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Two Recent Releases

 Post subject: Two Recent Releases
PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 6:50 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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I've been a bit remiss in posting things on TacComs lately due to a number of reasons. However, I've recently released two new titles for helping increase your tabletop carnage:

Platoon Leader: Strange New Worlds

This expansion to the Strike Legion: Platoon Leader tabletop game adds dozens of new unit and situational rules options, allowing players to recreate their favorite Science Fiction/Science Fantasy gaming genres with as much (or as little) detail as they wish to include. Platoon Leader: Strange New Worlds includes:

New unit types: Large Creatures, Large Vehicles, Partisans, Off-board Support (Artillery, Ortillery, cruise missiles and Air Strikes), Armor Leaders, Civilians, Hordes, and genetically modified ‘Organic’ and Hybrid units.
Unit and Weapon Variants: four new weapon classes, three missile variants, Unconventional Electronic Warfare, Psionics, multiple special munitions and missile warhead types, Mines, Physical Weapons, and special rules and damage tracking for Large Walkers.
Orbital Insertion rules, including the use of Drop Pods, Drop Capsules, Dropships and Teleportation.
Variant movement rules including Displacement Movement, in-game Teleportation, and Tank Riders.
Over two dozen new troop attributes and vehicle systems.
Ten additional Optional Rules, including simplified vehicle damage, environmental conditions, night fighting, and more!
Seven standard scenarios that can be played with the forces included in the book, or those created by the players.
Rules and scenarios for Black Ops Missions, permitting players to use Strike Legion: Platoon Leader to play low model-count skirmish games.
Additional Unit Construction routines that help players create units using all of the new features found in this book.
Conversion parameters to port your Strike Legion Tactical units to Platoon Leader stats.
Loads of unit data cards and markers.

Platoon Leader: Strange New Worlds is not a complete game. Ownership of Strike Legion: Platoon Leader is necessary to make use of the materials in this volume.

WITH SWORD AND SHIELD - Fantasy Mass Combat Rules

With Sword and Shield is a miniatures game of mass combat, set in any world you wish to imagine! Field armies composed of unruly hordes, stalwart men-at-arms, thundering cavalry, fantastic creatures, gigantic constructs, great war engines, powerful wizards, iconic heroes and brave leaders in an attempt to crush your opponents on the field of battle.

The game uses simple differential mechanics to determine combat outcomes, and pass/fail/critical failure gradients for casting spells. Casualties are removed in ranks, or individual bases for characters, and units that fails to recover from Command Hits may rout from play.

With Sword and Shield supports miniature scales from 3mm up to ‘heroic’ 28mm, and includes:

Rules reflecting troop order, formations, and maneuvers
Provisions for horde, skirmish, elite, large and enormous creatures, flying, constructs and war engine unit types
Characters in the form of Leaders, Heroes, Mages, Wild Mages, Necromancers and Ecclesiasts
Dozens of unit and character attributes that create a unique feel and purpose for each unit in play
87 Spells and Rituals with which to harass and destroy your enemies
Six standard scenarios, scalable to the size of game you wish to play
An average game length of 2-3 hours.
Complete rules and guidelines for creating your own units and armies
Six complete army lists to get you started playing right away – Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, Beastmen and Undead – plus unit profiles for summoned creatures and elementals
Game reference charts, markers, and blank unit cards for your own creations

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