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Sable Wyvern's Combatant Tiles: UN Forces
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Author:  Sable Wyvern [ Wed Apr 29, 2020 9:50 am ]
Post subject:  Sable Wyvern's Combatant Tiles: UN Forces

I've been asked for some combatant tiles, so here are mine so far. This thread is for the forces that I plan to be using in conjunction with my official UN minis (the Balkenkreuz battlegroup is also going to be UN aligned on my table).

The Leviathan is far and away my biggest mini, so it was easy enough to stat up. Max armour, damage control and ECM for good measure. The weapons were equally easy. The vulcan megabolters are MG Vs and the flamers had to be Flamethrower Vs. Technically, by fluff, the mega bolters are probably autocannons under the Polyversal definition, but for gameplay purposes I felt they work better as the largest category of machine guns. The arm mounts were then equally easy -- the largest possible laser and autocannon.

All my titans get assault values of 12, and being the biggest and best, less than 12 targetting is unacceptable.

The assault thing is a bit of a problem for me. It's very course-grained (there's a five step scale that has to accommodate everything from a civilian car through to a close combat titan), and I'd prefer to be able to distinguish between assault values a little better, but it is what it is.


The Dreadnought is basically a slightly scaled back Leviathan. Armour value drops to 4, and it loses most of the special armours. Weapons are the same, it just loses one carapace mount.


I would have liked to make Jackals super heavies instead of colossal, but they're a tad taller than my old Epic Warlords, so I felt I had to stick with colossal. Armour drops all the way down to 2, however, which makes them considerably more fragile and a bit faster, and thus they still fill a conceptual slot similar to warhounds. All special armours are removed, but they keep ECM and get some stealth to help keep them a bit more survivable.


Author:  Sable Wyvern [ Wed Apr 29, 2020 10:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sab

I like the PacFed range from Brigade, and wanted to be able to field some battlegroups that are little more thematically consistent than the default groups, so PacFed tanks were a no-brainer.

I used both the official Strike Legion PacFed stats and the existing Polyversal stats to help inform my decisions with these guys. I was initially thinking about lower Assault and Targetting values, but the values I landed on were required for consistency with the PacFed minis already given official stat by Ken.

I vacillated on the Komodo main guns, going back and forth between class III and IV. However, the individual barrel size seems identical on the two models, and the SL stats show the same weapon, the Komodo just gets a rapid fire option.

Vulcans became AMAs.

I'm not sure what the mount at the rear of the Komodo turret is meant to represent. It could be the vulcan, but the Cougar doesn't have an equivalent, so I ended up deciding to make it a Missile I. As a heavy, it probably deserves a little extra firepower anyway. SL gives both vehicles reactive armour, so that was a straightforward option to add.



The tiger was pretty straightforward. I originally gave it an Autocannon II, but decided to change it to an MG III. I am a little annoyed that I can't give it a higher targetting die vs air and a lower value vs ground targets. Differing effectiveness vs infantry and vehicle targets is built into the individual weapons (and the reasoning for the various values is clear and logical), but anti-air is unfortunately limited to yes/no and otherwise matches normal anti-vehicle values. I understand a finer grained approach is more complexity, the pay-off for which would be limited to a few edge cases, so I'm not suggesting it should have been done differently. It's just a mild annoyance.


Author:  ForgottenLore [ Wed Apr 29, 2020 3:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sable Wyvern's Combatant Tiles: UN Forces


I can't wait to be able to stat up a bunch of my 6mm stuff.

Wish the Hardcopy rulebook would ship. That would help a lot in getting me started.

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