourselves. Nope not convinced that prizes are the driving factor.

Nothing inspires a modeller more than having his work complimented by his peers, especially if the person complimenting is more skilled than he or she is.

Bob DeAngelis

Author:  vanvlak [ Wed Dec 01, 2004 1:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Evaluation (Or just me wondering)

Ditto Bob word for word. My stuff is mostly part of a current army project, doing it for the comp was an added spur to finish off some models I'd been planning and had left lying around for several months - and in one case, several years. Seeing the great stuff posted is rewarding, having your own models on parade (call it 'showing off'  :p ) with these is rewarding in itself; and after the comp I'm going to plague you with details of how and why I built those odds and ends and how they'll fit in the army, even if I get nil votes. Like Bob, I don't get to meet Epic gamers, so it's an oppo. to see stuff and drop jaws and - after the comp - have fun discussing how some of the great conversions, modifications, and paint jobs were made.

Author:  Warmaster Nice [ Wed Dec 01, 2004 2:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Evaluation (Or just me wondering)

Don't get me wrong: I didn't paint my minis because of the prizes but because I wanted some well painted stuff. The fact that there was a competition in which I could enter the stuff was only secondary. However I'd be lying if I said that the prizes didn't play a part: After all I could just as well have simply posted the pics on my website and beeen able to discuss them freely.

I'm just wondering why the comp didn't attract more attention from the official forum. There's a lot of extremely talented folks arround, so why didn't they enter?

Cheers! :)

Author:  MaksimSmelchak [ Wed Dec 01, 2004 3:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Evaluation (Or just me wondering)

My time was simply at a premium and I have just moved inot a new job.

I really like to participate every year if I am able to do so.


Author:  netepic [ Wed Dec 01, 2004 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Evaluation (Or just me wondering)

I would contribute if my work was any good. I have new Dark Angel stuff painted up, but unfortunately it looks pants :(

If there is a shortage of entries I can contribute, it'll boost the numbers at any rate.

Author:  Lextar [ Wed Dec 01, 2004 4:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Evaluation (Or just me wondering)

ahhh, but prizes do make a difference, even if it doesn't to others.

Just like warmaster says which I would not have been able to put better myself

After all I could just as well have simply posted the pics on my website and beeen able to discuss them freely.

Example, my Slaanesh Titan (although I rather use a different example, but not allowed due to rules). I needed help on this as I need the backpack, and in discussing this meant that it was not elgible for entry. Also in the end I could have just posted it and hoped it didn't get pulled, but I didn't because I wanted some comments back.

PS. It's also close to Christmas, so I presume everyone is busy with that too  :;):
Author:  CyberShadow [ Wed Dec 01, 2004 7:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Evaluation (Or just me wondering)

I think that there are a couple of issues for this years being a little less tended than last year. Firstly, this kind of thing can be a bit random, perhaps it is just down to a number of random factors. Secondly, Fanatic are going through a number of changes, and that impacted a little, both on the prize list and the publicity of the competition (for example, we advertised the comp more last year, as we had prize lists and exclusives which we simply didnt have the definite 'go ahead' on). Thirdly, the Epic Vault may have had a small impact as well. For example, there is a new edition and full web support, perhaps people are playing more. Fourthly, while I dont think that the prizes are a re4ason for people to enter, they do keep people painting up until the deadline, late into the night.

Anyway, keep all of this in mind, and I will be gathering feedback on this year to prepare for the EpiComp 2005!  :blues:

Author:  Markconz [ Wed Dec 01, 2004 7:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Evaluation (Or just me wondering)

I was so busy with uni this year that I only had the motivation and time to paint up a couple of new epic models.

Author:  Jimbo [ Wed Dec 01, 2004 9:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Evaluation (Or just me wondering)

Things didn't go quite to plan...

The thing was time...

Various real things impacted on me which meant October/November turned into a time when the competition fell in my list of priorities.

Yes it should have been advertised and publicised more, it wasn't... e-mails to certain sites were ignored or bounced.

Yes we should have had definitive list of prizes, we didn't, re-organisation of Fanatic meant that we were not sure that the signed copy of Swordwind and new exclusive pictures were going to be available. However I do want to say that the prizes should never be the main focus of the competition.

A lot of time was spent explaining the rules both on the board and in e-mails.... you would be surprised how many did not understand the one image one entry rule and no discussion rule!!! This meant that time was spent explaining the rules rather than publicity.

Also in terms of publicity certain websites did not mention the comp at all... and in this instance I only mentioned the comp on my blog and not on my website. Other community Epic websites did not mention it all...

I had intended to get a webpage done, it didn't happen...

I knew when I took the task on that I knew I could not do a perfect job, if I did 10% as well as Tas did then I knew I should be okay.

Author:  Jimbo [ Wed Dec 01, 2004 9:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Evaluation (Or just me wondering)

Also some details of prizes was mentioned, categories were not to get people to put entries into all categories.

Author:  TuffSkull [ Wed Dec 01, 2004 10:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Evaluation (Or just me wondering)

Dont get us wrong - You've done a great job & I know how much time is involved (& how much time was lost discussing therules that could have been put to better use) & I'm sure everyone will agree when I say that we are VERY grateful for your efforts - Lord knows I wouldnt have found the amount of time you have to put into organising this for us.

Its more a case of drawing something useful out of it so that we all know what we can do to help next time around.  :)

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